Best Squad Server Hosting Providers

Best Squad Server Hosting Providers Across the globe, shooter and adventure games were the top two video game genres in 2022. …

By Noah Edis

How to Advertise on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform that has its own unique set of features and rules. If you’re building a performance …

By Alina Midori

WAF vs. Firewall – What Are the Differences?

Firewalls have been used for many years as a means of protecting computers against cyber threats. But what about Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) – Are they just as effective, and are there differences in their approach and capabilities? The two are not to be confused, as just using one or the other leaves major security holes in your system. Let’s explore what makes them different – and why both contribute to a secure system.

By Noah Edis

The Four Types of Web Hosting Explained

Web hosting today is bundled and sold in many ways. Despite its relatively straightforward origins, consumer needs have evolved. Because of …

By Jerry Low

Internxt Drive Review

Exclusive: 25% with Promo Code “WHSR25” Special deal for WHSR readers – You’ll get 25% discount (save up to $249) on …

By Timothy Shim

Best Scalable Hosting Solutions

Hosting services with good scalability offer the flexibility to quickly and easily move up or down in capacity, depending on demand. Here’s our recommended web hosts with good scalability.

By Noah Edis