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How to Create a BlueHost Account with Secret Discount Hack

Bluehost started offering web hosting services in 2003 and was sold to Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2010. The company currently hosts more than 2 million websites on its platform and is extremely popular. 

Today we’ll walk you through how to create a new account with BlueHost (a piece of cake) and how to “hack” the system and get an extra discount with BlueHost. 

Creating a New BlueHost Account

BlueHost’s signup process is straightforward and simple – there are literally only three steps involved. Select a plan, choose or input your domain name, and make a payment – you should be able to complete everything in less than 10 minutes following this guide. 

1. Select A Hosting Plan 

Step one – Select your hosting plan at BlueHost website > Visit Here.

The first step to creating a BlueHost account is by selecting a hosting plan on their website. 

BlueHost offers various web hosting solutions – Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller. For demonstration purposes, we will sign up for their shared hosting plan. To select a hosting plan, visit BlueHost website and go to their Shared Hosting Page. Choose “Plus”.

BlueHost Plus Shared Hosting Plan supports unlimited websites and comes with 20 GB SSD storage. The Plus and Choice Plus plans have the same signup price ($5.45/mo) when using coupon codes – but they renew at a very different rate ($11.99/mo vs $16.99/mo). If you are unsure, start with a lower plan (Plus) and upgrade later if necessary.

2. Choose or Input Your Domain Name

Step two – Enter your domain name.

If you already own a domain name and wish to use it on BlueHost, enter your domain name under the “Use a domain you own” box. If you wish to create a new domain, use the “Search available domains” to find a unique domain. If the domain name you want is not available, try to see if different extensions are available instead – BlueHost supports registrations for 16 TLDs.

3. Payment

Step three – Configure your BlueHost account and payment info.

Once you are ready, click “Next” to proceed with account configuration and payment. 

Here you will enter your account information, choose and purchase BlueHost add-ons, and submit your payment information. By clicking the green “Submit” button at the bottom of the page, the system will proceed with charging your credit card and creating your BlueHost account. 

But wait – here comes my discount hack. Before paying for the service, try to move your mouse to the browser close button. Doing so will trigger an “exit intent” and occasionally cause BlueHost website to pop up a special offer for you. The discount wordings are random according to my observations – sometimes it says free domain privacy, other times an extra discount or free security add-on (the value of the offers are the same but the wordings are different – likely an A-B testing on their pricing strategy). 

Visit BlueHost to try out this trick now

BlueHost Special Discount Hacks – Examples

The following screenshots show the different discounts I got by using this trick. 

Example #1 – Special signup offer at $4.45/mo (before this hack the price was $4.95/mo).
Example #2 – Special signup offer with “free domain privacy” in this popup.

Once you have gotten the special discount – proceed with payment. Once payment is made, you will receive an email containing all the necessary login information from BlueHost. And there, you have created a hosting account at BlueHost. 

Is BlueHost Any Good?

BlueHost is officially recommended by WordPress.org and is a popular hosting choice among professional bloggers. 

Personally, I have been using BlueHost shared hosting since 2005. I used to host several websites on a very old BlueHost plan named “BlueHost Platinum Pak” and I have another BlueHost hosting account signed up in 2020 for a side project. My overall experience with BlueHost has been positive – though some users complain that their customer support has gone downhill after EIG’s acquisition. 

Buyers Beware

Bluehost unlimited hosting
BlueHost unlimited hosting are limited by server processing time, memory, and inodes.

Do, however, pay attention to the fine print when you are signing up with BlueHost. BlueHost charges a much higher price when it comes to renewing your plans. The basic plan alone jumps up from $2.95/mo to $8.99/mo when you renew, which is an almost 200% increase in your hosting cost.  

Also, BlueHost’s unlimited hosting is actually “limited”. Reading up on their policies, you’ll realize that there are certain caveats to their unlimited hosting, such as the fact they do not provide unlimited space for online storage. All this ends up making their “unlimited hosting” quite limited.

To learn more, read my full BlueHost review here.

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