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Reviewed by: Jerry Low . .
  • Review Updated: Oct 21, 2020
Media Temple
Plan in review: Grid / Personal
Reviewed by: Jerry Low
Review Updated: October 21, 2020
Media Temple is definitely one of the best choices for experienced web developers and bloggers who need extra server stability and scalability. However, there are much cheaper options for those who are just starting out, or simply need a budget hosting solution.

Established in 1998 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Media Temple, also often known as (mt), is a web hosting and cloud services provider recommended by many. The company offers all four  kinds of hosting services – the Grid (shared hosting), DV (VPS hosting), DV Enterprise (dedicated hosting), and Helix (cloud hosting).

Media Temple is one of the most popular web hosts among developers and professional bloggers, and that position is well earned with more than 125,000 users with more than 1,500,000 domains. Media Temple generously gave me a free trial account on the Grid and the following is my Media Temple review based on the usage experience.

Updates and editor's note:

The company Media Temple was sold to GoDaddy in 2013. We no longer track Media Temple performance at this time of writing. 

For those who are looking for a developer-friendly host, we recommend Kinsta for and SiteGround (both links point to my reviews). If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, check out our list of best cheap hosting here.



Introducing Media Temple Hosting Services

As mentioned, Media Temple offers a wide range of website hosting services. The vast choices might be a little confusing for first-timers,  especially when Media Temple named their hosting plans based on various short forms.

Hence, before we dig into the meat of this review, let's have a closer look on what Media Temple has to offer.

Media Temple Grid (Shared Hosting)

  • Cluster-based shared hosting in Linux environment
  • Optimized for WordPress with 100GB storage and 1TB bandwidth
  • Host up to 1,000 email addresses and 100 websites per account
  • Price: $20/mo

Media Temple DV Managed & DV Developer (VPS Hosting)

For VPS hosting, Media Temple users get to choose between a non-managed or managed hosting environment. Non-managed VPS hosting plans (DV Developer) are generally cheaper but you will have to build everything from the ground up. On the other hand, users who opt for managed VPS (DV Managed) will need to pay a slightly higher price but you will start with a ready-to-go hosting environment in Parallels Plesks 11.

  • Entry level server specs at 1GB RAM, 30GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth
  • Price starts at $30/mo for DV Developer; $50 for DV Managed
  • 99.999% managed uptime guaranteed for DV Managed
  • Full SSH and root access available for DV Developer plans
  • One-click installation and Plesks 11 control panel available for DV Managed plans

DV Enterprise (Dedicated Hosting)

Like Media Temple VPS hosting plans, users get to choose between managed and non-managed hosting environments with a price difference of $500/mo. Some quick server specifications for DV Enterprise deal.

  • 16-core Intel Xeon 2.13 GHz with 64GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2.4 TB (8 x 300GB) SAS hard drives
  • RAID-10, battery-backed write-cache, 1GB network switch

My experience at Media Temple (so far)

My Media Temple experience (slightly more than one month at the time of writing this review) so far has been very positive. I am particular impressed with how fast Media Temple responds to customer requests. Both of my live chat requests were answered immediately by a helpful Media Temple staff member; and the staff handling Media Temple’s Twitter account are ultra-active. Tweets containing @mediatemple were replied to within hours.

What's good about Media Temple

In summary, here are the major benefits you get at Media Temple

Great Customer Service

Support at Media Temple is 24/7 available by phone, email, live chat, and Twitter. I contacted the customer service twice so far; no complaints at all.

 CloudTech Premium Support

You can pay a little extra to get pampered by Media Temple support staff. The company will have certified engineers analyze your web codes, install web apps, backup and restore data, as well as cleaning a hack on your account.

 Ultra Fast Servers

For testing purposes, I hosted a few dummy sites. My Media Temple hosted dummy site scores an 84/100 on Pingdom (faster than 73% of all sites). My dummy site hosted on A2 Hosting (which is one of the fastests), in comparison, was 80/100 and faster than 70% of all sites. For your reference, here are the comparison results I checked using Pingdom Website Speed Test Tool.

Test Site (hosted on)Performance GradeRequestsLoad timePage sizekb/seconds
Media Temple8411430ms480.9 kb1,118 kb/s
InMotion Hosting84564.13s1.6 MB396.7 kb/s
WebHostingHub83251.55s508.5 kb328 kb/s
A2 Hosting8010522ms445.6 kb853.6 kb/s
FatCow80772.94s797.6 kb271.3 kb/s
Hostgator77311.32s721.7kb546.7 kb/s

* All results are based on test from server at Amsterdam, Netherlands using Pingdom Website Speed Test Tool.

 Reddit-ready Bandwidth

Hosting servers at Media Temple are highly scalable. The Grid bandwidth and database system scales with your web traffics.

 Valuable Add-on Services at the Grid

media temple dashboard

Media Temple offers a number of rare (but very handy)  upgrades to Grid users who need extra server performance. To name a few – MySQL GridContainer (for scalable MySQL environment that guarantees performance) and CloudFlare with RailGun (for extra site security).

Drawbacks at Media Temple Grid Hosting Plan

There are, however, two small issues with Media Temple.

1-click installation supports a very limited number of web apps

WordPress, Drupal, and Zen Cart are the only three web apps Grid users can install via 1-click installation. Users who wish to use other web apps (such as Joomla, OS Commerce, and Gallery) will have to do manual installation. Media Temple DV users, however, get to install over 200+ web apps via the 1-click installation feature.

Slightly disappointing uptime record

My site was down for 19 minutes in the past month, scoring 99.94% in uptime for the last 30 days. No big deal with 99.94%, but I am certainly expecting better for a host that costs $20/mo.

Media Temple Uptime Score

Feedbacks from Media Temple customers on WHSR

I have interviewed more than 40 web developers and bloggers in the past 30 days. Guess what? Out of thousands (if not more) of hosting brand names, Media Temple is the one of the most recommended brand names in my interviews.

David's feedback on Media Temple Hosting

I am absolutely happy with my current web host. Media Temple has been there when I needed them.

For example, a WordPress plugin used by my blog was exploited and caused problems on my virtual server. I was in Brazil at the time, so I was unable to call them. I tweeted them and they had a new machine ready for me in no time. They were a major lifesaver and they’ve always jumped to help any time I needed it.

– Quote from David Walsh Interview (Sept 30, 2013)

Jeff Starr's comment on Media Temple Hosting

Yes, I am very happy with Media Temple. Moving around from host to host over the course of my 10+ years online, I’ve found Media Temple to provide affordable, awesome hosting and excellent customer service.

It was around 2009 and I had been hosted at “A Small Orange” (on a shared server) for a couple of years. The servers were inconsistent and the support staff (with an exception or two) was pretty horrible, so I finally got fed up and decided to find something better. After much research I finally chose Media Temple because of their reported 1) consistency/uptime, 2) excellent customer service, 3) not too crazy expensive pricing. So at that time I stepped up from mediocre shared hosting to Media Temple’s VPS (dv) hosting.

I’ve been happy ever since.

– Quote from Jeff Starr Interview (Aug 27, 2013)

Conclusion: Should you host at Media Temple?

My answer is: Yes and no.

Media Temple is definitely one of the best web hosting choices for experienced web developers and bloggers who need extra server stability and scalability. However, there are much cheaper options for those who are just starting out, or simply need a budget hosting solution.

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