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MooSend Review: What’s Unique and Should You Try It?

Company: MooSend

Background: MooSend is a cloud-based email marketing platform for managing email campaigns. The state-of-art automation flows and responsive AI-powered personalization make the software stand out from the crowd. The software also includes features such as built-in landing pages, drag-and-drop email editors and customer behavioral analytics that are much needed to run a successful campaign. MooSend also integrates with third-party platforms to provide faster customer onboarding.

Starting Price: $9/mo

Currency: USD

Visit Online: https://moosend.com/

Review Summary & Ratings


MooSend’s email marketing and automation tool is feature-rich and helps users bond with their customers. It helps you improve conversion rates through personalized email marketing campaigns and lead generation tools like landing pages and subscription forms. 

The software boasts numerous features, but one that stands out is its automation feature. MooSend automates repetitive tasks and creates personalized digital experiences for its users. The customer support team monitors your campaigns and recommends optimizations for specific situations and businesses. 

MooSend’s responsive AI-powered personalization is another one of its unique offers. However, the pricing is a little bit on the high side. Paying $48 per month for about 3,000 subscribers is expensive for some users. But the bright side is MooSend allows you to send unlimited emails.

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Why Choose MooSend?

Before social media ads became mainstream, email marketing has always been a vital marketing channel.

And it’s not going anywhere soon. According to Statista, the global email marketing revenue will hit $17.9 billion in 2027, up from $9.62 billion in 2021.

Email marketing has evolved. And it should. 

If you are considering MooSend for your email marketing efforts, probably you're thinking:

Is it worth it? How does it perform better than alternative solutions? What advantages will you enjoy and what disadvantages should you be aware of when using MooSend? What features does it have?

I know it’s a tough decision, especially with a sea of email marketing automation tools out there. So, why choose MooSend?

In this review, I’ll provide you with reliable answers to help you decide if MooSend can power your email marketing goals—lead generation, lead scoring, lead management, personalization, AI-powered automation, and others.

10 MooSend Features to Highlight

This software provides everything you need to build an entire email marketing campaign in moments. It has features which we’ll discuss in detail, including:

  • Built-in landing pages
  • Drag-and-drop email editors
  • Audience segmentation
  • Data analytics
  • Split testing
  • Product recommendations
  • Export reports

MooSend offers access to all its features, whether you’re a newbie or pro. Let’s check out some of the essential ones. 

1. Email Automation

MooSend email automation
MooSend allows you to automate and personalize your emails. 

The software helps you set up simple automation workflows to facilitate your marketing campaigns and scale to infinity. 

Once you’ve chosen your preferred templates, MooSend utilizes a flow builder to determine what triggers and sequences your campaign needs. This technique allows your automation to start in multiple ways. 

You can also send welcome emails and teach your customers about your brand’s services with MooSend’s user onboarding workflows. 

The software’s user experience is relatively straightforward, especially for first-timers.  

MooSend promotes lead scoring and allows you to create different campaigns based on the nature of your lead. 

2. Audience Segmentation

MooSend Audience Segmentation
You can segment your audience based on different criteria such as purchase history, gender, age, etc.

MooSend allows you to slice your audience based on simple or advanced segments to fit your marketing goals. This strategy helps you understand your customers and divide them into similar groups. 

You can break up your email lists based on chosen criteria and segment them by demographic information like gender and age. 

The software lets you divide your customers based on complex segments like purchase history and impress them with personalized newsletters.

In addition, MooSend updates its segments in real-time. So you can always leverage user behavior at any time without worrying if you need to make changes to your audience segments. 

You can include little details of your customers’ actions in your marketing criteria and create the most promising targeted campaigns in the industry. 

3. Advanced Email Personalization

MooSend email personalization
MooSend leverages AI to analyze your data and personalize products that suit your users' needs. 

You can personalize emails based on preferences, customer behavior, products, or custom fields. 

You write a single email, and all your subscribers get a customized version that caters to their unique interests and needs. 

MooSend allows you to leverage real-time weather data to make appropriate product recommendations for your customers. It pushes personalization to extremes with sure-fire automation workflows that let you win your users repeatedly. 

MooSend sell smart

You can sell smart by notifying your consumers when it’s time for them to restock on a particular item and maximize user retention.

4. Ready-Made Templates

MooSend has a vast and well-organized template library that allows you to choose and customize them to fit your campaign. 

You can create and edit templates with MooSend’s visual editor. They offer both simplicity and professionalism. 

The flexible drag and drop builder reduces the complexities of designing email campaigns from scratch by simply pulling the necessary elements into your page. 

MooSend lets you add personalized features to your templates, such as product recommendations and subscriber custom fields. 

Additionally, you can save any template you create or edit for future use in your library

5. User Tracking

MooSend helps you understand your customer’s online habits with behavioral analytics. 

You get the complete picture of your users' likes by watching how they interact with your website, optimizing your strategies accordingly. Some CRM integrations assist with this process. 

The software offers tracking insights, including page visits, open and click rates, unsubscribes, bounce rates, product views, and purchases. 

You can stay ahead of the competition with MooSend by tracking your campaign goals from start to finish. 

6. Lead Generation

MooSend’s assorted tools allow you to generate and convert leads in no time, turning you from newbie to conversion hero.

The embeddable subscription forms integrate your subscription forms with your website and social media platforms without any coding required—just copy and paste code snippets.

The WordPress Landing Pages Plugin allows you to boost sales and improve your marketing campaign by hosting on WordPress without a specific domain. This feature is excellent for non-tech-savvy business owners and marketers. 

In addition, MooSend’s Click-to-Show forms work perfectly for users who dislike pop-up types. You can add links on buttons or images, so your form appears when users click on it. 

7. Data Analytics and Split Testing

MooSend provides comprehensive and easy-to-manage reports that save you time and effort to make accurate business decisions. 

MooSend offers a bird’s eye view of the campaign’s progress by tracking CTR, bounce rates, total open rates, etc. You can also use the heatmap feature to understand your customers’ online habits. 

The software lets you split test your campaigns to perfection to understand the impact of a specific change in your audience. This A/B split campaign allows you to test different design variations and improve your marketing strategies. 

8. Built-in Landing Pages and Forms

MooSend allows you to build beautiful landing pages that generate traffic and leads within minutes. 

With the software's easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, you can crop, resize, move, group, and change anything on your site. And you don’t need any design experience to achieve the feat. 

Moosend allows you to create the type of experience your users will love. It has tons of customization options and loads ultrafast. 

MooSend’s landing pages work for every platform. It even has SEO settings like Google ranking and other features like Facebook Pixel tracking, GDPR compliance, and Google Analytics

9. Audience Management

MooSend Dashboard
You can segment your email lists by categorizing your users by different criteria for maximum returns. 

MooSend lets you manage your audience in one place on its CRM dashboard. It shows your subscriber numbers, active and inactive users, and previous subscribers. 

Thanks to MooSend’s Suppression List, you can honor opt-outs and send newsletters to the right users. 

The software lets you add single subscribers or import in bulk within seconds by creating multiple segmentation parameters.  

MooSend’s flexible management allows you to monitor your email list's performance and create user-centered campaigns that matter to your subscribers

10. Intuitive User Interface

MooSend’s interface is clean and easy to navigate and use, both for first-time users and regular customers. 

The template page allows you to filter your available designs based on specific needs. 

You can view your customer lists and current campaigns from MooSend’s intuitive dashboard. There’s also an option to color-code your customers according to their activity levels. 

MooSend offers all types of sequences and triggers for each of your lists. You’d find them under your automation tab.  

Other Important Things about MooSend

1. MooSend Integrations

MooSend integration
MooSend is able to integrate with different applications.

The software integrates with multiple third-party tools and applications such as Zapier, PieSync, Constant Contact, WordPress, Mailchimp, etc. 

MooSend syncs your existing application or website and uses it as an SMTP for transactional emails. 

These integrations improve your email marketing experience. For example, the WordPress plugin lets you develop a higher number of subscribers with opt-in forms. 

The tool allows you to access pop-up forms, automatic sign-up syncing, and exit-intent solutions. 

2. Knowledge Base

MooSend offers users a vast knowledge base containing FAQs and solutions.  

The section also features comprehensive tutorial videos and webinars on all things email marketing and MooSend. 

You can find topics on how to personalize your campaigns, create flexible landing pages, email automation, account settings, and general information on how to use MooSend. 

3. Live Customer Support

You can start conversations with MooSend’s live customer support and get replies within a few minutes. 

The software ensures that you get help whenever you need it without waiting hours in line.

 You also get a dedicated account manager to assist you with any problems when upgrading your service. 

MooSend Plans and Pricing

PlanFree TrialProEnterprise
Email CampaignsYesYesYes
Transactional EmailsNoYesYes
Sign-up & Subscription FormsYesYesYes
Landing PagesYesYesYes
Opens & Clicks Track ingYesYesYes
Bounces TrackingYesYesYes
A/B TestingYesYesYes
SPAM TestingYesYesYes
Account ManagerNoNoYes
Team Members1510+
Priority SupportNoNoYes
Premium Campaign PerformanceNoNoYes
Deliverability & Strategy OptimizationNoNoYes
100+ IntegrationsYesYesYes
API AccessYesYesYes
SMTP ServerNoYesYes
Service-Level AgreementNoNoYes
Dedicated IPNoNoOptional
Starting PriceFree for 30 days$9/moCustom

MooSend features three-tier business plans, and you can choose between the monthly option or the annual payment plan. 

Your final price depends on the number of subscribers you have since MoonSend uses a sliding scale. 

The 30-day free trial plan is suitable for new businesses or entrepreneurs exploring the software’s services. 

MooSend Credit System

MooSend credit system
Credit system is available in MooSend where you spend according to your needs.

MooSend also utilizes a credit system where you pay when you send emails. You pay for a certain number of credits to send a specific amount of emails. The credit plan is effective if you don’t use email marketing regularly. 

Boost your Email Marketing with MooSend

No email marketing service is perfect, and MooSend has its faults. But, the software delivers an impressive number of positives for a fraction of its competitors’ prices.  

MooSend’s automated email marketing solutions allow brands to create and execute successful business campaigns in no time.  

The software provides a bond between its users and customers. 

You can reach your desired conversion rates with MooSend’s personalized email templates and lead generation tools. 

So, if you want to expand and boost your brand’s lead nurturing strategy, you might want to take MooSend for a test drive. 

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