ScalaHosting: Taking Reliability to a New Level

Updated: Jun 21, 2020 / Article by: Lori Soard

If there is one thing you want in a hosting company, it is reliability.

ScalaHosting has made a true commitment to ensuring their servers stay up and running. They run stress tests on every server 72 hours before putting it into production. This makes sure that the hardware is up to their high standards. They also make sure servers are powered with enough RAM, that they are using high-end CPUs and that their redundant storage is blazing fast.

ScalaHosting CEO: “I'm A Lucky Guy”

scala team building
ScalaHosting team building activities are quite unique.

Vince Robinson is the CEO of ScalaHosting. He shared, “I am a happy and lucky guy. Running a web hosting company is what I wanted to do since I was 14. It is always a pleasure for me to come to work every day.”

This attitude boils over into every aspect of running the business. He never goes a single day without at least logging into Scala's systems and checking to make sure everything is running smoothly. While his 16+ hour days that he put in when first starting the company 10 years ago have been reduced to a more normal schedule, he still puts in some late nights. “I will stay late at night looking into what we can do to make our services better and bring more happiness to our customers' web hosting experience.”

A Company Is Born

In 2017, ScalaHosting turns 10 years old. The company was started in August of 2007. “I still remember how the business was planned and how everything was ready for me to come from a summer vacation to publish the website and start driving visitors.”

As with most new startups, there were a number of things Vince had to take into consideration.

Should we start with our own servers collocated at a data center or should we start with dedicated servers first and then switch to our own servers? I decided to start with dedicated servers since that approach gave us more finances for marketing and advertising to bring the first customers on board and start growing.

The planning process to get the company up and running is one that Vince describes as “pretty complicated.” It took a number of months to get everything in order. “I wanted to make sure the technical part of the task was handled properly before I started looking for staff.”

Homepage of ScalaHosting.

scala hardwareChoosing a Data Center

Finding the data center took the most time – three to four months. Vince wanted to make sure the company where ScalaHosting servers would be located was reliable. He selected three different providers out of dozens and started monitoring them for a couple of months.

One thing he did was add multiple IP ranges for each and monitored those.

He then had conversations both via email and telephone with the companies. Finally, he decided to go with Softlayer. His reasoning was simple. There was no downtime during the time he had monitored the IPs.

Softlayer also provided the tools Vince needed to manage the servers completely on his own.

Why was this important?

The problem with dedicated servers 10 years ago was that if you had to ask for help the data center to perform a manual file system check due to a corrupt file system or another task that requires console access then there is a high chance for mistakes to happen or the task to be delayed significantly. Softlayer was the only provider at that time that had that stuff automated and we had 24/7 console access to all servers.

The next part of getting the company ready to go was finding great people he could rely on.

Finding the right staff was the key to ScalaHosting's successful start. Customer service is the focus for all staff members. It has been hard work to get ScalaHosting to where it is today and constant effort on the part of Vince and his staff. When the company first started, they only offered reseller hosting plans.

Today, they also provide shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, domain names, SSL certificates and SSD cloud hosting.

In 2016, they launched WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Prestashop hosting. They even provide email hosting for businesses that comes with corporate anti-spam protection services at no added charge.

“Routine challenges are related to going out and beyond and keeping customers happy.”

“The challenges I face with growing ScalaHosting are daily. Every day there is a new challenge. The routine challenges are related to going out and beyond and keeping customers happy. I am closely involved in the process of helping customers and keeping a close eye on the entire process and the communication of all staff members with our clients in order to keep the company headed in the right direction,” Vince said.

ScalaHosting Plans

scala hosting pricing

If you're looking for traditional hosting, ScalaHosting has several plans available with a significant discount when you pay for six months.

The Mini plan offers 10 GB of web space, while other plans offer unlimited space and additional features such as priority support and free SEO analysis.

ScalaHosting was among the first hosting providers to start a public SSD cloud hosting service. They try to stay ahead of trends. For example, a year ago, they added free SpamExperts anti-spam protection for all shared hosting customers and also provided SpamExperts to resellers, VPS, cloud and dedicated customers as an additional service.

Upgrading Ahead of the Curve

ScalaHosting recently upgraded from 1Gbps to 40Gbps for VPS servers. There are many advantages to this upgrade.

The difference between 1Gbps and 40Gbps SAN network is all about latency. 40Gbps allows the customer to get much more of their cloud server compared to the 1Gbps network. The 40Gbps network is much faster not because of the size of network pipe but due to how quickly each request gets processed. For example, performing 1 read request on a 1Gbps line will take 15ms, on 10Gbps will take 1ms and on 40Gbps will be even lower.

Basically, for the same price, ScalaHosting offers the customer a speed and performance increase.

Unique Features of ScalaHosting

“We have CloudFlare CDN integrated in cPanel so that any of our customers on shared or reseller hosting can activate it for their websites. The tool will automatically upload the static content of their websites to hundreds of servers all over the globe. That speeds up the website loading because the static content will be provided to the visitor from the nearest CDN server. Moreover, activating CloudFlare is useful for blocking many web attacks especially DDoS attacks.”

As Vince pointed out, ScalaHosting is unique because it has a solution for every hosting requirement.

You need shared hosting – ScalaHosting has it. You need reseller hosting – ScalaHosting has it. You need an SSD cloud service – we have it. You need a dedicated server – ScalaHosting has it. You need the best anti-spam protection – ScalaHosting has that too.

“We have the hosting solution for the small and the big customer. Most of our customers are small business owners, but we provide hosting services to some big customers including banks, an airline company, televisions and others.”

The reason for Scala's variety of customers lies in the fact that they provide the option for clients to get the solution they require. Bigger companies and some of the small companies require a response in less than 5 minutes. ScalaHosting provides that service to them for a small extra cost.

Vince added,

“I am not aware or at least I haven’t seen another hosting company offer  that feature. We get the job done when we talk about web hosting. The biggest issue nowadays is to find a quality service that is affordable. That is a fact in every industry not just web hosting. ScalaHosting provides quality web hosting solutions which are scalable and affordable.”

Reasons to Migrate to ScalaHosting

If you're considering moving your sites over to Scala, there is some good news for you.

ScalaHosting offers free migration assistance. They also offer “immediate activation.

This means you don't have to wait around for your account to be activated days after you sign up. Instead, your site will be ready immediately. ScalaHosting has a support team that can get you going right away and 24/7 live chat assistance.

scala start up

The company offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and servers with 32 GB RAM. Their commitment to customer service is the likely reason for rapid growth.

In November, 2016, ScalaHosting had a 300% increase in new customers. Unlike some hosting companies who go through growing pains, 95% of Scala's customers are still happy with their services.

The reason is likely that they get on the front end of hiring skilled staff members to meet the growing needs of the company. They also increased their staff by 40% in 2016.

With a focus on customer service and being prepared for growth, ScalaHosting is certain to remain successful.

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