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Compare Top 6 WordPress Contact Form Plugins

A website is, at its core, a medium of communication between brands and its audience. To make this communication more efficient, websites must have the functionality to give the audience a voice. If you’re running a WordPress site, you can attain two-way communication through the built-in commenting system and with the help of contact form plugins.

Below are six of the most popular plugins compared:

1. Contact Form 7


Without a doubt, Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular contact form plugins in the WordPress community. It is entirely free to use to as many websites as you like. Due to its popularity, countless other plugins are also created to improve the plugin’s functionality. For additional customizations, you can simply paste code snippets directly into the plugin.

Contact Form 7 can be integrated with any content using a shortcode. However, the lack of a modernized visual editor can make WordPress beginners a little intimidated. Still, it should be very easy to get especially with the help of the toolbar buttons. When it comes to the technical aspects of your form, just navigate to the other tabs and explore the settings.

[icon file-text-alt] Download and more info: wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/

2. JetFormBuilder


Crocoblock built a free WordPress form plugin called JetFormBuilder. No need for coding skills; you can simply create any forms you require: a contact form, a subscription form, an application form, a user profile, etc. 

The Free JetFormBuilder tool helps you to design the Gutenberg form visually with less effort. You get 18+ form fields blocks, multi-column layouts, free styling plugin. Additionally, this Gutenberg form plugin has excellent smart features: conditional logic, calculated content, dynamic values, and hidden fields.

JetFormBuilder free plugin has marketing and automatization addons as GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, and MailChimp. Plus, you can easily integrate PayPal payments. JetFormBuilder Pro version provides you with additional forms features, 10+ marketing & automatization addons that help create functional website forms.  

[icon file-text-alt] Download and more info: wordpress.org/plugins/jetformbuilder/

3. Ninja Forms


Ninja Forms is one of the best-rated contact form plugins, thanks to its beautiful visual interface. Despite being free, users are provided with excellent customer support along with frequent updates. You can also create forms using pre-made templates to make the entire process a breeze.

If you choose to create a custom form, you will be immediately presented with a range of options – from check boxes to pricing fields. After selecting the fields you need, you can arrange the layout of your form using the drag and drop editor to the left. You can also access advanced setting such as currencies, restrictions, and custom variable equations.

[icon file-text-alt] Download and more info: wordpress.org/plugins/ninja-forms/

4. WPForms


It may not be a free plugin, but WPForms has one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use form builders. Not only does it offer pre-made templates and a drag and drop interface, but it also allows you to leverage conditional logic, entry management, and other features that can help with lead generation.

Although it has everything you can ask for in a contact form plugin, it's not the ideal option for cash-strapped site owners. Granted, you can use the “lite” version with no restrictions, but you won’t have access to the features that made WPForms special in the first place. To make the most out of the plugin, your best bet is to wait until you start generating significant traffic.

[icon file-text-alt] Download and more info: wpforms.com/

5. Jetpack


Jetpack may not be a contact form plugin exclusively, but that’s the main reason why it is included in this list. Aside from its form-building module, it has a bunch of other features that will help improve your site in the long run – including but not limited to analytics, security tools, and customizable galleries.

The actual form builder itself is straightforward and easy-to-use. Within only a few clicks, you can add new fields in your form – be it a dropdown list, checkbox, or text area. It may not be as powerful or flexible as the previous ones mentioned in this list, but it is integrated within WordPress’ blog post editor, which means you get to enjoy seamless content development.

[icon file-text-alt] Download and more info: wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/

6. Gravity Forms


Finally, Gravity Forms is a premium contact form platform with advanced functions. It is regularly updated with new features and add-ons. With a little experience, it is flexible enough to help you create different interactions from surveys, online applications, and booking.

Gravity Forms may not be free, but you can use it on as many sites as you need once you purchase and download the plugin. Even if you are new to WordPress, choosing this plugin for your form-building needs is a feasible option especially if you are planning to create more sites in the future.

[icon file-text-alt] Download and more info: www.gravityforms.com/


To build a standout WordPress site, you need only the best tools and platforms that impact user experience. When it comes to contact forms, any of the plugins listed above will help establish a solid foundation for your website.

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