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Our Best Web Hosting Picks

Shared / VPS / Dedicated?

Web hosting is bundled and sold in many ways. Knowing your choices can save you time and money.

Different Types of Web Hosting

Web Hosting Guide

Website Hosting Cost Compared: How Much to Pay for a Web Host

Jerry Low

The cost of hosting a website depends mainly on the types of web hosts for which you sign up. Generally, shared hosting is the cheapest but with the lowest server capacity. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive and most powerful; while VPS hosting stands somewhere in between shared and dedicated hosting.

Best Web Hosting for Beginners – Start Your Journey with These Web Hosts

Jerry Low

While price is essential, new web hosting users often have other notable needs. Here's what you need to know when choosing a web host for the first time.

Best Web Hosting Services for Small Business – Reviewed & Compared

Jerry Low

Quick Pick At the top of my list – Hostinger, is the best hosting service for small businesses running simple websites. If you are selling products directly from your website – Shopify may be a better choice. Web hosting is the cornerstone of any digital presence, particularly for small businesses aiming to reach a wider audience and boost their revenue. …

8 Best Dedicated Hosting Providers

Timothy Shim

How does it feel to wake up in a mansion all yours, with no roomies and others around? You choose the design without restrictions. Yes, owning your own space means you're in the driver's seat and do wherever you want. Although being in control is good, you are also responsible for everything, including when something goes wrong. The same applies …

Web Hosting Explained

Jerry Low

What is Web Hosting? A “Web Host” is a computer where people store their websites. “Web Hosting” refers to the service that rents out their computers to store your website files, including HTML files, databases, images, and videos; and provides Internet connectivity so that your users can access your website. Importance of Web Hosting in Today's World Web hosting plays a crucial role …
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Estimate Your Web Hosting Cost at Ease

Not sure how much budget to set aside for your hosting fees? HostScore Web Hosting Cost Calculator is designed to help you navigate thru the various hosting options and associated costs based on your specific website needs.

From individual blogs to large enterprise website with PCI-compliant requirement – just input some simple details about your website and the free tool will help estimate your hosting cost for the next 12 months.

Try Out HostScore Calculator Now for Free / Visit HostScore

HostScore Web Hosting Cost Calculator

Compare Web Hosting Services

Hostinger Review

Jerry Low

Bottom line, Hostinger is a good choice for those who are looking one-stop website hosting solution. They are extremely cheap on signup – which makes them especially right if you're a beginner on a tight budget.

Cloudways Review

Jerry Low

This site you are reading is hosted on Cloudways platform. Get actual user experience and server performance stats in thisreview.

Streamline Your Business Workflow for Better Efficiency

Getting tied down by paperwork is never fun. Instead of hiring expensive consultants or more staff – streamline your workflow by linking associated business modules.

From invoicing to file storage and contract management, there’s no reason why it has to be worked on separately. Unify the work and you’ll find yourself with more time and less of a headache.

Learn How Indy Can Help Optimize Your Business Process

Use Indy to Streamline Your Business Workflow for Better Efficiency

Building Websites, Digital Marketing & Cyber Security

Website Building Platforms

From simple drag-and-drop to advanced online store builders – Here are the best website builders to get the job done.

20+ Awesome Website Builders

Buy SSL Certificates

Google Chrome browser labels all websites using HTTP encryption as “not secure”, SSL certificate is now a must for all.

Where to Buy SSL Certificate

Tips on Building Websites, Digital Marketing & Cyber Security

What is the Dark Web; How to Access Dark Web Websites?

Timothy Shim

You can access most of the Dark Web unhindered with the right browser. But what exactly is on the Dark Web; and what can you expect?

The Best Sites to Sell Your Stuffs Online

Timothy Shim

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar shop owner or a hobbyist looking to sell your unused kitchen equipment – there’s always a sales channel out there that’s a perfect fit for you.

How VPN Works? A Very Detailed VPN Guide for the Beginners

Jerry Low

The primary purpose of a VPN is to create a secure tunnel for your data to travel through to its servers before passing on to the Internet. This however, has resulted in some other benefits, such as location spoofing. But how does a VPN actually work?