WPWebHost Review

Reviewed by: Jason Chow .
  • Review Updated: Jul 09, 2021
Plan in review: WP Lite
Reviewed by: Jason Chow
Review Updated: July 09, 2021
WPWebHost is a WordPress managed hosting that comes with email hosting. Compared to others, they offer bigger server capacity - storage, monthly visits, etc with very affordable pricing - starts at $3/mo. It's suitable for beginners who need a WordPress optimized website.

WPWebHost is one of the leading web hosting companies in Southeast Asia. The hosting company has been in business since 2007 and it's a wholly owned subsidiary of the Exabytes group of companies.

WPWebHost labelled themselves as “WordPress Geeks” and provides customized environments for those using a WordPress website.

Which is why in this review, I'm going to take a closer look at WPWebHost and give you the definitive answer on whether they live up to the moniker of “WordPress Geeks”.

About WPWebHost

  • Headquarter: Penang Cybercity, Malaysia.
  • Established: 2007
  • Services: WordPress Managed Hosting



What's in this WPWebHost review

WPWebHost Plans & Pricing




Pros of WPWebHost

1- Reliable hosting

WPWebHost is a particular standout when it comes to uptime rates. During my early testing period (for the first 4 months), I managed to get a 100% uptime record with the dummy site that was set up.

Suffice to say, WPWebHost offers excellent performances when it comes to hosting.

WPWebHost uptime (August to September 2019): 99.96%

WPWebHost uptime
The test site hosted at WPWebHost was not 100% on 5th and 11th of September, 2019.

WPWebHost uptime (June 2019): 99.8%

The test site hosted at WPWebHost went down for 40 minutes on June 14th, 2019.

WPWebHost uptime(August 2018): 100%

The test site hosted at WPWebHost did not suffer any downtime during the testing period.


2- Optimized WordPress allows for high-speed performances

With WPWebHost, they give you the features that can help to optimize your WordPress performance. This is absolutely great for improving the speed of your website (and trust me, speed is important!).

I've listed out the important features that WPWebHost offers and in which plan it's included in:

  • SSD Storage
  • HTTP/2 & NGINX proxy
  • Support latest PHP 7.X
  • Built-in Memcached
  • Image and video CDN by JetPack
  • Provides auto-configuration for best WordPress performance


3- Awesome WordPress hosting features at an affordable price

When it comes to pricing, WPWebhost packs an affordable punch with their 4 main plans – WP Blogger, WP Lite, WP Plus, and WP Geek.

Not only are their plans affordable, but WPWebHost also offers a ton of similar features that other WordPress Managed hosting offers, at a lower price – starting at $3/mo!

Below are the features you can get:

  • SSD storage starts with a 10GB minimum
  • Web filtering to protect from spammy comment
  • Jetpack plugin included to supercharge your WordPress performance
  • Free SSL – Let's Encrypt will be auto installed to your site when you add a domain
  • Email Hosting (more on this later)
  • Unlimited CDN
  • Daily malware scanning
  • WordPress staging and GIT support available for WP Plus and WP Geek
  • Auto or scheduled backup available for WP Lite and above.
  • Real-time auto backup for WP Plus and above
  • Advance caching for speed performance – WP Plus and above

Also, with the higher plans, you get to enjoy more server resources. WP Geek offers you a dedicated server environment while WP Plus puts you in a shared environment.

WPWebHost has one of the cheapest managed WordPress hosting in market.


4- Choice of different server locations

For server locations, WPWebHost offers 2 choices to host your WordPress website:

  • United States (Denver, Colorado)
  • Singapore

It's recommended that you choose the server location closer to your audience as that will help to reduce server latency.

Choose server location during checkout
You can choose your server location during the checkout process
Your server location is shown in the client's portal.

Side note: What is Latency?

Latency is the amount of time it takes for a server to respond to a data request.

If you have audiences in Malaysia, Singapore or any nearby country, hosting your website in Singapore / Malaysia server will reduce the latency – as the data will travel a shorter distance between the server and the user's computer.

As a result, your website will load faster for your visitors, giving them a better user experience.

And if you haven't figured it out – Better user experience means better conversions.


5- Easy to use interface

WPWebHost users get to control their accounts in two different areas:

  1. Server Control Panel (Plesk) for server management, WordPress installation, webmail setup, users control, and databases management.
  2. Client Areas for billing, technical supports, and new service orders.

Server Control panel (Plesk)

WPWebHost uses the Plesk control panel to manage users' WordPress hosting. If you're like me and can't stand clutter, WPWebHost's clean and user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to manage all the WordPress instance within the same dashboard.

You can install, remove, and update any WordPress plugins and themes without needing to login into the WordPress backend.

WPWebHost control panel
This is the first landing page you see after logging into the control panel. The sidebar on the left of the control panel lets you have quick access to all your web hosting component such as files, databases, websites, and domains, etc.
You can select each component and configure them to your preferences.

Client's area

Besides the control panel, WPWebHost also has a clean interface for the client's area, which lets you view and manage your bills easily. If you want to add new services, you can do it from the client's area as well.

WPWebHost client's area
WPWebHost client's area is extremely user-friendly. One thing that stands out to me, is how WPWebHost made the important settings, extremely easy to access for its users. You have the ability to change the DNS settings, manage all the domains and account through their user-friendly interface.



 6- Managed WordPress hosting with email hosting

Unlike many other managed WordPress host, WPWebHost comes with email hosting that allows users to host their email. This is a big plus for if you're starting a website and don't have a professional email to go along with it.

Usually, managed WordPress hosting will not offer email hosting as part of their plans. Instead, you're more likely to use a third-party solution to host your own emails, which can add to your costs. (Often times, Google Suite is the recommended solution and they will cost you $5/mo for the basic plan.)

You are allowed to create an unlimited amount of email accounts (besides WP Blogger – which limits you to only 2 email accounts), as long as it doesn't exceed the storage limitation.

The screenshot shows where you can customize your email settings.

WPWebHost email hosting
You can create your own email address and configure the email hosting


 7- Great value compared to other managed WordPress hosting

There are a number of reasons that I believe makes WPWebHost a great value deal for users (on top of the email hosting).

1- Cheaper price, more visits

WP Lite, WP Plus, and WP Geek cost $7/mo, $27/mo and $77/mo and allows 20K, 50K and 150K visits per month, respectively.

Compare this number to other managed WP hosting like SiteGround, Kinsta, and WP Engine – WPWebHost is clearly cheaper and still offer a bigger capacity.

Here's a quick comparison:

FeaturesWPWebHostKinstaWP Engine
PlanWP LiteStarterStartup
Number of Sites111
Storage30 GB5 GB10 GB
Monthly Visits20,00020,00025,000
Price (12-mo)$7/mo$30/mo$29/mo
Global CDNYesYesYes


2- Lifetime free domain (.com / .blog)

WPWebHost users get a free .com or .blog domain when subscribe to WPWebHost yearly plan. This domain remains FOC as long as it is hosted at WPWebHost.

3- Jetpack Personal or Professional included

Jetpack Personal is included in WP Lite – which costs $3.50/mo if you purchase separately. Jetpack Professional is also included in WP Plus and WP Geek and will normally cost you $29/mo if purchased separately (ref: WPWebHost Jetpack Hosting).

FYI, here is the complete Jetpack pricing.

WPWebHost includes Jetpack in all the plans for free.


8- Free site migration or new site setup assistant

For all the new customers, you can transfer/migrate your WordPress site to WPWebHost for free. That is an absolute life-saver if you hate having to go through the hassles of switching your website to a new web host.  All you have to do is ask the assistant for help by submitting a support ticket.

Users can initiate WPWebHost free website transfer from their user dashboard. Look for “Website Importing”, fill in your source domain name and the FTP account details of your remote server. Click “Ok” and it will start to transfer the website from your previous web host.



Cons of WPWebHost

1- Mixed results on server speed test

WPWebHost speed test at WebPageTest, TTFB > 750ms for the first time.

I did a speed test for my dummy site but the result was not up to my expectation during the first test. However, the result did show a significant improvement on my second test after I changed the test location.

Test #1: From Dulles, United States

During my first test, the TTFB result from WebPageTest was > 750ms.

Despite showing an “A”, this was not what I the results that I expected. Because of that, I re-run the test a second time to recheck the speed.

Test #1 – TTFB > 750ms when tested from US

Test #2: From Singapore

This time, I changed the test location to Singapore – which is nearer to my server location.

It showed great improvements, with the TTFB results clocking in at around 150ms.

Test #2 – TTFB around 150ms when tested from Singapore

WPWebHost scored B at Bitcatcha site speed test

When it comes to the Bitcatcha site speed test, WPWebHost scored “B” for the overall results.

But, if you take a closer look, the server response time from Singapore shows the fastest: 6ms

WPWebHost scored B on Bitcatcha server speed test

WPWebHost server response speed at HostScore was inconsistent

Half of the locations we monitored at HostScore showed inconsistency for WPWebHost response speed. If you take a closer look at the chart below, the test from London, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Banglore and Sydney fluctuated for the last 30 days of monitoring.

The HostScore for overall WPWebHost performance was 71.99% with the average response speed recorded at 268.15ms.

WPWebHost server response speed at HostScore
Server response speed from 10 different locations we monitored at HostScore.

2- Limited resources in the knowledge base

When it comes to resources and guides, WPWebHost falls a little short on the number of articles offered. I went through their knowledge base and was only able to count 45 articles/tutorials available.

That is definitely far lesser then what I expect from a web hosting company.

Another thing to note, WPWebHost lacks any video tutorial and other necessary guides on their support page, so don't expect much there as well.

You can check out their community forum, but as far I can tell, it's been inactive for quite some time.

WPWebHost knowledge base is limited, to say the least.



3- No phone and live chat available for 24/7 support

The only dedicated 24/7 support I found is through their ticketing system. If you're hoping to find other support methods such as live chat and phone on their website, then you're out of luck.

As for the support department themselves, I get the feeling that you won't get much instant help from WPWebHost. It's definitely something that they need to improve.



WPWebHost Plan & Pricing

The table below shows the pricing and the differences between each plan:

FeaturesWP BloggerWP LiteWP PlusWP Geek
Websites1 Website1 Website5 Website30 Website
Storage10 GB30 GB60 GB100 GB
Free domainLife-timeLife-timeLife-timeLife-time
Malware ScanDailyDaily
Speed OptimizationYes/td>Yes
Visits~10K visit~20K visit~50K visit~150K visit


WPWebHost have 4 WordPress hosting plans – WP Blogger, WP Lite, WP Plus, and WP Geek

Each plan comes with the unlimited data transfer and email accounts, HTTP/2 & NGINX proxy, pre-installed WordPress environment, PHP 7.x ready, web filtering and others useful WordPress features.



Verdict: WPWebHost is suitable for…?

Quick recap on my WPWebHost review

With the great features, larger capacity and affordable pricing, I think WPWebHost is a hidden gem for WordPress hosting that is yet to be discovered by the mainstream user.

At the moment, the lack of support and branding might be the main reasons that might hold potential customers back from signing up with them.

Together with Exabytes group of companies, I think WPWebHost has the potential to grow and compete with the big boys in the hosting industry, and be worthy of the moniker “WordPress Geeks”.

WPWebHost is recommended for users who are looking for a cheaper alternative for WordPress Managed hosting.

WPWebHost is recommended for:

  • Beginners who need a WordPress optimized website.
  • Small business owners who need an online presence using WordPress but don't wish to do the tedious maintenance job.

Alternatives: Compare WPWebHost


To order or learn more: https://wpwebhost.com/

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