Weebly Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Shim
  • Published: Oct 12, 2017
  • Updated: Jan 02, 2020
Weebly Review
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Review Last Updated: January 02, 2020
Easy to use interface. Ideal for websites with static information and products.

Founded 2002 in San Francisco by college buddies David, Dan and Chris, Weebly is a site builder that has helped over 40 million websites.

With a combined annual traffic of more than 325 million unique visitors, the company is now backed by funding from major players such as Sequoia Capital and Tencent Holdings (April 2014).

Weebly Features

Right off the bat, Weebly gets down to business and the first thing you’ll be asked is if you’ll be selling stuff online or not (more on this later). Next, fill in your website information such as name, products and other descriptions and you’ll be shown the template selector.

Weebly features many beautiful templates and once selected, you’ll be asked if you’d prefer a Weebly domain, to purchase your own, or use a domain you already own. Having looked at the templates, I’m left wondering if there is a need for much of Weebly’s drag and drop features.

Weebly cuts to the chase between commercial and non-commercial sites.

Components are easy to move around.

Despite the massive amount of options that you can drag and drop onto the existing templates, they are already so comprehensive and editable that most people who are seeking simple, static websites would need not much further modifications. One good point to note though is that Weebly automatically helps you create a mobile version of your site.

The catch comes in when you want to sell stuff online. While the setup for this is fairly simple, Weebly charges sites that sells products on top of monthly fees. Unless you’re a business user that pays top dollar of $25 a month, Weebly will charge you a 3% fee per transaction.

To look into this in context, read our study on how much should a website cost here.

Weebly Features Demo

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Site configuration at Weebly.

Adding and editing a webpage.

Weebly Themes Demo

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“Edison”, online store template, is a minimalist theme that puts your content front and center.
“Venue”, personal website template, comes with unique color palettes and full screen header images.

“Birdseye”, portfolio template, gives your website an editorial, photo-first sense of style.
“Paper”, business template, is perfect for restaurant / bar who wants a modern website.

See all Weebly themes: www.weebly.com/themes

Weebly Site Performance

Excellent result. Test site at Weebly scored A in “First Byte Time” when tested at Web Page Test. Weebly site speed is comparable to some of the top hosting services we checked in the past.

Weebly Plans & Pricing

Weebly offers free accounts that are capable of handling basic sites easily. That scales up in varying degrees offering extra features such as video backgrounds and user registrations. At the top end of the scale with full bells and whistles, Weebly can cost up to $25 per month.


Weebly PlansAnnual CostsFree DomainSite SearchProductsShipping & Tax CalculatorGift Cards
Starter$96/yearUp to 10
Pro$144/yearUp to 25
Performance$456/year Unlimited


Compare Weebly plans: www.weebly.com/pricing

Success Stories

The majority of Weebly users seem to be varied individuals or small businesses. Some, through the help of Weebly’s site builders have built successful businesses and extended their reach globally. Dharma Yogi Wheel, for example, was founded in 2014 and over the past 3 years has sold more than 15,000 products via their Weebly-built site.

Visit online: www.dharmayogawheel.com


Weebly is ideal for users who are interested in sites that deal with static information and products, exactly the way it was designed. With a quick and easy to use interface as well as varied pricing options, Weebly is one of the most comprehensive site builders available.

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  • Free plan available
  • Extremely user friendly


  • Low level online stores get charged extra per transaction

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