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13 Best Shopify Themes That Boost Your Conversions

Shopify Themes

Do you need an online store to start selling today? I am sure you have already heard about Shopify.

Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform and best online store builder that allows entrepreneurs to create their own online stores or dropshipping business. It is easy to use so you can create your own store even if you do not have the proper experience. No doubt, it is an ideal solution for those who want to run their own online store without any hassle and high financial costs.

One of the advantages of Shopify is incredibly beautiful ready-made Shopify themes. Although aesthetics matters, you should clearly understand that your website needs to sell a product. So, it is important to pick up a theme that is crafted to sell.

Here are some of the best Shopify store samples to give you inspiration.

Have you ever had a chance to see a website that has a beautiful design and functionality but at the same time it is not the resource of new customers for the company?

In other words, one of the main performance indicators is website conversion.

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Online Store Designs that Suck

Personally, I would leave any eCommerce website which has:

  • Bright elements, flashing banners, big bright buttons;
  • No logical, intuitive structure;
  • Wrong product description/availability/price;
  • The complicated system of registration;
  • Slow loading speed of a web page.

Your online store is the face of your brand. It should make your visitors feel they are welcome guests and encourage to explore the products you offer.

Below, I would like to share my favorite 13 Shopify themes to boost conversion. Moreover, pay attention to a few useful tips for your online store that I have included below each theme.

Best Shopify Themes for Better Site Conversions

1. Debutify

Debutify is a FREE Shopify theme designed to boost conversions and increase sales. With its clean and user-friendly interface, Debutify is one of the best options for beginners who want to start their online store without any hassle.

This theme is fast, mobile-responsive, and compatible with different browsers. The free version includes basic features and Facebook support only. However, you don’t get any of the premium add-ons that you see on their homepage with their free plan, unless you upgrade to paid plans.

Main Features:

  • Add-to-cart animation
  • Sticky add-to-cart button
  • Cart goal
  • Megamenu
  • Currency converter
  • Product video
  • Product tabs

Unlike other Shopify themes that target any one or two specific niche(s), Debutify seamlessly blends with different business categories. Whether you run an organic food shop or a store that sells high-end designer accessories, Debutify can be your safest bid. It’s a one-click theme, meaning you don’t have to be a coding pro to install this theme on your Shopify store.

What sets Debutify apart from other themes is the fact that it allows users to customize settings according to their business and branding needs. Also, Debutify is the perfect theme for building stores with huge inventories.

2. Wrapbread

Wrapbread is a great example of the bestselling Shopify t-shirt theme. It is crafted specifically for those who produce and sell T-shirts. This theme combines beautiful design, user-friendly navigation, and a number of design elements to drive sales. You can easily customize your homepage with such ready sections as banners, collections list, blog articles, featured product, product carousel, newsletter, and etc. Use Instagram feed tool to attract more clients. It displays the last 6 or 12 images from Instagram with reference to the post.

Main features:

  • 100% responsive design
  • Parallax effect
  • Multilingual
  • Contact form
  • Valid semantic coding

Make sure that people understand how to navigate your site and where to find the right products, contacts, order page. Follow these simple principles:

  • Navigation elements should be visible, the visitor should not wander around the page looking for them;
  • Always show the user where he is and how to go back to the previous page;
  • If you have a wide range of products, it is better to add filters so the customer can quickly select the desired product.

3. Vendy

Have a look at Vendy – a new Shopify theme by Zemez. From the very beginning, it creates the impact of a custom-made design for clothing stores. Still, its clean minimalism will meet any products you are going to sell online. With this Shopify theme for fashion, you can also develop a successful dropshipping business. Plus, Vendy is fully responsive and retina-ready which is quite important for every modern shop. 

Main features:

  • no coding is required
  • SEO-friendly and social integrated
  • 10 ready-made homepages
  • versatile lookbook, product, and other templates
  • perfect for blogging
  • professional technical support 
  • detailed documentation

Luckily, this multipurpose Shopify theme goes for a favorable price and is available for everyone to buy on ThemeForest. To say more, Vendy shows off a high PageSpeed score of 91 and a GTmetric score of 93. This and other perks guarantee the smashing performance of your eCommerce website. For sure, it will attract lots of active customers when it’s based on Vendy.

4. Apparelix

Here is an all-in-one Shopify theme to your attention. It’s called Apparelix and it boasts diverse awe-inspiring designs for varied modern business. In other words, by using Apparelix you can benefit from several opportunities to sell:

  • clothes, accessories, shoes, lingerie, etc
  • beauty and healthcare products
  • food, grocery, sweets
  • handmade products and more

Main features:

  • based on Shopify Visual Builder
  • a variety of pre-styled page layouts and sections
  • coded with SEO in mind 
  • fast navigation for conversion
  • friendly live support

Moreover, the Apparelix Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme is known as a bestselling theme on TemplateMonster. It’s trusted by many users and gets free timely updates. As for the number of its ready-made skins, it stays in progress.

For now, Apparelix is also powered by multiple official Shopify apps for online store management, customer engagement, effective marketing campaigns, and more. So, Apparelix is worth checking out!

5. Multifly

The next theme to boost your conversion is Multifly, a multipurpose online store Shopify theme. There is no need to limit your imagination – Shopify visual builder is included to get as many different layouts as you want. The theme comes with 7 beautiful skins for various types of businesses. With Multifly’s features and tools, you will be able to boost your audience at once. Moreover, the professional 24/7 support and detailed online documentation are available to get the most of the theme.

Main features:

  • Ajax cart
  • PSD included
  • Product quick view
  • Add to wishlist
  • Registration form

A registration form is a great alternative to a slider. It is more efficient to put this form at the top of the page so you save a large percentage of email subscribers. In addition, it is easier for users to find the form without scrolling down the page and skipping a large amount of information. Note, it is important to keep registration forms simple and concise. Long forms can be distracting and useless. You can also include sign-up forms on the main page to get customers’ attention right after they visit your website.

6. Shopy Fashion

Shopy theme is a premium Shopify solution with a perfect user experience. The theme comes with 13+ pre-made layouts, 9 listing pages, 4 gallery pages, MegaMenu, Ajax filter, and other awesome features. Creating responsive and eye-catching sliders has never been easier. It is an absolutely new way to deliver your ideas. The theme is crafted due to the latest web design trends to drive your sales. Customize your website design and do not forget about some free space. A widescreen image, minimum of text and a call to action are important.

Main features:

  • Google rich snippets
  • Instagram shop
  • blog pages
  • RTL
  • Parallax effect

There are many business niches when phone call matters. Therefore, the site without the contact info can implant doubt in mind of your potential customers. I am sure you cannot trust a business that hides its contact page. Do not forget about other contacts as address and email. If your office is not easy to find, place a map or photos of the surrounding area. This reassures your client that you are a real and trusted company.

7. Simpleaf

If your business is related to healthcare and beauty products, Simpleaf is your perfect choice. The theme features an elegant design and includes beautiful banners that you can use to display your most popular products. ,Your customers can also easily browse all categories and filter products by price, manufacturer or brand. I am sure, you will appreciate the possibilities and freedom of customization. Besides, a newsletter section is available to offer new products and promotions to your clients via email.

Main features:

  • Social options
  • Multi-currency
  • Parallax effect
  • Search form
  • Blog creation

In addition to high-quality images, your online store should provide an informative description of the products. Before making a purchase, people almost always want to know more details about the product they are interested in. And if the descriptions are well written and look great visually, visitors will be more likely to buy the goods. However, a large description is not always a good idea (more pictures and less text!). Therefore, it is better to display only a brief description along with attractive images.

8. Bionika

Bionika is another effective organic cosmetics store Shopify theme. You can easily customize the layout of any page using the Drag-n-Drop page editor and design every detail of your site through the admin panel.

In addition, the theme is ready to be translated, which is ideal if you are trying to reach an international audience. Such design elements and features as sorting options, newsletter subscription, brands, slider, and others will be helpful to attract more customers and drive your sales.

Main features:

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Blog creation
  • Google map
  • Search form
  • Fast loading speed

Your website load time and performance are extremely important. Have you heard that 1-second delay in loading the site reduces conversion by 7%, and the level of customer satisfaction — by 16%? Modern users are becoming less patient. So, make sure your website loads fast enough.

9. Fashion Girl

If you are looking for a well-structured website for your online fashion store, the Fashion Girl theme is a good catch. Your customers can easily add items to the cart and proceed to checkout, as well as find out which products are new or on sale.

Also, you can easily change the text thanks to the integration of Google fonts and improve your ranking in search engines thanks to SEO optimization. The theme is easy to install and use with no coding skills.

Main features:

  • Contact form
  • Ajax cart
  • Product quick view
  • Product carousel
  • Collection tabs

Imagine that you are browsing a website and you do not know where to look first. For example, the banner on the right agitates your to participate in the campaign, a pop-up window offers to subscribe to the newsletter, and the main screen invites you to go to the catalog of the new collection. Your attention is literally being torn apart.

Do not overload your visitor with numerous calls to action (CTAs.) Let there be only one CTA on one screen to make sure your client will perform the necessary action.

10. BeStore

BeStore is another premium Shopify theme to build a highly functional and attractive fashion-related website. The theme is optimized for fast loading and includes 9+ premade layouts, 3 product pages, premium plugins, and a powerful admin panel. Moreover, you will enjoy several premium modules such as MegaMenu, lookbook, gallery, automatic image resize, and much much to help you increase sales. In case any issues appear, you will get assistance from the 24/7 support team.

Main features:

  • Responsive layout
  • Bootstrap 3 framework
  • RTL
  • Ajax search
  • Wishlist

Make sure your website is operational for the promising audience with tablets and iPhones. The number of purchases and other similar transactions made by mobile users keeps growing, and this trend can no longer be ignored. Potential buyers no longer need to spend time on scrolling to find the right product in the catalog and then trying to locate a small button to place an order. A responsive design makes it possible to buy the desired product as quickly as possible. As a result, you will see the growth of conversion, which is very important for any business.

11. Muse Jewellery

Meet the Muse, a multipurpose responsive Shopify theme. The theme offers you four ready-to-use stores with sections functionality. Whether you own a jewelry store, fashion store or handbag store, the Muse is an excellent solution to promote your business.

Among the key benefits are 100% responsive design, theme color switcher, product quick view, product carousel, and much more. Moreover, you will be able to use a Lookbook feature, which is an excellent marketing tool also.

Main features:

  • Google fonts
  • Multi-currency
  • Social options
  • Valid semantic code
  • Instagram feed

Do not wait for the customer to find the right product – recommend the product immediately. Once your client notices that some product is popular, he may be interested in it and make a conversion. Alternatively, you can show what others often browse and what they recommend if you have a rating and feedback system.

12. m.a.l.l.

I personally like this Shopify theme to sell men's and women's clothing and accessories. It is simple, elegant, and functional at the same time. The theme features a built-in slider, image with text overlay, collection list, and product column modules. With a product quick view, you will be able to easily browse products and even buy close or similar goods. The map feature is implemented to let your customers know where your physical store is located if you have any.

Main features:

  • Banners
  • PSD included
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Blog creation
  • Documentation

Do not forget to include information about product delivery and returns. These two parameters indicate the reliability of the company. One of the most popular buyer’s concern is “What happens if the product does not meet my expectations?”. Convince customers that you can be trusted. Specify the following information on your site:

  • What delivery services you send the goods with;
  • Delivery method: to a warehouse, to a door, etc.;
  • Return policy with the detailed instructions on how the goods can be exchanged or returned.

13. Victoria's Peach

The last Shopify theme in my list is a fresh and bright Victoria’s Peach. Food is always a great idea so if your business is related to a food store or restaurant, this is your tasty solution. You can professionally design your website with attractive banners, change colors, fonts, and backgrounds, organize your products into categories, create product carousels, and etc. This is a matter of minutes. Think over the convenient navigation and experiment with a MegaMenu module included.

Main features:

  • Shopify visual builder
  • Product quick view
  • Brands
  • Cross-browser
  • Contact form

The simple checkout process is very important if you wish to boost your conversion. The more fields your potential buyer has to fill in to buy, the lower the chances that he will complete the purchase. Avoid requiring more data than it is necessary for placing an order. Ask for a name and email or add an option to login via social networks. Your customers will appreciate the simplest possible checkout process.

Wrapping Up

Good navigation, high-quality images, modern design, decent product descriptions, and related products – these are all the basics of your online store. But that is not all to consider while building a successful eCommerce website.

You should give special attention to dozens of design elements to drive your sales. These are an order form, integration with social networks, customer reviews, ratings, new arrivals, promotional offers, comments, filters and much more.

Not to mention the principles of marketing design, which include a visual hierarchy, semantic accents, and etc. Make sure you will decide on not only good-looking Shopify theme but also the one to increase your conversion. While the quality of your products matters, the design of your store is the first thing your visitors see.

Make the right choice of your Shopify theme!

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