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20 Creative Website About Page Design Examples & Ideas

Regardless of the industry, the About page is one of the first pages you'll design. After all, it is THE page that a user visits when learning more about your business. The About page has essential information about who you are and why you do this business. Although some may disregard this About page, you should never do the same. 

Instead, make your About page well-crafted and stand out so that no one will disregard it. You seldom get a second chance to make a good impression. Since the About page is your introduction to the world, you must ensure that its design, content, and all visuals harmonize to convey an intriguing story about you and your business. The purpose is to convince your audience to trust you. 

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What Makes a Creative and Effective About Page

An effective About page helps increase conversions by connecting better with your visitors. Hence, it should be sales-driven and address your visitors' questions. 

No simple and sure-fire-winning recipe works for all. However, several key elements can help:

  • Mission – convey the goals of your business; your visitors want to know if they share similar core values with you. 
  • Your Story (Background) – conveys the origins of your business; sometimes, it is the history of where it all began and the challenges that engage the users more.
  • Your Products/Services (Benefits) – give a summary of your offerings to help your users understand the link between what you do with your brand values; highlight the benefits and what they can do for the users.
  • Your Social Proof – showing customer reviews, customer references, case studies, and more establishes your standing. 

Relevant Reads

With these in mind, you can craft a framework to build an engaging About page. Draw some inspiration from these 20 creative and effective About page designs:

1. Madebyband

Madebyband cleverly represented itself via simple visuals. 

The About page for Madebyband takes a different spin on things. Motivated by ‘picture speaks a thousand words, Madebyband communicated its brand's unique personality via simple individual images. Sporting a hand-crafted font against a chic background picture illustrates the experience awaiting its customers.

The white space highlights each picture perfectly, achieving a balance among the design, colors, and visuals. Scrolling down brings to their history with information on what drives them. Short yet powerful. A valuable Call-to-Action (CTA) button follows suit to contact them. 

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp highlights its strengths in all the correct balance.

Mailchimp's About page is power-packed with the necessary pre-sales punches by showcasing its commitment to small businesses. Starting with the founders' story, they reiterated their focus on small businesses, explaining the purpose of Mailchimp as the alternative to the pricey email software available for small business owners.  

The About page emphasizes Mailchimp's corporate citizenship, where they confirmed to have invested over $12 million to help small and medium-sized organizations get moving via Big Change Starts Small. You can sense the honesty and sincerity behind the colorful and well-crafted page. 

3. Purple, Rock, Scissors

purple rock scissors
Purple, Rock, Scissors perfectly balances the animations against static visuals.

A technological marvel indeed, Purple, Rock, Scissors' About page features intriguing animations throughout the page. Not too much or too little, striking the right balance between movements and static visuals. The color palette is simple yet contrasts. Visuals are creative and attention-grabber. 

Their values are put forward in a concise yet impactful manner. You can't help but draw in. What they do is artistically presented with simple words. The About page's nifty animations exudes tell-tale signs of different ways to engage your audience using various techniques and tools. The ‘Start a conversation' CTA button is efficiently placed at the bottom, urging you into action.    

4. DoomTree

DoomTree features an innovative design. 

DoomTree’s About page is a chic and innovative way to inform the audience about who they are. Featuring an outstanding photo of the whole crew, it tells you that these friends came together not as a band but as a group to create music for this record label. Photos of each crew member are artistically highlighted and informative. 

CTAs are in the right places, and the color scheme depicts a professional spin on business. DoomTree’s About page uses audio and visuals cleverly, urging you to explore further.  

5. Moz

Moz engages users with their highly-visualized timeline.

Moz decided to design their About page, centering on a vibrant time machine theme. Moz illustrates its rich history through a timeline, showcased via simple geometrically placed snippets. The milestones are neatly apart, segregated by clear headings, short explanations, and simple graphics that are easy on the eyes.

The fact that they modestly attributed their success to the funding proves Moz's humility and honesty which resonates with most people. The flow ends with where they intend to go in the future; this is seamless, which makes for an easily digestible consumption. 

6. Big Cartel

big cartel
Big Cartel displays diverse personalities in their candid employee photos.

Big Cartel's About page is enough to summarize that this company is about helping you sell online. Big Cartel provides an online platform to build and manage your online store. ‘For artists, by artists is a catchy tagline. You immediately know that Big Cartel is all about you and your products. 

The inclusion of a video helps for a better explanation. I especially liked the candid employee photos displayed as you scroll down, which makes for a refreshingly different approach to the About page; they aren't staged ID-badge types but unique and personal, which increases engagement. 

7. Anton & Irene

anton and irene
Anton & Irene takes the parallax scrolling effect to the next level.

Perhaps, the most distinctive I have seen so far is this Anton & Irene About page. Hovering your mouse over the two humans brings about different poses that delight. Being a design agency, their use of clever and unique animations, although simple, is powerful. As you scroll downward, you see the humans move apart with relevant information showcased; this includes the projects they have done. 

Finally, you see an image of them fencing against a snowy backdrop. It does not mean that Anton and Irene are at each other's necks, but rather more like challenging each other to greater heights. Amidst bold colors that contrast beautifully with quirky visuals, Anton & Irene has raised the bar. 


NOWNESS adopts a more horizontal approach design.

NOWNESS chose a black-and-white approach to its About page design, depicting a rather somber and professional tone. Since they are all about global arts and culture, the page starts with a video taking the centerpiece. Instead of making you scroll down, they provide a more horizontal approach where you maneuver through the tabs for the relevant information, which is refreshing. 

Dedicating a tab to their awards, NOWNESS proves its powerhouse standing in the market. Simple yet comprehensive enough to showcase their curatorial expertise through their video-centric aesthetics, the About page is well-designed with a visible ‘Become A Member' CTA button. 

9. Gummisig

Gummisig visibly showcases commitment and passion for design. 

I find Gummisig's About page one of its kind. The large text with segregated sections to highlight points is impactful. He starts off his portfolio by speaking in the third person. Then he changes and talks about his background, principles, and values. While he mentions his clients confidently, he does so in a non-boastful manner which is praiseworthy. 

He uses natural colors through the oil-painting background against a gray palette that depicts serenity, a very clever play of colors. The About page shows his passion for design, free-spirited demeanor, in-depth commitment, and also that he is approachable. 

10. Couro Azul

couro azul
Couro Azul gives a posh design with fascinating visual delights.

As you navigate Couro Azul's About page, you cannot help but be in awe. The first glimpse is enough to draw you in, hungry for more. The simple animation at the start of the About page gives you a very posh and elegant feel and tells you that the family-run company has history dating years back in time.

As you scroll down, you begin to understand what they do. The origins, history, values, and commitment are clearly displayed, and I find the whole experience fascinating. The certificate for ecologic distinction proves that they are serious about their business and speaks volumes of their values. On the whole, a visual delight indeed with an engaging design. 

11. Wix

Wix represents itself stylishly in its professionally designed About page.

Wix's About page is admirable in the white space usage. The content is placed centrally, with lots of white space to highlight the text. While this balances the visual and context beautifully, it also creates a professional look and feel. Wix's timeline is shown on a horizontal line making it easy to read and consume. 

The About page is designed stylishly with clean and light visuals, with sleek typesetting that reflects Wix as the preferred website builder tool. 

12. EB Pearls

eb pearls
EB Pearls manages a comprehensive About page elegantly.

EB Pearls About page is the role model for a comprehensive and well-crafted About page. While the overall design is not uncommon, the way they have utilized a neat typeface against a clean and pastel color palette is noteworthy. EB Pearls introduces itself straightforwardly and concisely with a visible CTA button.

You will know their clientele and achievements as you scroll down. They then take you on a journey to get to know them and share their beliefs and principles. The usage of white space and light-colored visuals create an elegant and soothing effect. Very well done.

13. Magic Spoon

magic spoon
Magic Spoon excels in the visible and easy-to-understand comparison chart.

At first glance, Magic Spoon's About page earned a grin from me. I especially liked that they started their About page with a relatable question – ‘Remember the carefree days of childhood, when you didn't feel guilty about eating mountains of cereal with questionable nutrition?' Anyone will know that Magic Spoon is all about healthy cereals. 

Tugging at the heartstrings of many, Magic Spoon cleverly included a comparison chart against well-known brands; this chart is clear and easy to read without wrecking the brain. Also, the fun and bright colors create a more memorable experience for the audience. Kudos to them! 

14. Marie Forleo

marie forleo
Marie Forleo uses a long-form letter on her About page. 

What struck me the most is that Marie Forleo starts her About page in a letter to the audience. She introduces herself and tells her story interestingly. There is enough white space to make it easy on the eyes, and she breaks up the text with images. 

Then, she uses relevant images as her social proof. As you scroll down, reading her autobiography, you'd be delighted upon reading the ‘Which brings me to you'; this is an apt way to bring the focus back to the reader. After all, it is all about the audience, isn't it?

15. Giphy

Giphy brings animations to the next level on their About page.

Giphy's About page is all about animation. After all, animations are what they do. At the start of the About page, you will find a brief introduction about Gilphy followed by a super cute yet powerful augmented reality-like GIF that seems to take you on a journey down the page, very cleverly designed.

As you scroll down, you will see various animated illustrations that are energetic and creative; this showcases their expertise. Giphy cleverly narrates the spin of their story via these varied animated effects.

16. 500px

500px takes on an unusual approach yet maintains professionalism. 

500px is for photographers. So, it is no surprise that the About page has many stunning images. When you land on the About page, a quality image shows a dog looking at you questioningly. It is as if the dog is asking how it can help you (drew a smile on my face). Humorous and quirky would sum up the page. 

The text is kept to a minimum yet sufficiently conveys the key points. You will notice that the broken-up text makes for easy reading. Highlighting what makes them different is crucial to draw the audience's attention to their winning points which is a smart move.

17. Lovebug Probiotics

lovebug probiotics
LoveBug Probiotics uses powerful taglines to increase engagement. 

The tagline ‘Probiotics for the Whole family’ sums up everything about LoveBug Probiotics. Seeing an adorable image of children of different ages with a cute baby looking back is enough to tug at your heartstrings to explore more about this company. You build a good first impression, especially when you read that a mom started the business (a mom always has their children's best interests at heart). 

The blue and white color palette gives off a more healthcare look. Each element on the page is there for a good reason. At the bottom, detailed FAQs help when you have lingering questions. The relevant CTAs urge you to explore their products.

18. Chattanooga Renaissance Fund

Chattanooga Renaissance
Chattanooga Renaissance sports a more traditional yet impactful design. 

Chattanooga Renaissance takes a more traditional approach on its About Us page. Having introduced themselves, they capture the audience’s attention by explaining their purpose and mentioning the household brand names already on board; this automatically encourages the readers to find out what prompted these big names to sign up.

The beautifully captured image of the Chattanooga area targets to grab the readers’ attention. There is a cleverly designed portfolio of the team where you click the thumbnails to read about each of them. Last but not least, they end with how they can help you, which is smart. Refocusing back to the audience is the best way to maintain the readers’ attention to stay and explore further. 

19. LeadG2

LeadG2 effectively uses CTAs in the right places.

LeadG2’s About page is simple and straight on target. They start with a brief introduction and dive into what sets them apart from the competition. Both CTA buttons are visible and placed at the center for stronger emphasis. Scrolling down will take you on a journey to getting to know their team. While some may find the purplish background of low quality, this is all relative.

Sharing their culture and certifications is a wise move to connect better with the audience. There is enough white space, and the well-balanced colors create that needed balance to highlight the key points. Hovering your mouse over the CTAs creates a ‘moving out' effect that urges you to click them.

20. Marion

Marion engages with the perfect balance of all the essentials.

Marion's About page plays with colors smartly, producing an impactful yet easy-on-the-eyes effect. Using text against a high-quality background image is perfect to start the introduction. They then transition to a white background for a more forceful yet pleasing contrast.

Marion decides to focus on their awards first to help keep your attention longer. Then, they showcase their expertise and unique selling points to keep your interest piqued. At the bottom, they have included a contact form to urge you to take that next desired step. 

Build Your Creative About Page

Remember, your About page establishes your first intimate bond with your prospects. Hence, check out the above 20 creative websites About page designs to help draw out your creative and artistic nature when designing yours. 

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