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15 Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

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If you use Shopify, then you know that choosing the right apps from its sea of over 3,200 apps can be a hassle.

So, what if you can save hours on hours of research and grit testing? What if I showed you the top apps to use for your needs:

  • Email integration
  • Discounts automation
  • Video marketing
  • Shipping
  • TikTok ad management

And ten more useful Shopify tools. Read on to discover the top Shopify apps to grow your online store.

1. Automatic Discount

Automatic Discount: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Manages discounts automatically.

Automatic Discount helps you add discount marketing to your marketing mix. 

Consumers love good deals, and about 75% will scour their inboxes for relevant discounts. The app streamlines this by enabling merchants to send discount links to loyal customers.

They can also create rules to apply discounts automatically based on what's in the shoppers' cart, such as order weight, vendor and number of items, and who's buying, like past orders and customer tags.

The app's overall rating is 4.4. The startup plan has no base monthly fee. Instead, it only bills merchants when a conversion happens.

2. Shopify Emails

Shopify Email: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Integrates email marketing into your Shopify store.

Shopify Emails lets merchants integrate email marketing into their Shopify store.

You can create, send, track and automate email campaigns directly on your Shopify dashboard. It eliminates the need for third-party email services.

The app comes with pre-built templates that showcase your stores' products, prices, and other information, saving you from the stress of inputting them manually. It also features a drag-and-drop editor that lets you quickly create branded emails.

Shopify Email has a 4.2-star rating from 914 reviews. It offers the first 10,000 monthly emails for free and charges $1 for every 1000 emails you send.

3. DSers

DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Sources products to sell on your Shopify store.

DSers enable merchants to order multiple products simultaneously to save time and improve their inventory management efficiency. This app promises to help users access exclusive suppliers with better prices.

Dropshippers can discover, import, and edit products right inside of this app. Merchants can also get benefits like these:

  • Manage multiple Shopify stores in one account. 
  • Track and sync shipping information
  • Offer product bundles and BOGO deals
  • Manage suppliers
  • Price notifications and changes

And lots of other features.

4. Promo.com

Promo Video Maker: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Bringing video marketing into your eCommerce growth strategies.

Promo.com helps merchants boost their business with videos.

It lets them create professional product videos in minutes and publish them directly to their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter profiles to drive social media traffic. They can also add videos to their storefronts to engage shoppers and boost conversion.

Promo.com is intuitive. It can automatically pull existing footage and images from the store to create well-optimized product videos.

The app has a 4.7-star rating from over 950 reviews. It's completely free to use.

5. Easyship

EasyShip: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Streamlines shipping management.

Easyship offers an all-in-one shipping solution to Shopify store owners.

The app promises to help merchants save up to 91 percent on their eCommerce shipping by offering them pre-negotiated discounted shipping rates from over 250 couriers, including leading brands like FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

With Easyship, sellers can generate labels and customs papers. They can also manage orders, create shipments, offer buyers free tracking and automate their workflow for repetitive tasks.

The app has a 4.4-star rating from over 350 reviews. Also, it's free to install. Merchants only pay for what they ship.

6. TikTok Shopify app

TikTok Shopify app: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Creates and manages TikTok video ads.

TikTok Shopify app enables seamless integration of TikTok marketing

It lets merchants create and manage TikTok video ads to promote products to a younger target audience. TikTok has over one billion active users and holds the most engaged social network record, making it a great addition.

The app features a Video Generator tool that helps users create videos quickly by uploading product images or videos. It also supports 1-click pixel installation.

Unfortunately, the app isn't compatible with mobile, so you'd need a computer to use the app. However, it's free to install.

7. Stocky

Stocky: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Manages Shopify inventory.

Stocky helps you manage Shopify inventory and optimize inventory decisions.

Integrating the app to your Shopify store helps you see when stock is running low and understand the products you should order based on performance and seasonality, improving your sales and saving you time.

The app eliminates the need for spreadsheets. It can also track products across multiple locations and integrates with Shopify POS Pro.

Stocky's rating is 3.3, and it's popular with businesses in the U.S.

8. Printful

Printful: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Runs print-on-demand dropshipping service on Shopify.

Printful lets users run their print-on-demand dropshipping service on Shopify.

The app enables users to create and sell custom products from T-shirts, apparel, and accessories to homeware and pet products. Printful takes care of inventory, shipping, and everything in-between so that users can focus on design, marketing, and running their business.

The app has built-in design tools and supports custom branding. Additionally, users can set retail prices. Printful only charges to cover production.

9. Gameball

Gameball: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Manages loyalty programs.

Selling to loyal customers is about five times easier than acquiring new ones. 

Gameball supports merchants to drive high retention rates and repeat purchases among loyal customers. In addition, the app helps them manage loyalty programs, rewards, and referrals.

Also, sellers can reward customers with points and badges. It also supports gamified rewards programs that can engage customers with perks, tiered discounts, and store credits.

The app can integrate with many third-party marketing tools, including, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Drip.

10. UpPromote

UpPromote: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Runs an affiliate marketing program on your Shopify store.

UpPromote by Secomapp helps you grow your store with an ambassador, influencer, referral, and affiliate programs.

With the app, you can turn your customers into brand advocates, leveraging their social relationships and networks to reach new customers. You can create branded landing pages or scour the company's marketplace to attract and recruit affiliates.

UpPromote makes creating affiliate links and coupons quick. Users can also track unlimited referral orders.

The app has a 4.9 rating from over 1,600 reviews.

11. Smart SEO

Smart SEO: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Optimizes your store for organic search.

Most customer journeys begin with the search engine. 

With Smart SEO, merchants can optimize their stores to rank for organic searches. The app helps them optimize store images, generate SEO tags and fix broken images. They can also manage the sitemap and improve their site speed.

Additionally, Smart SEO supports multi-language SEO JSON-LD schema markup, which enables users to add structured data to their store to improve search ranking.

The app has a free plan and a seven-day trial of the premium plans.

12. Judge.me Product Reviews

Judgeme: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Adds reviews to your store.

Judge.me lets shopper owners collect and make the most of their customer reviews to generate convincing social proof for their business.

The product review app supports text, image, and video reviews. Customers can also leave reviews directly via emails or on-site widgets. Additionally, it lets merchants import existing reviews, add review carousels to the store and incentivize reviews with coupons.

The app is highly customizable and can integrate with Klavyio, PushOwl, Google Shopping Feed, and Zapier for automated marketing.

13. HubSpot for Shopify

HubSpot: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Syncs store data into HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot for Shopify syncs store data into HubSpot CRM, enabling Shopify store owners to step up their marketing and customer relationship strategies.

It's an excellent option for HubSpot customers. For example, users can create abandoned cart email nurturing and product-specific re-engagement ads with the synced data. They can also add smart CTAs to content and automate repetitive tasks.

HubSpot promises to help businesses attract a high-converting audience and build a brand their customers will love.

14. Privy

Privy: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Add exit-intent pops to store.

Privy helps merchants grow their email and SMS lists from their Shopify store.

The Shopify app features a suite of email marketing, SMS, and conversion optimization tools like pop-ups, forms, banners, and bars that can help users drive repeat purchases and grow their business. They can also add a spin-to-win wheel to the store to incentivize email and SMS opt-ins.

Privy also supports merchants in running automated A/B tests, sending autoresponders, and creating targeted campaigns based on customer behavior such as exit intent, cart abandonment, or cart value.

The app can sync contact to over 50 email marketing services.

15. Messenger Channel

Messenger Channel: Free Shopify Apps to Grow Your Online Business

Purpose: Interact with customers on Facebook.

Messenger Channel allows store owners to chat with Facebook and Instagram shoppers from the Shopify inbox.

The customer service Shopify app enables them to track and respond to all their chats from one place without needing to open multiple browser tabs. They can also share products and discount codes with their social media customers.

The app uses AI to classify and tag conversations, enabling users to identify and quickly reply to sales messages or provide personalized support.

Wrapping It Up

I’ve shown you 15 Shopify apps to help you grow your business. These apps help you bring email, video, SMS, and trust marketing into your marketing mix.

You can also use conversion optimization and customer retention apps to improve sales and drive repeat business.

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