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Why Do I Need A Website for My Business?

As of January 2022, there are close to 5 billion Internet users worldwide, and the numbers are growing strong.
As of January 2022, there are close to 5 billion Internet users worldwide, and the numbers are growing strong.

Your business website is as important as your physical store—if not more potent these days.

Here’s why:

Some 4.95 billion people use the internet every day across the globe.  These users search for products, services, and information online and rely on their findings to make buying decisions.

This article shows you why you need a website to help your business grow revenue, become more visible, gain leads, win customers, and earn loyal brand evangelists.

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Easily Showcase Your Business and Build Customer Trust

buyers search for “computer hardware repair near me.”
For example, buyers might search for “computer hardware repair near me.” on Google.

Your potential customers search Google for local businesses near them every day. If you’d like to capture these leads, you’ll need a website that makes your business visible in search results.

And businesses with websites will show up in the search results.

These businesses would display and explain their services or products on their website to convert searchers to customers.

Business website
An example of a business website showcasing its services.

Potential customers also search for information on topics that relate to your business. Your website enables you to publish original articles, reports, research findings, and blog posts to establish niche authority.

Here’s an example from LaptopMD with original content.

A content-rich website builds buyer trust as they come to see your business as a reliable information source and find the business for relevant searches on Google. The original content sets you apart from competitors and makes you the go-to brand for information in your field.

Automate and Streamline Your Customer Support

Lemonade provides insurance to homeowners and renters, and the company also uses its website to lower customer service costs and boost efficiency with automated website chat.

Hiring a customer service agent is expensive. And that cost goes up if you run a business that requires 24-hour support. 

You can save time and money by using the FAQ section and chatbots to offer customers self-service support on your website.

Researchers over the years have come to a common agreement that customer service calls cost businesses significantly higher than automated chats.

And knowledge base articles are even cheaper – searchers can find relevant content on your site using your site search function.

Protect Your Brand, Understand Your Customers Better, and Boost Your Business Performance

Your website helps you control your brand’s narrative and align that narrative to your customers’ desires to improve your business performance.

These three points go hand in hand.

Protect Your Brand and Validate Your Business’s Value

Surveys show that 98% of shoppers read online reviews for local businesses.

Displaying reviews and testimonials validates that your business delivers the value you promise, and they can help protect you from negative competitor attacks.

If you’re not online, someone else is probably misinforming people about your business, or your competitors are winning your ideal customers away.

Either way, you’re missing out on the opportunity to engage your potential buyers. This is a big deal since 98% of shoppers read reviews—other people’s opinions—of a local business before they buy.

An example of displaying customer testimonials on a business website.

The device repair company, uBreakiFix, does an excellent job with their testimonials by displaying reviews from customers with verified purchases.

Moreover, your website also keeps your business open round-the-clock. So people can find your business even when you’re not trying to tell them about it.

Attract Your Ideal Customers to your Business

Your website can also help you attract targeted, prequalified leads as your articles rank on search engine results pages.

With appropriate on-page, off-page, and technical SEO in place, your website would become a business asset you can rely on for ongoing leads and sales.

This is important because you can’t optimize your social media handles for SEO, and most people turn to search engines for answers and to find solutions to their problems.

Understand Your Leads Better with Website Analytics

Website analytics helps you understand your target audience better. Your website lets you see your leads’ on-site behavior and better understand their interests.

If you don’t have a website, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to gather useful marketing data to help you target your leads better.

Analytics helps you see what your customers like, when they visit your site, and where they spend the most time on your site.

These information pieces help you make business decisions that will improve your product or service, boost customer retention, and grow revenue.

Start Building Your Business Website

Now that you know why you need a website for your business, it’s time to build one, and you can create a website in three ways.

Remember that your site host influences the most important parts of your website, including site speed and security, so choose one with a reliable track record of success.

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