GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks Review
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Review Last Updated: September 19, 2017
GreenGeeks is a truly, 300% green, certified by Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), eco-friendly web hosting company. The price $3.96/mo may not be the cheapest price you can get online, but it is definitely a good choice if you are looking for a zero carbon footprint hosting service. Read this review to find out more.

First off, some quick facts on GreenGeeks: The company was founded in 2006 by Trey Gardner, currently it is hosting more than 100,000 websites, it is the only web host that goes up to 300% eco-friendly (more about this later), and the Geeks is the official partner with and recommended Drupal Hosting by the book ‘Drupal For Dummies’.

About GreenGeeks CEO: Trey Gardner

greengeeks founder trey gardner

When I talk about GreenGeeks, Trey Gardner is an important name that I will never miss mentioning.

Trey has been around for more than 10 years and I have never known anyone myself with broader experience as he has in web hosting industry. More than a decade ago, he founded (and sold) iPowerWeb; he was one of the key-players in Lunarpages back in the company’s glory days; he has held a number of top positions in several large hosting companies including General Manager, Director of Marketing, Reseller Program Director, Sales Director and Quality Assurance Director; and he has built a reseller programs from scratch back in 2000s. I was also equally impressed by his friendliness and dedication to work when I did this interview some years ago.

What I wanted to point out is that GreenGeeks is founded and established by a group of experienced guys lead by one of the most famous web hosting CEO. These guys are here to stay in business, and their broad industry experience is definitely something valuable to the customers.

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 The Truth Behind 300% Green Hosting

How is 300% green possible?

Honestly, I was just as skeptical as you are now when I first heard about GreenGeeks’s Green Policy. I got extremely curious and sent tons of questions to both Trey and TJ Williams (another key person in GreenGeeks) before I made my purchase.

Eventually, the GreenGeeks guys explained everything in a long email and sent me a scan copy of a certification from Bonneville Environmental Foundation, showing that the company had just purchased 2.3 million MW of clean energy back into the grid at that time of writing. It got me convinced and got on-board.

How GreenGeeks is 300% green?

In case you are curious like me, this is how 300% green works: For every unit power consumed, GreenGeeks will purchase three times (hence, the figure 300%) of it, in wind-powered energy form, and send it back to the grid to offset the company’s carbon footprint.

greengeeks green certificate

Updates: GreenGeeks has also been recently inducted into the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power Partnership (see image above).

What’s Good About GreenGeeks?

Here’s what we like about GreenGeeks Hosting according to our usage experience.

The Best Green Hosting Service

Want the most eco-friendly web host? It has to be GreenGeeks! By introducing 300% green hosting, GreenGeeks is definitely setting new high in hosting industry standards.

Daily Backup Policy

One feature that you don’t normally see on a $4.95/mo hosting deal is daily site backup. Well, not the case with GreenGeeks – the company support Nightly Backups – this means your website data is backup daily. If something bad happens (hacks, server hardware failure, etc), rest assure that your data is in safe hands.

Affordable Pricing After Discount

It’s worth noting that GreenGeeks is relative cheap, especially when the company spent so much money in purchasing renewable energy. With my exclusive discount code, you’ll get $25 discount from your first hosting bill. This pull down GreenGeeks price to $4.25/mo for 36-month subscription and roughly $5.90/mo for 24- and 12-month subscription.

Room To Grow

There are three types of hosting offered at GreenGeeks – shared, reseller, and VPS hosting. In other words, server upgrade is an easy option when you host with GreenGeeks and you don’t have to worry about your websites outgrowing your host.

 Drawbacks – GreenGeeks Hosting

Customer Supports Need Improvement

If you search around long enough, you should be aware that there are quite some complaints on GreenGeeks customer support. Well, this is sort of the common problem for all budget web hosts. While GreenGeeks does state that their support staffs are all in-house staffs stationed in North Americans, it’s obvious that some of the guys need more training in solving customers’ problem instead of pissing them off.

Expensive Domain Fees on Refund Claims

Under GreenGeek’s 30 days full refund policy, you can ask for a refund on the first 30 days trial period. However, this refund policy does not include domain registration fees (of $24.95/domain) as well as other addon features cost (such as SSL, CDN cost, etc). While I think the policy is fair (as GreenGeeks actually pull out from their pocket to cover the domain registration), $24.95 is rather expensive. So my advice is not to take up their free domain (nor transfer in your existing domain to GreenGeeks) when you are signing up.

Quoted from GreenGeeks’ TOS

Domain Names transferred to our service incur an additional year of registration and therefore are considered a domain registration. Domain registration fees are $24.95/yr. Domain names of customers which leave our hosting service will be refunded the package price total less the domain registration fee if the customer leaves GreenGeeks hosting service within the 30 day money back guarantee.

Conclusion: Should You Go With GreenGeeks?

Okay, after all the facts and comparison info, you might ask: What do all these mean to you as a user?

Who should (or should not) host at GreenGeeks?

Well, for one, since there are some negative feedbacks on GreenGeeks customer support, if you are a newbie who always need hand-holding-spoon-feed support, then perhaps it’s not the best choice. If, however, you are confident that you can handle some basic hosting operations, and you want a good cheap eco-friendly hosting, then GreenGeeks is definitely your cup of tea.

The company’s eco-friendly policy is truly top of its class and I don’t see any other hosting company is doing better than 300% green. Note, again, that GreenGeeks is run by experienced management with more than 15 years of industry experience. Also, the founder has been around long enough to prove that it’s not some fly-by-night web host riding on the ‘green label’ trying to make some quick bucks. The company is here to stay, and you can trust GreenGeeks with your websites.

And, last but not least, it is a truly, 300% green, certified by Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), eco-friendly web hosting company.

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