Hostinger Review

Hostinger Review
Plan in review: Premium Web Hosting
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Review Last Updated: January 30, 2018
Hostinger has a strong worldwide localized office. You can start to host your website with a free hosting. Hostinger has what it takes from a beginner risk-free option to advance VPS cloud infrastructure. Hostinger is definitively the place to kick start your online presence. Especially for those who prefer localized service.

Note: This is a paid-review listing. We get paid to test and review Hostinger web hosting services.

Hostinger was bootstrapped in 2004. Back then, it was a personal company named “Hosting Media” located in Kaunas, Lithuania. The company is 13 years in business and having average 15K new websites installed on average.

About Hostinger

When the company first started, the team launched –  one of the most popular free web hosting services in the market.

It only took 6 years for Hostinger to achieve 1 million of users milestone from the day it started.

On January 2017, Hostinger Web Hosting has achieved 29 million of users with average 20,000 new user signups daily worldwide. Now, the company has 39 localized services around the world.

Hostinger Worldwide office
Hostinger Worldwide Office

If you are curious what makes Hostinger different from others, here’s the reply I got from Sarune Saulyte,

Giving the opportunity for people to learn led Hostinger to become an industry’s price leader with a strong community of more than 29 million happy clients all over the world who choose to continue their journey with Hostinger and unlock all the unlimited web hosting features for the BEST price & quality balance.

Starting from $2.15/month webmasters can experience powerful SSD based shared web hosting services & for more demanding ones – only $4.95/month to take absolutely full control over their personal cloud VPS servers.

Sarune, a representative from Hostinger, also provided me with a testing account to use for a period of time in order to get a feel for Hostinger’s offerings.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plans

Hostinger offers 3 types of hosting plans. You can get shared hosting plans, VPS plans or a free hosting plan.

All of these hosting plans are hosted using Intel Xeon processors and SSD drives for fastest performance. You can jump start by building your website using the website builder tools. Regardless of the plan that you chose, Hostinger offers instant 24×7 Live support.

Let’s take a closer look at the 3 major hosting plans.

Shared Web Hosting

Hostinger offers 3 shared hosting plans for you to choose, Single Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting. All shared hosting plans are protected by 30-Day Free trial. So, you can enjoy their full service with no risk

All premium & business web hosting plans come with unlimited SSD disk space and bandwidth. You can have unlimited of MYSQL Database, FTP users, and email accounts. Both plans are optimized with faster WordPress speed. There are 90+ of auto installer scripts for you to choose.

For Business hosting, you can enjoy even better-hosting resources and services. The deluxe live customer support, 5x enhanced processing power & memory and daily data backups only offer to business hosting customers. You can also get Free SSL certificate to protect your customer data and increase SEO rankings.

Hostinger guarantees 99.9% uptime for all premium and business web hosting plans. If you are not happy with their service, you can get the instant refund from Hostinger. No questions asked.

Shared Hosting Features Single Premium Business
Number of Websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space (SSD) 10 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Database 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Email Accounts 1 Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Users 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Website Builder Yes Yes Yes
WordPress Optimized Standard 3x Speed 5x Speed
Free Domain Reg No Yes Yes
Domain Parking No Unlimited Unlimited
Data Backups Weekly Weekly Daily
24/7 Support Normal Normal Priority
Processing and Memory Standard Standard 2x Faster
Private SSL No  No Free
Money Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days 30 days
Uptime Guarantee 99% 99.9% 99.9%


VPS Hosting

There are 6 VPS plans by Hostinger, VPS Server Plan 1 to VPS Sever Plan 6. You can start to host your website with dedicated server space, full SSH root, cloud infrastructure and scalability resources starting with $4.95/mo.

If you are looking for better web hosting, Hostinger Cloud VPS offers you blazing speed up to 30x faster than normal shared hosting services.

Besides, all Cloud VPS plans come with 100 MB/s Network, IPv6 Support, and SSD drives. You can get up to 14.4CPUs, 8 GB Ram, 160GB disk space and 6000GB bandwidth.  It has dedicated in-house Live Chat supports ready to help 24/7/365 when you are facing problems, even for unmanaged VPS.

Hostinger is having top-level enterprise data backups that you can easily backup and restore all your folders, files and databases with a few simple clicks. With 100% no downtime policy hosting technology, you can make sure your website is always available to visitors.

Hostinger VPS have a true cloud-based infrastructure which guarantees your website will be available to visitors without any interruptions. There are having 99.9% up time. In addition, customers are also protected by 100% no-risk guarantee within the 30-Day trial.

VPS Hosting Features Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4 Plan 5 Plan 6
RAM (Guaranteed) 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB
Burst RAM 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB 12 GB 16 GB
CPU Power (CPUs) 2.4 4.8 7.2 9.6 12 14.4
Disk Space (SSD) 20 GB 40 GB 60 GB 80 GB 120 GB 160 GB
Bandwidth 1000 GB 2000 GB 3000 GB 4000 GB 5000 GB 6000 GB
Dedicated IP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Root Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Free Web Hosting

Yes, that’s right. Hostinger offers everyone a free web hosting services. Anyone can start their website for free with Hostinger now.

For a free account, you will get 2000MB disk space and 100GB bandwidth. The resource is more than enough for a personal website. However, you can always upgrade to premium or business hosting anytime you prefer.

Although it’s a free account, your website is hosted on their dedicated servers with Intel Xeon processors, 24GB Ram and SSD drives. You are also connected to 1000Mb/s fast network.

Hostinger  Free Web Hosting plan has everything you need from instant WordPress installations, website builder, CMS applications to a user-friendly control panel with no ads or banners. You can even have 5 addon domains!

For how long can I host my website with Hostinger Free Hosting? You can host for as long as you want. Forever!

Response from Hostinger 

Sarune has given us additional feedback on their web hosting plans,

Lowest price for the highest quality! Free domain, free SSL security certificate, unlimited disk space & bandwidth, unlimited number of websites and Easy Website Builder – all of these features are complemented by a huge base of tech tutorials & dedicated, professionally awesome 24/7/365 Customer Success team’s assistance. And that’s only the beginning of the list of features that Hostinger has to offer.

Highpoints – What I Like About Hostinger

Free Web Hosting is a free hosting service powered by Hostinger.

You can now start a website with zero cost with no ads and no hidden costs. It comes with popular features such as one-click website installer, free website builder, cPanel and 99% uptime guarantee.

What more you can expect from a free web hosting?

Offshore Hosting

Hostinger is one of the few companies that offer offshore hosting. They have servers in multiple data centers worldwide. So, you could request to transfer your account to some other data center if needed.

Worldwide Localized Office

There are over 39 localized offices worldwide. You can have better-localized experience when communicating with Hostinger.

Response from Hostinger, 

Hostinger team is built on the same values as it shares with its users – learn, build and grow. That’s how we successfully gathered a great team of 150+ diverse people spread out across 39 countries all over the world, united by the passion for technologies who simply couldn’t and still can’t say no to learning!

I’m sure this could be the better way to serve customers.

Website Builder

Hostinger website builder offers you tons of well-designed templates. You will get a free collection of designer templates that suits your website needs. These templates are well optimized for SEO, mobile-responsive experience and up-to-date trends.

Hostinger Website Builder
Hostinger Customer Dashboard

Important To Know

Dedicated IP

Under normal course of business, it may be necessary for Hostinger to migrate their services. If you are having a dedicated IP, Hostinger may assign you a different IP address. This is something you need to take into consideration.

Storage and Plans Limits

All hosting plans are limited to no more than,

  • 250,000 inodes per account
  • 1,000 tables per database
  • 1GB per database
  • 25% of one CPU core
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 100 website connections

If your account has exceeded the limitations, your website may slow down or not be served. You can choose to add more resource or upgrade to a VPS plan.

Domain Name Expiry

If your account is not set to auto renew, there’s a possibility you will lose your domain name. Hostinger will send you 2 renewal emails prior to the expiration date. However, if you fail to renew, here’s something you need to take note before being released to the general public:

A registrant may renew an expired domain name at no extra cost until the domain is in Renewal Grace Period. Afterward, the original registrant can attempt to redeem the domain up until day 67 with the $53 redemption fee.

— Quoted from Hostinger Legal Document

Hostinger Server Uptime Record

We started tracking Hostinger in May. Test site hosted at Hostinger has been up for the last 637+ hours at this point of writing. Besides the one hour scheduled maintenance in June 1st, the server has not gone down.


Hostinger has a strong team around the world to give you excellent localized support. It offers beginner a risk-free option to start your website. With scalability to upgrade to premium services or VPS plans, Hostinger is definitively the place for your online presence.

In addition, Hostinger does prepare a handful of tutorials and blog posts. You can always refer to it when you need to learn more. Otherwise, get help from the Live Chat support!

Hostinger has what it takes to encourage beginners to take their first step to build a successful website,

Hostinger goal is to encourage people all over the globe to learn, build and grow. That’s why we empower our users to take full control from the very first steps of their website development process and provide them the most featured web hosting with the industry’s best price. For absolute beginners, Hostinger developed world’s FIRST & the biggest cloud-based free web hosting platform –

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