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Background: MDDHosting isn’t a brand that most would recognize. Based in Indiana, the company doesn’t go as far back as some industry giants. Yet over a decade in web hosting means that it indeed has some tricks up its sleeves. This relatively quiet host offers products that are 100% Cloud-based. While that drives costs up significantly, it’s also an opportunity to get low-cost Cloud hosting in the form of its shared hosting plans.

Starting Price: $6.99/mo

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At first glance, MDDHosting can be challenging for the layman to decipher. Most people know about shared hosting, VPS, and maybe even Cloud. However, MDDHosting offers shared Cloud hosting services and Cloud-based VPS, leaving the average buyer to go “huh?”

Pros: What I Like About MDDHosting

MDDHosting seems relatively unique in the web hosting space. Few hosting providers offer pure Cloud infrastructure as the basis for all their hosting plans. It’s expensive but gives customers access to highly reliable products.

1. MDDHosting Makes the Cloud Affordable

Whether you need shared hosting or a VPS plan, MDDHosting has you covered. The biggest advantage of hosting here has to be the extra reliability that Cloud-based hosting offers customers. Due to high redundancy, these platforms are generally ultra-stable.

It’s rare for many web hosts to provide shared hosting plans based on Cloud as it drives prices up beyond what most beginners are willing to pay. However, MDDHosting manages reasonable rates on their shared hosting plans.

Shared Cloud plans here start at just $6.99/mo at the lowest end of the spectrum. That includes some impressive specifications that cheap shared hosting plans don’t match. For example, you get access to 2GB of RAM on the plan, where most shared hosting will start at 1GB.

There are many small differences, so pay attention to detail if you check out the shared Cloud here.

2. Great Support Via Multiple Channels

Not sure if the server is a problem? Check MDD’s server status page.
Not sure if the server is a problem? Check MDD’s server status page.

Fantastic service seems to be one of the hallmarks of MDDHosting, and you can see this reflected in their support channels. They offer help via a ticket system, live chat, a server status page, a knowledge base, and even a community forum.

The knowledge base covers various topics, from billing to technical areas. While it isn’t Wikipedia, there is sufficient information to serve as a starting point. The community forum isn’t a hotbed of activity, but there is some movement. You won’t hear crickets chirping there.

Finally, you can reach out to them directly via ticket or live chat if all else fails. The latter is more impressive as many hosting companies today reserve live chat for sales support only. They’ll know if you’re a customer since you need a support pin to use that channel for technical help.

3. Most Plans Get Daily Offsite Backups

Having an automated backup in place is great. It reduces the strain on new website owners since it’s one less thing about which to worry. What makes MDDHosting good here is that it goes the extra mile and keeps backups offsite.

Data centers aren't infallible, as we’ve learned recently. The OVH data center, for example, was gutted by a blaze in 2021. Instead of needing to create additional backups for download, you can likely rely on MDDHosting’s offsite backup system. Of course, nothing is perfect, and you should weigh your risk before taking my word for it.

The system here isn’t perfect, though. Their backup cycles are only for seven days. I’d recommend thinking of a means to extend that to 30 days if you’re able.

4. 100% Uptime Guarantee

MDDHosting offers a 100% uptime guarantee for its web hosting services. This feature ties in with their Cloud hosting platform and is safe for them since Cloud rarely goes down. However, you should note a pretty big caveat in their Terms of Service (TOS).

IF your website goes down, the downtime must exceed one hour for any kind of claim for a service outage. From experience, I seldom see web hosting plans crash for that long unless something goes seriously wrong.

Still, a successful claim will net you a 10x credit for the amount of downtime. If something goes badly wrong, you’ll make out like a bandit. In credit, of course. While not ideal, it does give MDDHosting lots of incentive to fix problems as rapidly as possible.

Note: This used to be their “1,000% uptime guarantee,” but I guess they decided it sounded strange.

5. SitePad Builder Available

SitePad offers many building blocks you can use to codelessly piece together a website.
SitePad offers many building blocks you can use to codelessly piece together a website.

For those who don’t want to run a platform, you can use the SitePad website builder at MDD Hosting. This addition is an excellent website builder that’s easy to use and highly newbie-friendly. You’re getting extra value from MDD Hosting since SitePad typically charges an annual fee.

There’s access to WordPress, Joomla, and more for the platform pros. You can install stuff manually or via Softaculous. I prefer the latter since the 1-click installation is handy. Be aware, though, that not all Softaculous scripts come standard. If you need something niche, check with MDD Hosting if it’s available via Softaculous.

6. MDDHosting Offers Pretty Decent Security Features

With MDD Hosting, you get the now-standard free SSL. Don't take this for granted since some hosts make installing it supremely complex (GoDaddy, I’m looking at you). In addition, MDD Hosting also uses Immunify360 for server security. That will help scan for malware and other kinds of nasties.

They also have optional email security with SpamExperts for only $2.99/mo per domain if you need more. Shared hosting users won’t likely need this, but I recommend it if you’re going for their Cloud VPS plans.

Cons: What I Doesn't Like About MDDHosting

So far, it’s been juice and gravy with MDD Hosting. That is until you read the fine print. None of this is apparent until you dig deeper into their TOS document. While many hosting companies have such “catches,” the ones you’ll find here are a lulu.

1. Unmetered Usage is Highly Limited

It’s not unusual to have a limit on unlimited plans. After all, the hosting company needs to protect itself from unscrupulous individuals. However, the TOS limitations are seriously overdone. I have never seen a web host limit users to using no more than 25% of provided resources (even if it’s for longer periods than 120 seconds).

Let’s put this into perspective. If you’re on a plan with 2GB of RAM, you can’t use more than 512MB of that RAM for periods longer than 120 seconds. Translated into real-world terms, the plan is limited to 512MB of RAM. Hence, the advertised resources are somewhat fake.

MDDHosting Plans and Pricing

MDD Hosting plans are decently priced taken in the context of Cloud Hosting (compare with standard market rates here). However, this thrill is somewhat tapered thanks to the severe limitations set out in their TOC. Yet having access to “boosted” resources is nonetheless good.

MDDHosting Cloud Shared Plans

The prices of MDD Hosting’s shared plans are a little high if compared to regular shared hosting plans. Yet things start to match you if you compare what’s available in each plan. Still, the option for ultra-cheap hosting isn’t available here.

Storage25 GB50 GB100 GB
Automated Daily BackupsYesYesYes

MDDHosting Cloud VPS Plans

Cloud VPS plans at MDD Hosting are quite impressive. Again, this is taken in context against other Cloud providers. Regular VPS services will be more competitive in the market. Many standard VPS features seem missing despite the high prices.

PlansVZ 2GVZ 4GVZ 6G
Storage100 GB200 GB300 GB
Bandwidth1 TB3 TB5 TB
Automated Daily BackupsYesYesYes
Root AccessYesYesYes
IP Addresses222
OrderVZ 2GVZ 4GVZ 6G

Alternatives to MDDHosting

Compare MDDHosting vs A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting doesn’t offer Cloud architecture on their VPS plans. However, the service is known for performance and stability, making Cloud somewhat moot. Because of this, the comparison with MDD Hosting makes prices and features contrast even more.

FeaturesMDD HostingA2 Hosting
Plan in ReviewVZ 2GLIFT 4
Storage100 GB150 GB
Bandwidth1 TB2 TB
Automated Daily BackupsYesYes
Root AccessYesYes
IP Addresses22
Order / Learn MoreVisitVisit

MDDHosting FAQs

Does MDDHosting Offer cPanel?

Yes, MDD Hosting shared and VPS plans run cPanel as their web hosting control panel. VPS users can get WHM that will come in handy for managing their servers. The inclusion is significant since cPanel licensing is expensive nowadays

Can I Check the Status of MDD Hosting Servers?

Yes, you can. MDD Hosting maintains a status page that allows you to monitor the availability of all their servers. While this can be easily replaced with an uptime monitor, the feature is a bonus extra in any case.

Is MDD Hosting Support Good?

MDD Hosting offers an excellent range of customer support channels. There are many ways to get help, the fastest of which is likely access to their knowledge base. Alternatively, use the live chat to speak to a support agent.

Final Thoughts: Is It Worth Paying for MDD Hosting?

So is it worth paying $6.99 per month for MDD Hosting? Unfortunately the answer is a (soft) “no”. While MDD Hosting looks good on paper the truth lies deep beneath the surface. It’s not an option I would pick if possible. That doesn’t mean it isn’t right for everyone, though. Their Cloud-based offerings can be very appealing in some use cases, especially if stability is your top concern.

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