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18 Shopify Websites Examples We Simply Love

Sites built with Shopify

Thanks to platforms like Shopify, building an online store is easier than ever. The website building tool is simple to use, and it has so many tools that can beef up your eCommerce website. Shopify also includes lots of templates and guides to help you along the process.

Shopify is an all-in service that helps regular folk whip up online stores. You don’t need to code, and all the essential elements are ready to use (explore Shopify themes here). However, I understand it can be challenging to design your website even with the right tools.

That’s why I’ve gathered a showcase to help you light the path forward. Here are some of the best samples I’ve found to give you some inspiration.

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See Shopify store examples in Food & Beverages / Fashion & Accessories / Furniture / Health & Beauty / Electronic & Gadget / Art

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Shopify Food & Beverages Stores

Greyston Bakery

Nothing reeks of happiness as much as the sight of a beautiful platter of brownies. Greyston Bakery takes that up a notch with the simple inclusion of a bite into one of them. The colors on this site are vibrant and cheerful, with an overall clean design, organized structure, and clear labeling. What’s there not to love?


Youfoods takes full advantage of Shopify Elements; templates, address finder, site membership, and more. They’ve even built a blog section that surely helps them attract new visitors organically by raming up Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities. There’s even excellent marketing consideration with strategic use of call-to-actions.


Bulletproof is all about Keta, and it has the strength in content to reflect that. Jumping right in there’s a pop-up for new visitors that doesn’t repeat itself unnecessarily. The balance here leans slightly more towards text, but the images they use are stunning in a very impactful way – just the right thing to attract attention.

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Shopify Fashion & Accessories Stores


SIR welcomes new visitors to the site with an immediately tempting offer of a discount. While that feels slightly off since I didn’t know anything about them, most visitors who come will do so with a purchase in mind. The store is a blend of old and new concepts, with strong use of captivating imagery to whet your imagination.

Khara Kapas

Khara Kapas makes use of the limited real estate on a website by running an image carousel. That’s just one of the elements that Shopify supports to give you an idea of its capabilities. I love that they’ve included a hovering wishlist button that provides a pleasant, value-add experience to shopping on this website.

Heraldic Jewelry

Heraldic Jewelry does something that fits well with the expertise needed for their work. The site showcases the fine detail and craftsmanship that goes into their products with an impressive video background. That inclusion has somehow transformed the experience and makes a compelling statement.

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Shopify Furniture Stores


It’s difficult to showcase home decor on a website, especially furnishings, adequately. Yet Haus manages to do so thanks to minimal text interference and smart adjustment of larger images. While not exactly a stunning layout, the excellent use of an image collage as a rolling page background does wonders for the experience – nicely spaced with impactful information.

Maiden Home

Somehow, Maiden Home has managed to deliver an immaculate experience that fits their product range wonderfully. The visitor experience is refreshing even though there’s nothing way out of the box in terms of design. They’ve managed to streamline things, so you simply can’t even navigate to the wrong areas.

Ivory & Deene

Ivory & Deene, at first glance, seems to have overdone the ever-prevalent white theme. Yet, the organizational structure has redeemed them, offering visitors a very detailed browsing experience. Still, there’s a great use of Shopify elements with a lovely multi-dimensional carousel, online shopping features, and the inclusion of a membership rewards program.

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Shopify Health and Beauty Stores


It’s a little strange to see a website wholly dedicated to balls, but apparently, that’s LeartherHead. Thankfully, balls fit well into neat little blocks, and grid imagery makes for an impeccable presentation. They’ve also managed to present just the right images that show off their expertise in leatherwork, even for the somewhat gaudy alternative color leathers.

Press London

Nothing shouts “healthy!” so much as a sun-freckled guy partying with bikini-clad girls and some juice rather than liquor. It seems morbidly absurd and yet works well to present the image intended by PRESS. The comprehensive information about each of their healthy drink and meal options is even more vital on this site.

NCLA Beauty

NCLA Beauty’s front-page attention-grabber brings focus right to their product. While they don’t look like beauty products at first glance, perhaps that’s the intended effect. Without scrolling, your eyes will focus on the large “Shop Now” button, so that’s where you’re likely to head next. It directs to a well-organized catalog and what Shopify does best; letting you shop.

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Electronic and Gadget Shopify Stores

Quad Lock

Somehow, Quad Lock has managed to make a very standard gadget-centric website feel fluid and rich. Instead of showcasing just static products, they’ve chosen lifestyle shots demonstrating examples of use. The excellent activity focus is impulse-creating, making you want to experience the effects for yourself.

Master Dynamic

Master Dynamic loves its products and wants to share them with the world. That’s likely what resulted in mind-blowing full-screen images that highlight every detail. The carousel-style background shifts through the range of items, while clearly labeled navigation links sit neatly above it all, simply waiting for clicks.

Studio Neat

It may be hard to create hype about a pen, but Studio Neat’s hero product takes center stage. Of course, you can scroll down to view their other items as well. The design fits well with the promise of minimalistic-themed items. One impressive thought, though, is the inclusion of small product images on the navigation dropdown menu.

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Shopify Art Stores

Very Marta

Very Marta sells an exciting range of art, both originals and prints. The artwork is neatly organized, with prices available as your mouse cursor hovers atop each image. A short artist bio is also present, and her inclusion in some of the artwork on display is a clever blend of personalization and the abstract.

Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc’s biography on his art website is brutally honest, laying the foundation of that personal touch for his brand. It’s gone past art alone, though, and he sells an entire range of things from clothing to accessories. There’s nothing else to say about this clean shop design but simply, “wow!”

Nick Mayer

Nick Mayer’s Shopify-built store segments itself out nicely. From static images that showcase products to a video demonstrating process and talent, something is engaging about each portion of every single page. He makes good use of vibrant colors in products interspaced with the normality of regular images. 

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What Does Shopify Offer?

  • Pricing from $9/mo
  • Plans: Shopify Lite, Basic Shopify, Shopify Advanced Shopify
  • Pros: Built-in payment gateways; inventory management, omnichannels commerce, excellent site performance, useful add-on.

See: How to build an online store with Shopify

There are a lot of pre-existing templates you can modify to suits your needs (see all templates here).

Using Shopify Templates

For the less artistically inclined, Shopify offers a range of templates you can use to kick start the design of your website. They’ve expertly designed these to fit a range of businesses, from restaurants to geeky tech products. 

Still, remember that many people use Shopify, and filling out a template should be just the first step of your building process. Thankfully, the Shopify interface makes customizing each template a breeze.

Once you’ve selected the template you prefer, you can add, delete and move around each element until you find the correct placement. Customization is as simple as that. The examples I’ve showcased on this page are meant to give you a better idea of how these online store owners have made full use of the Shopify experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Shopify Websites

What websites work with Shopify?

You can use Shopify to build any kind of website. The platform lets anyone build websites, even with little to no technical expertise. All you need to do is choose a template, customize it, and organize the building blocks in your preferred order. 

Here's how you can sell art online using Shopify.

Where is Shopify mostly used?

Shopify is online, so individuals and businesses around the world use it. It even supports multiple payment gateways – both international and local. The company originates from Canada, but you can use it regardless of your location.

Can you use Shopify as a normal website?

Yes, you can. One of the strongest advantages that Shopify has is the ability to build any kind of website. Whether or not you make use of all the tools it has – like payments processing  – is entirely up to you.

Are Shopify sites good?

Yes, they are. Shopify is one of the most popular ways for users to build online stores. It’s a market leader, so a website built using the platform can be very high quality. They take care of the backend, so performance is assured. You just need to focus on an excellent design.

Is Shopify better than Amazon?

Shopify is better than Amazon for those who don’t want to pay commissions for each sale. Amazon takes a cut each time you sell something, while Shopify lets you keep the entire deal. The only time Shopify charges a fee is when processing payments.

Learn more about Shopify plans and pricing.

Final Thoughts

There are several excellent website builder platforms today, and Shopify is one of the leaders in the pack. It’s convenient if you want a one-stop shop that integrates website building, marketing, SEO, payments processing, and more.

Try Shopify if you want to build an eCommerce website for yourself and refuse to let online marketplaces take a cut. As the fantastic examples of Shopify websites in this list show, there’s great potential to exploit.

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