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20 Creative Website Homepage Design Examples & Ideas

Website homepages are where many visitors will eventually land, even if it isn't the first they see. It's also essential in your Search Engine Optimization efforts. The homepage represents many things, be it for search engines or humans. Think of it as the virtual front door to your business. 

The crucial point to remember is that first impressions form. Many people tend to judge a book by its cover. Ugly, overly complex, or slow home pages negatively impact your website. That's why you need to build it creatively and effectively.

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What Makes a Creative and Effective Website Homepage

Aesthetics is one matter but whether your website is converting is another. All essential elements in your homepage must resonate with your audience. There are several considerations to help make your website effective for your business:

  • Your homepage effectively conveys your company and business – purpose, values, and unique selling propositions (USPs). Focus on the logo, taglines, and headers. Your audience will be intrigued to explore further.¬†
  • Your homepage facilitates intuitive navigation and seamless flow.
  • Your homepage has proper call-to-actions and entices with good incentives (signup forms)
  • Your homepage must be simple yet powerful enough so your audience need not second-guess anything.
  • Mobile-friendly¬†

Relevant Reads

Here are 20 creative website homepage design examples that we hope will spark inspiration in you when you design yours.

1. Evernote

Evernote keeps to a very businesslike home page design

Evernote sports a nifty and beautifully designed professional homepage with everything explained clearly on one page about what they do. The tagline “Tame your work, organize your life” speaks to the hearts of many professionals who struggle with multi-tasking every day. Also, the centerpiece image showcases their software is adaptive and appeals to the masses. 

Evernote uses green and white with black fonts to create a seamless contrast. Also, they use a lot of white space to create ease for the eyes. The call-to-action green button “Sign Up For Free” is well-placed. The menu items are minimal and straightforward, making it easy for the audience to navigate.

2. Fly Hyer

Fly Hyer with Hyer!

When I first landed on Fly Hyer's homepage, I was impressed with the air-suspended aircraft in motion. The tagline immediately told me of a personalized aviation experience, which Fly Hyer does. The color scheme was pleasing as Fly Hyer used a perfect blend of blue and white amidst black font for a more realistic effect. 

The design is clean and flawlessly executed with the correct ratio of colors and white spaces. The call-to-actions are direct and optimally placed. Users need not search everywhere for what they need as the homepage makes for an easily digestible website. 

3. CarMax

Search right smack on CarMax's home page

CarMax puts a different twist on its homepage showcasing a person riding in the car on the road. A simple image that speaks volumes about the core of CarMax's business; they buy and sell cars. Hovering over Kansas City will automatically invoke a drop-down store list in that area; this is an ingenious way to make it super easy for people to find them.

A quick search at the top allows users to perform the necessary actions without hassle. The yellow “Find Your Car” button creates a persuasive call-to-action feature, nudging people to explore further.      

4. FPP

FPP has lots to thank for it's supporting tagline

When I landed on the FPP's homepage, I was pleasantly surprised. Not often do you find such an immersive shopping experience as depicted here. So, I took a stroll down the aisle, and the 3D experience afforded me a smile as I was amused to find the pineapple at the end. FPP supplemented the 3D experience with a story, explaining products that are misplaced and about abandoned carts.

While some may find the second part after the pineapple discovery somewhat strainful on the eyes, many would find the parallax effect calming and pleasant. FPP uses this to its advantage, promoting itself as a shopping marketing agency.

5. Century 21

Century21 features a practical by necessity

What caught my eye on this Century 21 website is its homepage showcasing a beautiful and top-notch quality in-house image. The first impression is that Century 21's business revolves around modern homes. The tagline “Relentless Moves – Don't Settle For Average” appeals and strikes all the right chords. After all, who does not want a relentless realtor?

The search bar at the centerpiece calls the audience to take action and search for homes or agents with them. The “Explore” button at the bottom creates a need, urging the user to continue to navigate the website. Brilliant indeed.

6. Airbnb

Lots of location images with AirBnB

At first glance, you may find Airbnb's homepage somewhat cluttered. However, as you scan further, you'll realize that Airbnb has cleverly portrayed its vacation homes cleanly and systematically. The tabs at the top are self-explanatory, making for easy navigation. Also, the images are beautiful and of high quality. 

The “Filters” button at the top right corner makes for an easy search. The “Become a Host” button is visible if you want to host your property. The homepage entices the user to click on something; this is what website homepages are supposed to achieve. Airbnb has done an excellent job. So, kudos to them!

7. King

Game websites like King showcase thoughtful design for kids

If you have ever played games, you would have heard of King. Landing on their homepage, you would instantly realize that King is unlike many other graphical websites. The colors, images, and icons are vivid and clear. However, what stands out is they have included all their games' mascots on the page to establish that connection with the audience.

As you scroll down the page, you'll see their highly explosive Candy Crush game and others. Staying true to their brand, King displays the characters in a realistic 3D appearance with a clever play of the various call-to-action buttons urging you to take action.

8. Alan Menken

Alan menken
The Alan Menken home page sports a simple yet powerful design

If you're a Disney fan, you would know Alan Menken. While the first page you'll encounter seems too simple, it spikes your interest through the tagline, “You are diving into the world of composer and songwriter Alan Menken.” You will then reach a story about him intertwined with his famous works. 

Finally, you land on the homepage with cleverly designed columns that showcase his Disney works. Hovering your mouse over each column brings you back to the times when you enjoyed his beloved Disney songs. This website showcases Alan's poetic love for music in the compilation of all his music. 

9. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

CBTL's home page looks simply delicious

If you're the type who needs a hot cuppa coffee to kick-start the day, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is no stranger to you. Their homepage utilizes their corporate color well – purple, accompanied by a pastel gray brown texture. They used a slider at the top and kept it to a minimum which exudes a greater appeal.

You have one slider on what's new, another on the tantalizing drinks, and finally, the delicious food. The colors are well-blended (pun intended for their signature ice blended drinks) and pleasant. The menu items are self-explanatory. Anyone who visits this website will drool.   

10. eWedding

eWedding works hard to combine practicality with style

Planning a wedding is no easy feat for those love birds embarking on their journey together. Hence, this is where eWedding comes in. 

The tagline “The new standard in wedding planning and management tools” certainly speaks for itself. Once you read this, you will wonder if you have missed out on anything for your big day that eWedding can help you. 

I love that they use social proof at the top underneath the tagline, as it helps with conversions. Also, the additional slogan at the bottom reminds you that you can automate some of your wedding planning tasks to save effort and time. 

11. Basecamp

Minimalism at its best with Basecamp

If you're looking to build a website to promote your IT products, look no further than Basecamp. They are the perfect example of a simple website that utilizes a minimalist approach yet manages to enforce a positive impact. I like that they use lots of white spaces to break up the text for a strong impact. 

The tagline says it all; you will know that Basecamp is a tool to get you on top of your tasks when working remotely. The extra touch comes in when they give you a glimpse of the “before” and “after” of using Basecamp.

Overall, this is an indigenous way of informing you of the benefits so you can relate better. The yellow call-to-action button is bold and certainly helps with conversions.

12. KIND Snacks

KIND Snacks uses corporate colors effectively

KIND Snacks cleverly plays on its corporate colors with perfectly harmonized colors in the background, text, and products. Albeit pleasant, the colors and images are bold enough to produce a lovely contrast. I like to bring your attention to the snacks image. 

They arranged the snacks in a simple line, yet the alignment showcases their products well.

You can't help but feel your mouth water. Also, the snacks image is well placed to the right, making them stand out more on the page; this, coupled with the “Shop Now” button, plays to those who are health-conscious and looking for snacks. 

13. Ahrefs

Ahrefs makes use of powerful taglines to impress

If you're into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you would know Ahrefs. Since its logo is in orange and white colors, they chose a blue background for better contrast. This combination of blue, white, and orange makes for an eye-catching homepage. 

The powerful tagline “Everything you need to rank higher & get more traffic” is self-explanatory.

The subtle star and mountain image cleverly portrays a reaching for the stars and increasing your ranking in search engines. Featuring the number of accounts created in the last seven days is their social proof that helps with conversions. 

Finally, the call-to-action button in orange creates urgency in the audience.

14. 4 Rivers Smokehouse

Video may weigh down home pages, so be cautious in how you deploy them

Hungry; this describes me when I land on 4 Rivers Smokehouse. They chose to incorporate a video as their centerpiece, which gave me a perfect idea of what they do and serve. I love the tagline “Family owned, locally made, community-focused,” as it paints a picture of a wholesome meal for any family.  

The arrangement of menu items at the top is well-placed with the menu as the first. Well, that would be the first place I'll visit. The call-to-action buttons stand out amidst a darker background, urging me to place an order. Also, they tell me that I can even get them to do catering for me – woohoo.

15. Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain
Clean design for a clean company

The first impression on Green Mountain Energy's website is one word – clean. Yes, the graphics may be simple, but the blend of natural colors and the vast landscape portrays cleanliness and freshness. Green Mountain Energy leaves no doubts about the company's core business – renewable energy.

The tagline may seem ordinary but capitalizing on the word “Power” certainly makes a subtle yet substantial impact; it calls out to me to embrace the power to make a difference. The two call-to-action buttons at the center with contrasting colors give a clear impression that one is for residential customers and the other for business owners.

16. Laura Worthington Design

Laura Worthington
Chic and artistic homepage design from a designer

Laura Worthington Design reflects a rather chic homepage. Unlike most others, the homepage emphasizes an artistic typeface showcased in the letterings. These are tell-tale signs that Laura is selling font designs. The approach when designing the fonts seems more feminine and not over the top. 

The uncluttered graphics and the elements on the homepage blend well with the white-colored text, which makes the text stand out more; this should be the case, seeing what she sells.  

17. Skype

Skype's homepage utilizes excellent color blends

I love that Skype used a light gray as the background, which gives off a serene feel. The graphic is straightforward and synchronizes with the tagline “Great video calls with Skype.” Although many are familiar with Skype, any newbie would immediately grasp what Skype is all about. 

Communicating and collaborating are two excellent takeaways from the home page. The two call-to-action buttons call attention to either use Skype in your browser or install Skype on your device. The menu items are set apart, so there's no cluttered feel. 

Simple yet very effective.  

18. Bookouture

How else should a publisher showcase a homepage except via a catchy name?

Bookouture is a digital publisher for authors who wish to publish their books. The homepage sports a fairly minimal design. The clever contrast between the red and white colors guides you to rest on the text explaining what Bookouture does. The laptop image to the left gives you an idea of the cover art which you can browse to explore more.

The 3D effect from the call-to-action green button with the white text certainly creates an encouraging effect to take action. A subtle “Submit Here” at the top right corner is cleverly placed as it calls out to you (not so subtle anymore) to submit your writings. 

All in all, Bookouture is a simple yet effectively designed website.

19. FindLaw

Find Law
FindLaw balances the strictness of law with a software touch – people

FindLaw uses an image of people from diverse backgrounds as its centerpiece. Their purpose is to inform people that their services cater to everyone. The tagline is straightforward and leaves no doubts about what they do; find a lawyer. Perusing the menu items at the top, you'll realize that FindLaw also educates people about the law.

The primary call-to-action button at the center of the image prompts you to find a lawyer. Inputting the reason under “My legal issue” helps them narrow down the experts in the field that can help you. FindLaw is a very well-thought-out homepage design.  

20. Uber

I'm not an Uber fan but they have a decent home page design

I would say that Uber took a very personal approach to its homepage design. Using an image of the driver taken from the backseat certainly paints the picture of a person driving you someplace. Or it could be deemed as you become a driver for a living. The image sums up what Uber is all about.

The homepage is not cluttered yet is impactful in delivering its message to you. They want you to sign up as a driver and get paid, or they want you to order rides with them. The call-to-action buttons in the white box use black text to give that needed contrast to encourage people to take action. 

Build Your Creative Website Homepage

There you go! The above 20 creative website homepage design examples should cover a diverse range of businesses that will help kick-start your website's homepage. Take note of each example's winning points and leverage them for your benefit. Good luck!

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