50 Free Professional Designed Logos

Updated: 2021-09-08 / Article by: Jerry Low

We are tired of crappy logos on the Internet so we are making some cool ones and giving them out for free. You are free to use these logo designs for your businesses, websites, blogs, or anywhere you like.

These logos are designed by our in-house designer Chee Ching based on real life design prompts and scenarios; come in image (.png) and vector (.svg) format. Themes we covered include fashion, food, wine, dance, security, web startups, websites, online stores, yoga, gym, furniture, electronics, baby care, books, hotels, extreme sports, photographs, video-graphs, movies, cars, etc.

The best part of this package is they are completely FOC. We are not even asking for your emails or social shares!

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Logo Previews & Samples

Here are some previous of our free logos. There are in total 50 logos in the download package (zipped file).

Logos for Food & Restaurant Business

This logo might be suitable for:

  • Burgers! (obviously)
  • Restaurants
  • Food delivery business

This logo might be suitable for:

  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Cocktail bar
  • Cafe and snack bar

This logo might be suitable for:

  • Restaurants
  • Takeaway food business
  • Chinese / Shanghai food blog

Logos for Blogs and Business Websites

This logo might be suitable for:

  • Security / privacy websites
  • Security company
  • Night security service

This logo might be suitable for:

  • Blogging websites
  • Travel and lifestyle blogs
  • Alternative arts and culture blogs

This logo might be suitable for:

  • Scuba diving school
  • Snorkeling class
  • Sea and water activities

This logo might be suitable for:

  • Fashion boutique store
  • Online retailers
  • Young fashion bloggers

Free 50 logos come in image (.png) and vector (.svg) format.

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