WebStarts Review

Reviewed by: Jason Chow
  • Published: Oct 07, 2020
  • Updated: Oct 15, 2020
WebStarts Review
Plan in review: Pro Plus
Reviewed by:Jason Chow
Review Last Updated: October 15, 2020
Simplicity is the first thing that jumps out about WebStarts. It offers a basic and easy to use web editor for beginners. If you are looking to build a simple website, and not something complex, the features that come along are more than enough. Like others site builders, you can get started by choosing your favourite theme among the 180+.

WebStarts can help you with two difficult tasks. It will help you create a website without codes. And it has unique features to cut down your time on website maintenance.

Everything is drag and drop in this builder. Meaning that you don't have to go through lines of codes for editing your website. Simple dragging and dropping of elements will do the work.

Someone said that number is a good trust factor. If that is so, WebStarts hosts and powers more than 3.8 million live websites.

Features To Help You Build And Grow Your Website

1. If you can write in Microsoft, you can create a site using WebStarts

I asked WebStarts “How difficult is your website builder?”. They replied me with the above statement.

The working process is simple. You just need to click on an element from the left sidebar and it will add to the website.

If you want to position the element, just drag it with your mouse.

WebStarts featured snap-to-grid in this builder. It works like Adobe Photoshop where alignment made easy and perfect.

WebStarts editor
WebStarts editor.

You can design an unlimited number of pages with WebStarts.

All you need to do is to — create and navigate to a page from the drop-down — located at the top menu of the builder.

2. Let an artificial intelligence build your site

WebStarts AI is a unique way of building a site. It is an artificial intelligence which will generate a custom web design for you.

The outcome of your website will base on the images you input.

Build your website using WebStarts AI
Build your website using WebStarts AI.

There are 2 methods you can process images on the AI website. You can upload images from your computer or fetch images from your Facebook profile.

When the images are ready, you can click on “Remix' for trying out different layouts.

3. Drive more traffic to your website

WebStarts Traffic Booster can help to drive more traffic to your website.

Every month, Traffic Booster will submit your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing. It can be an advantage to your website.

Search engines love to rank those sites which have higher crawling rate. Submission to search engines will keep the crawlers coming back. Hence the rate of crawling will rise up.

4. Get yourself visible to local customers

If your website is targeting local customers, WebStarts Local Listing will be your helping hand.

WebStarts Local Listing will submit your website to business directories. Such as Yahoo and Bing business listing.

When your business is listed in a popular directory, it will show up higher in search engines.

Local Listing also puts your business on Yahoo and Bing maps. Meaning that more people may come to your business by searching on the map.

5. Engage with your visitors in real time

Live chat is a simple conversion hack by WebStarts.

It is a convenient way to query about an online product. It can build the trust that it takes to buy a product online.

Luckily, you won't need a 3rd party app to do that. WebStarts has it within the system. You just need to enable it.

WebStarts Live chat
WebStarts Live chat.

6. Build and insert forms anywhere in minutes

WebStarts has a built-in form builder. The interface bases on click-and-build. It features field settings and form settings under the same menu.

You will find a set of fields on the left side of the form builder. Click your required fields to compile them into a beautiful web form.

WebStarts form builder.
WebStarts form builder.

7. Configure exclusive pages for registered users

Do you want to have a private section on your website for specific users? You can have such without difficulties.

WebStarts has membership feature in their core system. You can ask visitors to register/login before they can see a specific page.

Adding a membership area to your website.
Adding a membership area to your website.

The process is simple for setting it up. Click on Add > Membership from the website builder. A setup wizard will guide you through.



WebStarts Themes And Apps

WebStarts has a collection of themes both attractive and responsive. There are approximately 180+ themes under 45+ categories.

So you can hope to get at least one nice theme for your industry.

You can choose a beautiful theme for your website.
You can choose a beautiful theme for your website.

WebStarts come with the toolset that able to enhance your website. This built-in image editor can do several tasks:

  • Set opacity
  • Resize image by width and height
  • Add image animation
  • Apply image effects

There are thousands of free to use images in their own library. These images can be inserted by one-click to save you a big time.

Enhance your website with WebStarts image editor.
Enhance your website with WebStarts image editor.

WebStarts also has a handful of apps in their website builder. They can be used to add new facilities to your website in a few clicks.

Some of the most useful apps are:

  • SEO Wizard – For optimizing websites for basic SEO
  • Membership – For adding a membership system to your website
  • Photo Gallery – For creating a carousel to show images
  • Social Bar – For adding links to your social media profiles
  • Hit Counter – For displaying the number of website visits
webstarts apps
Some of the most useful WebStarts apps



Build An Online Store with WebStarts

There are 2 ways you can sell with WebStarts.

1. Built-in e-commerce solution

It is easy to set up the online store in WebStarts. You can enable it from the dashboard.

It is well-integrated with WebStarts.

You can add new products, check orders and manage customers under the same menu.

Manage your online store with WebStarts.
Manage your online store with WebStarts.

There are some additional store features when you add a new product. It includes Shipping Rate, Tax (if applies), Product Variant, Digital Download and more.

Add more features to a new product.
Add more features to a new product.

For payment, you need to use a payment processing service. Such as WePay, Stripe or Authorize.net. You can accept PayPal as an instant checkout option.

2. Standalone e-commerce solution

If WebStarts built-in store feels insufficient, the standalone shopping cart is for you.

It is the same system, but with more features. It comes with a separate dashboard for your store. You can add new products and manage sales from that dashboard.

webstarts standalone shopping cart
WebStarts standalone shopping cart.

Standalone shopping cart offers 9 store templates. Some of them feature grid layouts. And some features vertical layouts. You can choose which one you need.

It additionally features an Email Marketing tool. It is best sending your customers news and updates on your latest products.



WebStarts SEO Wizard

WebStarts has gone a few extra miles for helping you with SEO.

They have an app named “SEO Wizard“. It will walk you through to add optimized title and meta description for your website.

It is a 3-step wizard. You can run this app on all the pages you want to optimize.

  • First Step: Input keywords you want to rank the page for.
  • Second Step: Write a description including your main keywords.
  • Third Step: Add a good title for your page.
WebStarts SEO wizard
WebStarts SEO wizard.

You can also track how your visitors are engaging with WebStarts Analytics. It can track visitor's behavior for various metrics as follows:

  • Number of visitors
  • Active visitors
  • Time spent
  • Traffic source
  • Search terms
  • Geographic location
  • System information
  • Page Conversion
  • Heatmaps
WebStarts analytics.
WebStarts analytics.

WebStarts Analytics comes with a clean layout where you can check all the things under one dashboard.



Our Verdict

WebStarts is a good choice if you have small time on hand for creating a website. The set of design tools will offer you the environment to work codeless.

The pricing of WebStarts plans is not very high, if you compare it with others. Of course, there is a free plan for giving it a test drive.

For small individual sites, the Pro plan is suitable and ad-free. Medium-to-large websites and organizations should choose between Pro Plus and Business plan. Because custom domain name unlocks at those plans.


  • Basic and easy to use web editor
  • Low monthly cost on average
  • Generate a custom design with WebStarts AI
  • Over 180+ themes you can choose
  • Upload and host your video


  • Custom domain name only available at higher plans
  • Limited features compare to others
  • Minor error encountered when using the web builder
  • Online store only available at Business plan
  • Plans required to pay 12 months upfront
  • Extra features available at a cost

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