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Change is the only constant in our universe that doesn’t change. And In the world of web marketing, the changes come fast (and harsh, if you are not adapting quick enough). Looking back on 2012, it’s amazing how much has happened – From Google+ to Pinterest, and to Panda/Penguin updates, and to the acquisition of Instagram, there has been a whirlwind of movement.

For WHSR, this year was quite different from those in the recent past. Google’s Penguin Update hit us pretty hard and 2012 was the toughest year in the site’s history. I had to lay off all of my regular writers in order to keep the book balance and, I’m just glad that things are improving finally this month.

Major Events In Web Marketing 2012

I’ve put together a list of 30 important marketing moments in 2012 – some are my favorites, and some gave me the scariest nightmares in my life – and had Saquib (a freelance designer) to make this infographic.

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Now, let’s take a minute to celebrate these moments, and look forward to a better year in 2013!

Memorable Marketing Moments in 2012

Quick Highlights

In January Google released Search + Your World. The search giant also sent out over 700,000 ‘Unnatural Link Warning’ messages to webmasters via Google Webmaster Tools in January and February 2012

In February Microsoft released Bing Maps, a new joint map design by Microsoft and Nokia. Pinterest, named as the fastest stand-alone site ever to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark, hit 11 million unique visits per month according to ComScore. Google de-indexed several large link blog networks including SEO Link Monster, Authority Link Network, Linkvana, and Build My Ranks. BMR later announced an immediate shut down of business.

In March Facebook announced its own app store, App Center, to promote FB related mobile programs. Also, Timeline was finally integrated into all FB users’ profiles and fan pages after its first launch at late 2011.

In April Google officially announced and rolled out the Penguin Update (or, Webspam Update) on April 24th; Microsoft launched Bing Desktop on the same day.

In May Google first rolled out Knowledge Graph – yet another major tweak on its SERP interface. Facebookwent public at $38 a share, the company became the most valuable US company at time of IPO with $104 billion. SEO Moz, the web marketing software company, raised $18 million in Series B funding; the news became very popular among web marketers as the company pulled out the news in a hilarious Internet memes.

In June Bing rolled out a new three-column design for all United States users. Personal social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, are now integrated into Bing searches in US. Twitter and LinkedIn broke up, users can no longer automatically post tweets to LinkedIn.

In July Google top executive, Marissa Mayer, left Google and become Yahoo’s new CEO. The lady later announced that she is pregnant, this (probably) made her the first ever pregnant CEO of a fortune 500 tech company. Microsoft launched another Bing upgrades, FourSquare was integrated into Bing’s SERP on July 18th.

In August HootSuite acquired Seesmic from Twitter for an undisclosed amount. Bing announced the new Friends’ Photos feature – a new landing page where users can quickly browse relevant photos from their Facebook network. Google rolled out yet another update on its search algorithm – DMCA penalty.

In September Facebook hit the 1 billion mark on September 14, 12.45pm; the company also officially closed Instagram Acquisition at the price of $1 billion after months of paperwork. Google launched Exact-Match Domain (EMD) Update.

In October LinkedIn rolled out new design on its profile page, the company also claimed that it’s gaining 175,000 new user profiles daily. U.S. celebrity LadyGaga became the first person to hit 30 million Twitter followers; the lady remains as  the most followed Twitter Users at time of writing.

In November Barack Obama’s victory post, with over 4 millions likes at time of writing, was officiallyselected as the ‘Most Liked Post’ on Facebook.

In December Google launched Knowledge Graph for Spanish, French, German, Portugese, Japanese, Russian, and Italian searches. Facebook launched Poke – an iOS App for sending expiring texts, photos, and videos; the app sprung to the #1 spot in U.S. Apple App Store almost instantly. South Korean dance track, Gangnam Style, reached one billion views on YouTube. Wieden+Kennedy’s creation “Nike FootBall: My Time Is Now” was named as 2012 most popular U.S. ads on YouTube with almost 21 million views; Pepsi Max & Kyrie Irving’s “Uncle Drew” and Volkswagen’s “The Bark Side” named as second and third; both with over 17 million views.

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