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Videvo: Power up With Royalty Free B-Roll and Music

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One of the biggest headaches for content producers is getting enough supplemental material to make their creations stand out. It takes time, money, and effort to build a library of “extras.” That isn't a luxury many creators can afford.

Many sites sell this kind of content, but the prices will generally make your eyes water. Still, with the content creation space booming, you can't afford to ignore any help that can push you ahead of the next Joe.

That's where Videvo steps in to save the day. 

What, Exactly, is Videvo?

Videvo offers royalty free music to download.
Videvo offers royalty free music to download.

Emerging in 2012 and headquartered in Oxfordshire, the UK, Videvo came about with a mission to become the largest provider of free video, motion graphics, and music clips. That's right, folks; free (gratis, libre, gratuito). These guys understood the challenges folks in the industry face.

It isn't just the “fun” stuff either; the challenge of finding supplementary content applies way beyond YouTube and Vimeo. Consider those in education, legal, banking, or any other sector. Dealing with copyright is a massive headache, even for lawyers.

Videvo originally started as a free stock footage service. They have then included sound effects and music tracks into the pretty nifty mix. Videvo also offers Premium subscription plans holding a collection of over 500,000 premium stock assets; now that's a whopping figure; this includes royalty-free music, all at your fingertips!

Videvo strategizes to provide more for you at budget prices, as evident in their affordable premium plans, with safe and responsibly-sourced content, and in 1080p HD minimum resolution (most of their content is in 4K but is available only for Premium subscribers).

By The Way, What is B-roll?

You can search for the suitable B-roll stock video footage for your project.
You can search for the suitable B-roll stock video footage for your project.

When you shoot a show, for example, a documentary, that is the A-roll. The A-roll gives you the main footage that tells the story; it is the core part of the video and audio with the narrative. Along with this ‘storytelling’ (A-roll), B-roll comes into the picture to supplement the show. 

The B-roll is the extra footage that builds the environment and makes the story more interesting; this is essential in any video production. You would not want to sit on your couch for two hours watching a talking head straight; one word – boring. The B-roll steps in to help move the show along by piquing your interest. 

Although you can capture the B-roll, it is not practical to do so at all times. Hence, this explains the importance of stock footage sites, which can cost you a bomb. So, where can you source your footage for free online? Simple, Videvo. 

Videvo Key Features

1. Creative Assets for Free

Videvo offers a user-friendly user dashboard to manage your collections.
Videvo offers a user-friendly user dashboard to manage your collections.

There are over 50,000 free stock video clips, motion graphics, animated backgrounds, and hundreds of free sound effects. Did you perk up in disbelief? Well, no kidding! You can find about anything you need to help with filmmaking at Videvo for free.

Signing up for a free Videvo account is necessary to download as many free assets as possible. Use the free content confidently, as some are in-house, and some come from trusted providers. These free content come with various safe-to-use licenses.

You can find the free stock content by searching the Videvo site and selecting ‘Only free clips' from the filters at the top.

2. Hassle-Free Licensing

Videvo Premium COntent
Each footage comes with a clear description of its licensing and usage.

All Videvo's free video clips are licensed under their Videvo Attribution License or Creative Commons 3.0. Hence, you can use the content widely, even for commercial purposes. However, the Videvo Attribution License requires you to attribute it to the original author of the clip. 

Similar to Videvo Attribution License, Creative Commons 3.0 requires you to attribute to the original author in all productions. You also need to ensure no identifiable persons, brands, or private property appear in the clip unless with prior permission.

Once you subscribe to their Premium plans, you will be under Royalty-free licensing, which applies to free and premium content. You no longer have to worry about giving attribution to the original author. Also, you can use the same clip without paying for that clip again and edit the content anyhow you want. 

However, the clip does not fully belong to you, and the copyright stays with the author. Clips that carry the mark ‘Editorial Only' cannot be used commercially. As such, pay attention to the section below the download button that states the license and any usage restrictions details.

3. New Clips Added Daily

Rest easy, as Videvo does not get complacent and rests on its laurels. They do not wait around while waiting for content to pop out of the air. Their dedicated team of in-house producers relentlessly sources varied content from across the globe. Videvo aims to provide a diverse content selection to help your projects continuously. They welcome content contributions too. 

Hence, their library of over half a million stock media clips is expanding fast and never stops. New video clips, sound effects, and music tracks are added daily. In a nutshell, you won't go wrong with Videvo. 

4. Video Editing Templates

There are a lots of motion graphics templates and animations you can use.
There are a lots of motion graphics templates and animations you can use.

Videvo's high-quality motion graphics templates and animations are easy to customize which cover logo animations, any promo content, titles, animated text, transitions, and more:

  • After Effects Template – customizable motion graphics and animation templates (Adobe After Effects).
  • Premiere Pro Templates – video editing templates and presets for Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Da Vinci Resolve Templates
  • Final Cut Pro Templates
  • Motion Graphics Templates

5. Easy to Use

Videvo search
Videvo makes it simple when searching for what you need.

Using Videvo is easy as pie. The service defines simplicity; this is apparent in its search function. Search, browse through, and filter accordingly. Many filter options help narrow down your searches. Also, Videvo has made an advanced search functionality that will cater to more customized searches.

Once you find what you need, you can check the asset's details. They are clear and visible. You will also find their Help section comprehensive and helpful.

Get More With Premium Plans

Videvo plans and pricing
Videvo plans and pricing

While the free stock assets are satisfactory and perfect to help newbies get started, you may need more after chugging along for a while; this is where Videvo's Premium plans come into the picture. Their Premium plans give you access to a selection of Premium content (over 500,000 premium stock assets!). 

You can identify the Premium content via the tag ‘Premium' over the video/audio thumbnail. The download button displayed becomes ‘Premium Download.' You must log in as a valid Premium subscriber to download Premium clips. 

Is Videvo Premium Plan Any Good?

All premium content is licensed under the Royalty-free license and is at HD and up quality, including 4K. The premium audio clips are in .wav format. You can cancel your subscription anytime, and your account automatically goes Free. You can use any content you downloaded during your subscription after canceling because the license of the content at the point of download still applies.

Videvo Lite ($7.99/month)

This plan is only for monthly billing (no annual billing option available). You have access to only Premium videos restricted to five downloads a month. However, the good news is that there are no ads, and you enjoy a money-back guarantee. Videvo Lite is best for those wanting to dip their feet in the paddling pool. 

Videvo Plus ($14.99/month)

Since Videvo Plus is available for annual billing, you can enjoy it at a discounted rate of $12.00/month. Hence, you are entitled to unlimited downloads. However, if you choose monthly billing, you are given 25 downloads monthly. This plan affords you both videos and templates. Again, you enjoy a money-back guarantee and no ads. Consider Videvo Plus if you require their templates.

Videvo Pro ($24.99/month)

Videvo's highest-tiered plan, Videvo Pro, is also available for annual billing. You pay cheaper at $20.00/month and enjoy unlimited downloads. If not, you will have only 50 downloads a month. The good news is that you can access videos, templates, music, and sound effects (now, we're talking). Also, no ads, and you enjoy their money-back guarantee.

Is Videvo for You?

With an ever-expanding library of stock footage and audio content (available in English, Spanish, and German), you will find Videvo a top-notch choice for anyone needing free audiovisual material for their projects. Content creators will find the pool of free content more than sufficient to make quality videos. 

Their premium plans are flexible and affordable, suitable for those who do not wish to dig deep into their pockets for more quality content. Startups and small businesses can afford to create quality videos with minimal investment. You can upgrade, downgrade, and cancel anytime; the ball is in your hands.

Videovo's safe-to-use licenses protect you and rest assured to use the downloaded content even though you have opted out of the subscription. All of Videvo's content is sourced responsibly, which is evident in their Safe Share Commitment.

Sporting more than 1.3 million monthly downloads with over 650,000 members, it is no wonder Videvo is the go-to place whenever you need extra footage. Hence, check out Videvo. You won't be disappointed.

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