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18 Weebly Websites That'll Make You Go Wow

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When it comes to website builders, Weebly is undoubtedly one of the best to start with. The platform powers more than 40 million websites and you can't go wrong with that.

Whether you want to build a website or create a full-on eCommerce site, Weebly’s drag-and-drop system makes it an exceptionally easy platform to build an awesome-looking website.

Here's a quick review on what you can get.

What does Weebly offer?

Pricing from: $10.00/mo
Plans: Free, Connect, Pro, Business, Business Plus
Ave. response speed: 136.72ms / Uptime: 100% (source)
Pros: Easy to use, great for eCommerce, suitable for newbies.

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In this article, we are going to share with you the best Weebly websites that bring you inspiration and motivation to create one your own.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out these 18 Weebly websites that are awesomely designed using the platform’s themes and editor.

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Updated December 2022: We've added a lot of new examples of Weebly websites, and removed those that are no longer using Weebly.

Weebly Websites: Examples of eCommerce Sites

1. Ryan Jewellers

Ryan Jewellers

For those searching for the perfect wedding ring, or even bracelets and chains, Ryan Jewellers has a good spread. The Canada-based purveyor of fine jewellery makes things available for online purchase via their Weebly-crafted store. Admittedly, more attention needs to move towards website copy, but design-wise they’re a classic example of clean structure.

2. The Box Bros

The Box Bros

The Box Bros store sells niche products; hand-crafted wooden boxes. Because of a more limited range, they’ve managed to build a very compact eCommerce store with Weebly. It’s a short but pleasant navigation rise through several beautiful products.

3. Cori Jacobs

Cori Jacobs

Cori Jacobs used Weebly to build their online store that specializes in prints. With a highly organized grid that showcases the artwork, you can browse easily and get pricing information with a short mouse hover. The artwork stands out well against a white background, and a few clicks can result in a fantastic item being shipped to your doorstep.

Weebly Websites: Examples of Travel Sites

4. Tour With Xuan

Tour With Xuan

Xuan is an excellent example of someone who uses Weebly personally to support an offline business strongly. The Tour With Xuan website will entice potential visitors to Vietnam with beautiful images and video that speaks louder than words. He’s built an entire pictographic teaser into his blog segment.

5. Arrow Ahead

Arrow Ahead

Arrowhead offers online reservations for their family resort that far exceeds the capabilities of an Airbnb listing. They include full-screen photos showing detailed accommodations in various styles and settings. Building your site like this with Weebly is an excellent way to overcome the limitations of some platforms that try a one-size-fits-all approach.

6. Taste & Travel Italy

Taste & Travel Italy

Taste and Travel Italy is a tour website that suggests trips following a few themes. Whether you’re simply looking to bask under the sun, walk down history lane, or even do the gastronomic tour, they’ve got it all. The website design screams a classic experience that’s not too pricey but of modern standards.

Weebly Websites: Examples of Photography Sites

7. Alex Kormann Photography

Alex Kormann Photography

Alex Kormann Photography isn’t your traditional photography website. It offers sets of images that tell compelling stories ranging from inspiring to heartbreaking. If you’re tired of gaudy Instagram snapshots, take some time to look through this reflection of life and take a moment to ponder.

8. Tommy Trenchard

Tommy Trenchard

Tommy Trenchard is a journalist that takes professional photos. His Weebly website tells the tale of his journeys, predominantly in African and Middle Eastern nations. The images he shares frame captivating bursts of life nestled amidst the ravages of war, hunger, and natural disasters.

9. Leo Edwards

Leo Edwards

Leo Edwards travels the world and takes pictures of things you don’t typically find. His focus is on the traditional, with the occasional smatter of modern scenes acting as a stirring contrast. The website is pretty simple to navigate, and you can take an express tour through a highly organized photo grid.

Weebly Websites: Examples of Design and Creative Agency Sites

10. Mentor V

Mentor V

Billy Treger has taken his talents as a writer and writing coach to new levels. Sharing his experience via his Mentor V website, he passes on valuable skills to the youth community. He works with charity partners to assist those who can’t afford the full prices, making help available to almost everyone.

11. SmartFox


Louise Bunyan is a Linkedin expert that helps those interested in leveraging the platform. She has expert programs designed for optimal effect, whether you want to use it to seek employment or do marketing and sales. Her SmartFox website neatly packages information about what’s available.

12. Nick Fusedale

Nick Fusedale

Nick Fusedale is an artist who speaks through his designs. A long series of successful client engagements is laid bare on his website in glorious imagery. The design is simple and classic; showing how easily you can use Weebly for just about anything.

Weebly Websites: Examples of Food and Restaurant Sites

13. Harry Caray

Harry Caray

Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group is big business. Yet, it’s managed to craft a website comfortably displaying a range of different dining concepts. From the classic steakhouse to upscale dining, there’s so much available through them. You can even book reservations online or find out more about their to-go delivery meals.

14. Our Table

Our Table

I simply adore how Our Table has kept such a rustic feel in the design of their Weebly website. The design is neat and portrays an old-newsletter concept that seems just right for what they do. The company sells farm produce in various ways, and you can even apply for membership via the website.

15. Tampa Bay Kitchen

Tampa Bay Kitchen

Tampa Bay Kitchen isn’t your traditional restaurant but instead an event space and pop-up kitchen. The website shows the beautiful space available and the professional equipment you can rent along with the venue.

Weebly Websites: Examples of Blog Sites

16. Saddle and Suede

Saddle and Suede

Saddle and Suede is the personal blog of Jonathan and Rachel. They’ve used Weebly to the max, including a free Weebly subdomain, so there’s no need to purchase a custom domain name. It’s basic but well-built, allowing the couple to share about the things they experience and love.

17. Tired of Lyme

Tired of Lyme

Tired of Lyme was created years ago by Chris, who suffered from this chronic disease. It’s highly informational and offers resources that can help others to understand more about Lyme disease. Best of all, what’s shared is very personal, so you won’t have to put up with dry and clinical research articles.

18. WeTalkMoney


“Tried and Tested” is the key phrase sold by the owner of WeTalkMoney. The website offers a link to financial coaching and an eventual pathway to retirement. They’ve developed a custom approach to help anyone get on the right track with planning, organization, and lots of experience.

In Conclusion

Designing a site or a blog from scratch can be a daunting experience. It doesn’t have to be with Weebly! Using Weebly, you can take the hard part of web design out of the equation and focus on your business.

If you are looking for alternatives, here are some of the best website builders that might suit you.

However, based on the Weebly sites that we’ve listed above, you can have a stunning-looking site in no time!

Want to see more examples of websites built on specific website builders? You can check out our Wix website examples post.

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