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How to Put Two Videos Side by Side

It may sound strange, but the best way to put two videos side by side is to use a split-screen video editor. There are numerous tools available that can fill this role. Split-screen video editors are available for many platforms, but the most convenient is to use one online.

Many of these online split-screen video editors use a freemium pricing model. That means you can try them for free. However, more advanced features will only be available on their paid plans, and other restrictions may apply.

Here are four online tools you can use to place videos side by side:

  1. Veed
  2. FastReel by Movavi
  3. Flixier
  4. Pixiko

1. Veed

Using Veed to Put Two Videos Side by Side
Adding side-by-side videos using Veed is easy: 1- Add two or more videos to your project; 2- Place your videos in overlapping position; and 3- Drag to resize or repoisition your videos.

Veed is a cloud-based video editing tool that's highly agile. The company understands the needs of netizens today and offers scenario-based video editing features. With Veed, you can create video teleprompter, create overlays, split or join, and even create split-screen videos.

How to Make Split-screen Videos Using Veed?

Creating a split-screen video with Veed is super easy. First, upload the various videos you want to include in your final product. If you use snippets of a single video, you can also upload that and use Veed to slice it into parts for your split-screen video.

Once the clips are in place, you must drop them onto a single video timeline. The clips will then be adjustable on your canvas. To customize your split screen video, simply drag them to resize the various clips. It's precisely like resizing a Windows window!

2. FastReel by Movavi

FastReel's side-by-side video tool is basic but exceptionally easy to use

FastReel takes freemium to the next level since it starts free, and you don’t even need to register an account. Just visit their website and use their dedicated split-screen video maker to combine your clips.

How to Make Split-screen Videos Using FastReel?

First, choose a format for your split-screen video. It’s got lots of options, and you can select the display aspect ratio, number of video screens, and the location of the video clips. Once done, use their tool to upload the video files. 

FastReel automatically combines the uploaded videos in the format you selected earlier. It’s impressively easy and pretty fast. However, the free account keeps you to some limits, such as video length and sizes. 

3. Flixier

Flixier is more comprehensive but can be a bit confusing for beginners

Another freemium tool that’s available is Flixier. It’s a little more complex to use than FastReel’s split-screen tool, but you get additional features and greater flexibility. Instead of restricting you to template positions, Flixier allows you to resize and position your videos.

How to Place Videos Side by Side Using Flixier?

You’ll need to sign up for a Flixier account (I just used my Google ID), and you get access to their editing tool. Next, upload your videos and drag them from the library folder to the editing space. From here, it’s just a matter of resizing the videos and placing them wherever you want.

Once done, you can export the videos, although Flixier will add a watermark at the end – just for branding purposes. You can get rid of the watermark with a paid account.

4. Pixiko

Pixiko offers the best of both worlds between FastReel and Flixier

Pixiko is a free video editing tool that allows you to add multiple videos and photos into the same frame. It's great for making photo montages or adding subtitles and captions to your videos. It’s available online, so no installation is necessary.

How do You Split-screen on Pixiko?

Like FastReel, you don’t need an account to start using Pixiko. In addition, it offers a similar dedicated split-screen video editor. Pixiko seems to occupy a happy middle ground between FastReel and Flixier.

The split-screen editor offers a few more functions than FastReel but is less cluttered and complex than Flixier. Combining two videos in Pixiko took me less than a minute (including upload time!)

Why Use Online tools for Split-screen Videos?

example of split screen video editing tool
You can now place two videos (or more) side by side using the right tools.

Split-screen videos are popular on social media and are commonly used to share news or events. With a split-screen video, you can show different angles or different stories that go side by side.

You can also use split-screen for other purposes like showing how two or more people are doing something together. You can also interview two people where they talk about their experience with a particular product.

Placing two videos side by side sounds more complex than it is. Fear creeps into the equation, and we’re often fascinated by “Pro” video editors. Naturally, those tools are complex and take proper training to use. Online video editors are usually designed for casual users and come with simpler interfaces.

Using online tools allows you to easily make changes without worrying about having the right equipment or software installed on your computer.

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Final Thoughts on Creating Split-screen Videos

Split-screen videos are a great way to show multiple things simultaneously. The split-screen video effect adds an exciting touch to your video and helps highlight different aspects of your product or service that would otherwise be difficult to convey in just one video.

Online tools for split-screen videos make it easy to create professional-quality videos with just a few clicks of the mouse. All you have to do is upload your video clips, choose which aspect ratio you want, and let the software do all the hard work.

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