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Reviewed by: Jerry Low . .
  • Review Updated: Oct 07, 2021
Plan in review: Starter
Reviewed by: Jerry Low
Review Updated: October 07, 2021
Kinsta is not cheap but you are paying a premium for top class hosting infrastructure and WordPress expert supports. I personally regard them as one of the top three managed WP hosts in the world.

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting company designed for enterprises and websites with high volume traffic.

Kinsta, the managed WordPress hosting company, was founded in December 2013. Lead by its founder and CEO, Mark Gavalda, the company host some of the global-recognized brands including Intuit (Quicken), Ricoh, ASOS, General Electric, and Ubisoft on its servers.

While the company may not be the largest managed WordPress hosting operation in market, Kinsta has a solid offering that is worth a closer look.

We started tracking Kinsta hosting service since January 2018 and have gathered some useful data for this review.

Read on to find out if Kinsta is right for you.

About Kinsta, the Company

  • Headquarter: Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Established: December 2013
  • Office locations: Los Angeles (US), London (UK), Budapest (Hungary)
  • Services: Managed WordPress Hosting


* Note: Our test account with Kinsta has expired in November 2018. But I believe our review and rating remain valid at this time of writing. FYI, the company did several key improvements recently – SSH access is now available for all Kinsta account, more disk space are added to Starter, Pro, and Business Plans, plus a new data center location (Hong Kong) is added.


Kinsta Quick Review

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Pros: Reasons to Host at Kinsta Hosting

1. Solid Server Performance – Reliable and Ultra-fast

When you are paying $25 a month to host just one WordPress site – you expect nothing but the best. Thankfully, Kinsta hosting lives up to their premise of quality service in our test.

In term of server reliability, our test site went down for not more than 6 minutes in March 2018 and scored 99.98% uptime.

Site speed was equally impressive – the server response speed is rated as “A” by both Bitcatcha and Webpage Test.

Kinsta Server Uptime (March 2018)

Kinsta 30 days average uptime score (March/April 2018): 99.98%.

Note that Kinsta's uptime guarantee is supported by a service level agreement (SLA). Should they fail to meet their service availability goal, you will receive a credit of 5% of your total bill for each complete hour.


1. Service standard

Our goal is to ensure that the Service is available to Clients twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week, three hundred and sixty five days per year (Service Availability).

Our SLA has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Our goal is to respond to Severity Level 1 notifications presented by Clients. We have a 30 minute first reaction time on emergencies (Error Response). Our Error Response goal is a time to acknowledge only, not a time to resolve. Credits will not be given should we fail to meet our Error Response goal.


KInsta Hosting Speed Test: Bitcatcha A+

Kinsta server response speed below 350ms world wide. Note that our test site is hosted at Kinsta's Singapore data center – so naturally we have a smaller TTFB when testing from Asia region.

Webpage Test (from Singapore): A, TTFB = 111ms

Test site's first byte reached user's end in 111ms.

Webpage Test (from United States): A, TTFB = 567ms

Test site's first byte reached user's end in 567ms.



2. Choice of Twenty Server Locations

Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform’s multi-regional deployment mode to ensures low latency and blazing fast load times. This means as a Kinsta user, you are free to choose from a list of 18 data center locations for each of your WordPress websites.

To configure this, select a host location when you add a new site at Kinsta dashboard (see GIF image for demo).

I have not tested any host with more data center location options than Kinsta. If you wish to keep your server close to your primary audience, for better site speed and other latency issue – Kinsta is a great choice.

User dashboard > Sites > Add A New Site > Server Location.

Choice of Kinsta server locations

  1. Council Bluffs, USA (US)
  2. St. Ghislain, Belgium (Europe)
  3. Changhua County, Taiwan (Asia)
  4. Sydney, Australia (Australia)
  5. The Dalles, Oregon (US)
  6. Ashburn, Virginia (US)
  7. Moncks Corner, South Carolina (US)
  8. São Paulo, Brazil (South America)
  9. London, UK (Europe)
  10. Zurich, Switzerland (Europe)

  1. Frankfurt, Germany (Europe)
  2. Jurong West, Singapore (Asia)
  3. Tokyo, Japan (Asia)
  4. Osaka, Japan (Asia)
  5. Mumbai, India (Asia)
  6. Montréal, Canada (North America)
  7. Netherlands (Europe)
  8. Hamina, Finland (Europe)
  9. Los Angeles, USA (North America)
  10. Hong Kong (Asia)



3. Developer Friendly  – Long List of Useful Features at MyKinsta Control Panel

I am usually skeptical when hosting companies tell me that they are running on a custom-built control panel. Based on my past experience, these in-house control panels are often ugly, difficult to use, and lack practical functions.

Thank god that is not the case with Kinsta user platform.

Kinsta's custom-built control panel, known as MyKinsta, is impressive in many ways.

Before I dive in, here are some key features that makes developing and managing a WordPress website so much easier at Kinsta:

  • Support Nginx, PHP 7, HHVM, and MariaDB
  • Built-in DDoS detection, hardware firewalls, and uptime monitoring
  • SSH and Git access only for Business Plans and higher
  • Scale as needed – Kinsta is powered by Google Cloud Platform
  • Built-in database search and replace tool (no more third party tool)
  • Daily account backup (minimum 14 auto backup files at one time) and restore sites in one click
  • HTTP/2 content delivery network (CDN) that covers 29 POPs worldwide

Let me show you some of these features in the following screenshots.

Note –  Kinsta is also one of my favorite no overselling web hosts.

Dashboard overview

First of all, MyKinsta dashboard is beautiful and easy to navigate.

* Click to enlarge image.

MyKinsta dashboard overview allows users monitor their server resources and traffic easily.

Setting up staging area

It has an easy-to-use staging environments – which you can switch between live and staging environment in a few clicks.

* Click to enlarge image.

To change staging / live environment, click here.

Implementing SSL certificate 

Adding a free or third-party SSL certificate, monitoring your site uptime, and performing database search-and-replace can be done in just a few clicks.

The GIF image shows how you can add a free Let's Encrypt certificate to your site.

* Click to enlarge image.

To enable HTTPS for your site at Kinsta, logon to your user dashboard > Sites > Manage (from the list of sites you have added) > Tools > Enable HTTPS > Generate free HTTPS certificate.

Site backups and restore

Kinsta stores at least 14 consecutive backups at a time.

You can access and restore these auto backup easily from MyKinsta.

(Whereas with other hosts – even that they provide auto backup, you will need to contact their support team to initiate server restoration.)

To enable HTTPS for your site at Kinsta, logon to your user dashboard > Sites > Manage (from the list of sites you have added) > Backups.

Auto Scaling & Overage Charges

Kinsta is one of the few managed WordPress host that is powered by Google Cloud Platform – which features automatic scaling and LXD containers.

This allows Kinsta to take a different approach (compared to traditional hosting providers) when users overload their server. Instead of pulling down a user's site, Kinsta will auto scale up their server capacity and charge an overage fee of $1/1,000 visits.

How overages are charged at Kinsta.

Here's what happen if you overuse your server resources at Kinsta (source).



4. Free Hosting Migration

Moving your site to Kinsta is easy as the company will take care of everything for you.

Their support staffs will assign a temporary domain to your migrated site and check everything (site load time, site functionality, etc) before going live.

To initiate a site migration, fill up the Migration Request Form at your dashboard.



5. Positive Kinsta Reviews in Forums and Social Media Groups

It's hard to miss Kinsta Hosting these days because there are so many legit, unsolicited, positive reviews on Kinsta on social media networks, blogs, and forums.

Here are some that I have read and found useful.

Feedback from notable bloggers 

I’ve used other WordPress hosts, but Kinsta has been the best by far.

My site is always online and speedy without even really trying. I have never experienced caching issues like some other managed hosts and I’m never worried about getting suspended for exceeding resources like on shared hosts. Their support team is small but they’ve never let me down. They may cost slightly more than other hosts, but they have been worth every penny.

I can’t recommend Kinsta enough.

– David Wang, Speaker at WordCamp Malaysia, Founder of Click WP

Source: Break your website speed limit with Kinsta

Feedback from Facebook

* Click to enlarge image.

Feedback from Ludo Andringa.

Feedback from Cameron Barrett.
Feedback from Patrick Gallagher.

Feedback from Twitter



6.  Comprehensive Knowledge Base

A well-prepared knowledge base helps users to tackle basic server issues and progress quickly in site development.

Kinsta understands this and hosts a comprehensive knowledge base for those who wish to solve problems by themselves.

Kinsta knowledge base.



Cons: What's Not So Good at Kinsta?

1. No Email Hosting at Kinsta

Kinsta is a WordPress-only hosting. This means that the web host does not provide email hosting service.

To send and receive emails via a business email account (something like [email protected]), you will need to host your email accounts at other places.

Kinsta recommend Google's G Suite as an email solution (which is a good call) but that means extra costs to your daily operation.

Note: Kinsta does not provide email service (source).



2. No Cron Jobs at Kinsta

Note that Kinsta does not support cron – though this shouldn't be an issue in 2018.

Backup and malware scanning are done automatically by Kinsta system. And if you need to schedule repetitive server tasks, WP-Cron is your answer.

The staffs at Kinsta have created this helpful guide on how to create and modify a WordPress cron job. Be sure to check it out if you need help.



3. Not For Users With Multiple Low Traffic WordPress Sites

Three quick facts:

  • Kinsta does not jack up their prices during renewal
  • There is no lock in contract at Kinsta, you can cancel your subscription anytime
  • Kinsta Hosting is roughly 20% cheaper than similar managed WordPress hosting providers in market

That said, however – Starting at $25 and going up to $750 per month (annual subscription), Kinsta is priced as an high-end / enterprise hosting service.

The plan in review, Kinsta's Starter, allows only one WordPress installation and costs $300/year. Kinsta's Pro, Business 1, and Business 2 plans allow multiple WordPress installations per account (2, 3, and 10 respectively) but cost $600, $1,000, and $2,000 per year. These are no small money – especially when you compare the price with the overall cost of building and maintaining a website.

For newbies and bloggers with multiple low traffic sites – it's better to go with a cheaper web host and invest that money to marketing or content.

Kinsta Hosting Plans and Pricing

kinsta plans and pricing
Kinsta plans and pricing (recently updated in September 2019).



Kinsta vs WP Engine

It's inevitable to compare Kinsta with WP Engine as there are so many similarities in their hosting plans.

Both companies focus on WordPress only hosting, priced their service based on visit counts, and pride themselves as WordPress experts.

At a glance, here's how the two stack up.

FeaturesKinstaWP Engine
Storage10 GB10 GB
Server Locations20 WorldwideUnited States only
Free CDN
HTTP/2 Support
Free Site Migration
Multisite Support+$20/mo
Email Hosting
Visit / OrderVisitVisit


* Price based on one-year subscription.



Verdict: Is Kinsta Hosting Right for You?

Official response from Kinsta

We are ecstatic to see that the team here at WHSR clearly understands the mission we have at Kinsta; which is to provide high-quality managed WordPress hosting with the best support and speed in the industry.

For businesses that rely on their website to make money, hosting should be seen as in investment, not just another expense. There are a lot of hosting providers people can go with, but we strive on a daily basis to make choosing Kinsta a “no-brainer.”

– Katalin Juhasz, Kinsta

Kinsta is (easily) one of the top 3 managed WordPress hosting providers in the world.

They are right for bloggers who want to keep their blogs loading ultra fast, web developers who need a vigorous environment for their custom code, or business owners who want a smooth-running online store.

That said, however, Kinsta is not for everyone due to its expensive price tag and focus in WordPress website.

Quick recap of our findings:

Alternatives to Kinsta Hosting

As mentioned, Kinsta is great but it's obviously not for everyone. Here are some recommended alternatives if Kinsta is not right for you:

  • SiteGround – Solid hosting solution. Offers both Managed WordPress and traditional hosting services.
  • A2 Hosting – Cheaper entry plan, Let's Encrypt SSL ready for all sites hosted on A2.
  • Hostinger – Budget hosting service with servers located in USA, Asia, and Europe.
  • WP Engine – Kinsta's direct competitor. Slightly pricier but support WordPress Multisite.

Compare Kinsta Hosting with Others

Side-by-side comparison of the popular managed WordPress services – Kinsta vs WP Engine vs SiteGround.

Also check out:



Visit / Order Kinsta Online

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