Wix Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Shim
  • Published: Oct 11, 2017
  • Updated: Jan 02, 2020
Wix Review
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Review Last Updated: January 02, 2020
Good range of pricing options; extensive option drag-and-drop user interface.

Wix is by far one of the site builders that has seen a meteoric rise in uptake over a relatively short period.

Breaking ground only in 2006, by 2017 the company laid bold claim to a stunning 100 million users. Over that short timeframe it has introduced multiple upgrades from a HTML5 editor to their drag and drop 2015 version.

Wix Features

One of the first things you’ll encounter in most site builders, is the template repository and that’s the same in Wix. The site boasts over 500 templates that are neatly categorized for your perusal. Browsing through most them, I find Wix offering a right mix of styles, from minimalist to comprehensive.

Editing the template is a marvel, with the interface offering many options in a true drag-and-drop style. Once you’ve gotten the items where you want, just fill in the details and it’ll work. Aside from that, what is truly notable is that Wix continuously adds and revamps features which accurately blend with current trends and technology.

One example of this lies in its SEO Wizard recently introduced. This is in-line with many more people becoming aware of how much SEO can help with their web presence. The Wizard allows for Wix to help you optimize your website with ease.

For online sellers, Wix not only has the options for eCommerce payments, but you’ll even be able to schedule bookings on your site. That caters for a niche of consumers which I haven’t seen readily available elsewhere.


Wix offers templates in a wide variety of styles
Wix dashboard overview (Login > Manage Site > Overview). Configure site and account options here.

Wix interface is clean and simplistic
Adding apps and functions to Wix website (Login > Manage Site > Site Settings).

Wix Templates Demo

As mentioned, Wix boasts over 500 pre-designed themes that are neatly categorized for your perusal. The following images demonstrates some of the themes I found. Click images below to enlarge.

“Carpenter” – Wix template for business sites; free for all Wix users. Click to enlarge image.
“Restaurant Site” – Wix template for restaurants; free for all Wix users. Click to enlarge image.

“Paperie” – Wix template for online store; available for Wix eCommerce users. Click to enlarge image.
“Photographers Dream” – template for photography website; free for all Wix users. Click to enlarge image.

See all Wix templates: www.wix.com/mystunningwebsites

Wix Performance Test

Dummy site I built using Wix Free Plan.
Wix website performance test using Webpage Test; server location: Dulles, VA. Excellent First Byte Time result (which reflects network/server speed).


In line with the number of users on its site, Wix has a wide spread of what it calls ‘premium Accounts’ available that range in price from $4.50 per month all the way to $24.50 per month. (To see these numbers in context – read our study on website cost.)

What it doesn’t advertise widely is that you can still use the drag and drop editor for free. I do feel though that the price range does correspond with actual consumer needs, from individual to even small companies.


Wix Premium PlansAnnual PlanFree DomainDomain RenewalForm Builder AppSite Booster AppOnline Store


Compare Wix plans: www.wix.com/upgrade/website 

Success Stories

Wix users have put up an admirable array of websites that look, at the very least, dignified, functional and suited to purpose. Paws for a Cause, is run by a photographer who helps animal shelters promote their charges for adoption.

The site is simplistic, but fits well to its theme with darling animals showcased in full, glorious colour.

Visit online: www.pawsforacausefurrtography.com/


I won’t make it a secret that after the review experience, I’m a Wix fan. They have a good base in their drag-and-drop builder, constant updates and upgrades, as well as a price base that has something for everyone.

Also read – other ways to create a website.


  • Good range of pricing options
  • Extensive option drag-and-drop user interface


  • Does not allow exports of data (You’re stuck with Wix)

Wix Alternatives


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