LiquidWeb Review

LiquidWeb Review
Plan in review: Managed WP (Personal)
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Review Last Updated: September 19, 2017
LiquidWeb Hosting is excellent in many ways but they are not the right answer for small websites and individual bloggers. Read on to learn what I found with this hosting company.

LiquidWeb has longevity in its corner. Founded in 1997 by Matthew Hill, the Lansing, Michigan-based company provides web hosting services that empower web professionals around the world.

The company wholly owns and manages three data centers. With 30,000 customers in approximately 120 countries, LiquidWeb has to ensure it has the power to provide the many solutions that have turned it into a $90 million company with over 550 employees.

The company received the INC.5000 Fastest Growing Companies Award in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

LiquidWeb Hosting Plans: What’s Under the Hood?

When looking at what LiquidWeb has to offer, there is a little bit of everything. The company appeals to businesses of all sizes.

If you want a dedicated server, it has it. If you want a dedicated cloud, no problem. Between VPS, cloud sites, and Managed WordPress, there is a product that works for what you need.

Solutions-wise, LiquidWeb has everything from hybrid hosting (provisioning dedicated servers with cloud applications) to enterprise hosting solutions. There’s even industry-specific hosting. For instance, a medical facility will need HIPAA-compliant hosting, and a gaming company will need game server hosting.

VPS Hosting Plans

Features / Plans Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4 More
Core Processor 2 2 4 8 Up to 20
RAM 2 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB Up to 256 GB
SSD Storage 40 GB 100 GB 150 GB 300 GB Up to 1.6 TB
Data Transfer 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB 5 TB
Public IP address
Auto Backup (pay-per-gig) $0.12/mo per GB
Starting Price * $59/mo $79/mo $139/mo $219/mo


* Customization allowed for all LiquidWeb VPS Hosting plans. Additional costs may apply for different operating systems, tax, additional bandwidth, additional IP address, and backup services.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Monthly Price$119/mo$189/mo$289/mo

Features / Plans Personal Professional Agency
Sites 10 20 40
SSD Storage 100 GB 150 GB 300 GB
Data Transfer 5 TB 5 TB 5 TB
One-click Staging
Automated Backup


Additional Services

As for services, there is a very extensive list. They include:

  • Hosting Essentials – Includes DDoS Attack Protection, Backups, Security, and Performance Enhancement.
  • Network Services – Load Balancing, DDoS Attack Protection, and Content Delivery.
  • Storage & Backup – Solid-State Storage, Backups, and More.
  • Database Hosting – MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Cassandra, Managed MSSQL, and Microsoft SQL as a Service.
  • Software Services – Includes Plesk, CMS Hosting, Blog Hosting, Softaculous, Ruby on Rails Hosting, and More.
  • Monitoring Service – Sonar Monitoring.
  • Security Services – Firewalls, ServerSecure, PCI Compliance, SSL Certificates, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and Nessus Vulnerability Scanner.
  • Mail Hosting – Hosting for Linus, Windows, Microsoft Exchange, and MailSecure.
  • Log Management – LiquidWeb Log Storage.

LiquidWeb’s storied history in the web hosting world has resulted in such a long list of services that the company offers everything you could need.

I noticed this immediately in my assessment of the LiquidWeb. A strong emphasis is placed on security and ensuring customers have the computing power they need.

The Evidence Is in the Case Studies

I found many positives, which are evidenced in client case studies.

Case Study #1: Disruptor Beam

LiquidWeb has the power and tools to host websites for companies like Disruptor Beam. This gaming company has become popular for creating a game around the popular “Game of Thrones” series. Disruptor Beam turned to LiquidWeb’s hybrid solutions, Storm Platform, and Heroic Support Engineers to help with this major endeavor. This turned into a true partnership.

What’s worked for us well at Liquid Web is the combination of dedicated servers for mission-critical , custom systems along with cloud-based nodes that we can scale up and down as needed.

– Jon Radoff, founder / CEO, Disruptor Beam

Case Study #2: Interlisys

Intelisys before adn after WP optimized (source: Rigor)

Intelisys is another company that benefitted from what LiquidWeb has made available.

Intelisys required computing power because it is the gold standard in two-tier communication. It needed to launch new cloud service initiatives.

When Intelisys started using LiquidWeb, its traffic doubled. To accomplish this feat, Intelisys had to migrate to LiquidWeb’s Managed WordPress platform quickly.

I’m speaking as a tech guy here, but I can’t emphasize enough how good Liquid Web’s support services have been.

The support team has been responsive and consistently helpful and LiquidWeb’s support service agreement, in addition to top-tier support being available 24 hours a day included as part of the monthly hosting package, made a huge impact on our ability to move quickly and troubleshoot in real time, as issues from a very complex website transition arose almost daily.

With thousands of eyeballs on our website each day, this white-glove assistance was priceless.

– Justin Kelley, Administrator,

Case Study #3: Home Depot

A third customer is Home Depot. Almost everyone is familiar with this company. Home Depot was in need of expansion because it acquired U.S. Home Systems. The company needed to reach potential customers better, and LiquidWeb was able to help.

These are just some of the case studies that show how powerful LiquidWeb is.

LiquidWeb Data Center Facilities

The three data center facilities are state of the art and private. The facilities are located in Lansing, Michigan, and Arizona.

The centers are maintained 24/7/365 by the company’s Heroic Support technicians. The technicians ensure fast response times that contribute to the 100% uptime that the company is known for.

In my observations, the uptime really has been the promised 100%. I am sure this has a lot to do with the added redundancy of the data centers and the highly talented team that is able to make geographic redundancy happen.

The Phoenix, Arizona, server location offers customers a great number of advantages. Those advantages include disaster recovery, geographic redundancy, and a very strong network on the West Coast. Combined with the private Michigan data centers, LiquidWeb has worked hard to make it as reliable as possible.

There is also a data center in Amsterdam, which extends LiquidWeb’s reach abroad.

Photos of LiquidWeb’s data centers I found on the company’s website.

LiquidWeb data center 2 exterior
LiquidWeb data center 2 interior.

LiquidWeb’s Heroic support employee.
LiquidWeb data center 2 interior.

Things I Like About LiquidWeb

I’m going to cut to the chase – there are so many good things about LiquidWeb that it is difficult for me to highlight everything, so I’m going to point out five.

1. Built for Multiple WordPress Sites Hosting

Competitive prices, built-in iThemes Sync Pro, affordable price, finely tuned WP platform, and 24 x 7 on-site technical supports.

LiquidWeb is a dream come true for re-sellers and agencies who need to build and maintain multiple WordPress sites.

Looking at the Managed WordPress hosting, a user can have 20 sites for $189 per month and enjoy all the security and stability needed to appeal to customers. Each plan comes with a considerable amount of storage and 5 terabytes of bandwidth.

LiquidWeb vs Other Top Managed WP Hosts

Table below compares LiquidWeb’s  mid range WP hosting plans (Professional) with other similar services in market. You can see the full list of WordPress hosting services we recommend here.

LiquidWeb WP Engine Pressidium GetFlyWheel
Hosting Plans Professional Business Business Agency
Number of WP Sites 20 25 25 30
Storage 150 GB 30 GB 30 GB 120 GB
Full SSD?
Data Transfer 5 TB Unlimited 8 TB
Visits Limit No limit 400,000 500,000 600,000
Multisite Ready?
CDN +$8/mo per site
Staging Sites
Free Site Migration
Malware Monitoring
Malware Removal
Risk Free Trial 60 days 60 days 14 days
Monthly Price (12-mo) $189/mo $249/mo $250/mo $187.50/mo
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Learn more about LiquidWeb Managed WP Hosting:

2. The Extensive List of Products, Solutions, and Services

I like that LiquidWeb has everything that a company needs. From managed WordPress Hosting to enterprise solutions, it is all there.

All LiquidWeb hosting plans give needed flexibility. There is no restriction on page views or limits to SFTP MySQL access. You are also not pressured into purchasing a security add-on or plan upgrade. In other words, you’re not going to get locked out because LiquidWeb doesn’t think you’re secure enough. The security already is integrated into the plan.

Every tool, security measure, and server is properly cared for to ensure stability and reliability.

3. Excellent Uptime

I don’t really need to say much more about this. The uptime is on point with the in-house servers, and the crew that takes care of them. My faith in the company is strong with its redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities.

4. Company History + Solid Customer Base

As I mentioned, LiquidWeb company has longevity and history on its side. Two decades is a very long time. The internet for consumer use hadn’t been around for very long in 1997. And the company has survived three massive financial crisis (1997 Asian economy crisis, 2000 dot’com boom, and 2008 subprime crisis).

It’s rare to find a host that has been around as long as LiquidWeb.

But that’s not end of the story. LiquidWeb is also a popular hosting company for many well-known brands, including:

  • Ducati
  • Hitachi
  • Chevy Volt
  • Red Bull
  • Aunt Jemima
  • MTV

  • FedEx
  • Michigan State University
  • Suave
  • Bic
  • Fila
  • Audi

  • Xerox
  • American Airlines
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Home Depot
  • GM
  • Symantec

These are just some of the major companies that LiquidWeb serves, and that is something I really like. This tells me that this company is as reliable as it says it is. This makes it more than a self-declared top hosting company. The solid customer base proves its reliability.

5. Transparency

LiquidWeb is very transparent, providing vast amounts of information on each of its services, products, and solutions. Many questions are answered easily.

If you do need help, support is right there, and they are patient. LiquidWeb is like having a business partner rather than a service.

Important to Know

No email hosting for managed WordPress Hosting

If you have been hosting websites for years using a control panel like cPanel, you may not like the fact that some of the advanced options are no longer available in LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting.

For one, there’s no email. This means you will need to host your emails somewhere else. Google G Suite and Microsoft 365 are two excellent alternatives but that means additional operation costs for your business. If you insist to host your email together with your website, then the only way to go is to stick with a cPanel hosting plan, which starts at $89/mo at LiquidWeb.

Compare LiquidWeb cPanl and Managed WordPress Hosting (Source).

LiquidWeb Uptime Record

I have just begun tracking uptime of two LiquidWeb-hosted websites. Their uptime scores will be published once they hit the 30-days and 60-days mark. Stay tuned.

Bottomline: Is LiquidWeb right for you?

LiquidWeb is excellent in many aspects but they are not for everyone. Here are a few scenarios where LiquidWeb is right choice.

1- Looking for enterprise level hosting service

Why: Reasonable price, strong business track record, and excellent hosting performance.

2- Agency, multiple WordPress sites, resellers

Why: Cost efficient (especially if you are running multiple high-traffic WordPress sites!), strong business track record, and excellent hosting performance.

Learn more about LiquidWeb WordPress hosting plans here.

3- Looking for VPS hosting service

Why: Strong business track record and excellent hosting performance. Note that they are not the best price in town though.


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