JustHost Review

JustHost Review
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Review Last Updated: November 08, 2017
The best thing about JustHost is their cheap price tag - they are one of the cheapest in market. Dave, exiting JustHost user, thinks the host deserved a 5 star today but I am not 100% sure about that (hence I am rating it 4 star instead). Please read on to find out more about this web host.

JustHost is a web hosting company has been around for some time. The company is founded by Chris Philip – the guy who also founded Dot 5 Hosting (and sold), Just Develop It (a web development company) as well as cloud storage company Just Cloud. Back in 2009/2010, JustHost was one of the fastest growing hosting companies; one of the first who introduced Anytime Money-back Guarantee; and the one-and-only web host with free MySpace ad credits ($50).

JustHost sold to Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2010/11

The company JustHost was sold to a bigger company named Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2010/11 for an unknown figure. The hosting deals at JustHost are now different; and I believe the people as well as culture behind the company are very different today.

About Endurance

Just in case you have no idea who the heck is EIG – well they are probably the biggest player in today’s hosting industry. The company was first founded as a web hosting company in 1996 and is HQ in Burlington, Massachusetts. The company had took over doznes of popular web hosting brands, including JustHost, Hostmonster, BlueHost, Hostgator, A Small Orange, Arvixe, etc; and became a very, very large hosting conglomerate. Today, EIG is listed on NASDAQ and valued for more than $2 billion.

JustHost Hosting Plan

Today JustHost offers both shared and VPS hosting services. Let’s take a look at each.

JustHost Shared Hosting

JustHost offers three shared-hosting plans; namely Starter, Plus, and Business.

The Starter Plan starts at $2.95/mo where it is only good for one website that goes not more than 100 GB of storage and 100 email accounts.

In contrast, both the Plus plan ($4.95/mo) and the Business Pro plan ($9.95/mo) offer bigger capacity – users get to host unlimited number of websites, with unlimited number of email accounts and bandwidth*.

What differentiates the two is that the Business Pro plan offers higher performance and the Plus plan offers a greater number of services, including an SSL certificate, a dedicated IP, and SitePro backup protection. All JustHost shared hosting services come with a free domain name, a site builder complete with templates, e-commerce shopping carts, live 24/7 customer support, a cPanel powered control panel, and  $100 Google Adwords credit.

JustHost VPS Hosting

JustHost VPS Hosting choices - Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate.
JustHost VPS Hosting choices – Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate.

JustHost VPS hosting plans are divided into four different offerings:

  • Standard: $14.99/mo; single core server, 2 GB of RAM, 30 GB of storage, 1 TB/month, and 1 IP.
  • Enhanced: $29.99/mo; dual core server, 4 GB of RAM, 60 GB of storage, 2 TB/month, and 2 IPs.
  • Premium: $44.99/mo; dual core server, 4 GB of RAM, 60 GB of storage, 2 TB/month, and 2 IPs.
  • Ultimate: $59.99/mo; quad core server, 8 GB of RAM, 240 GB of storage, 4 TB/month, and 2 IPs.

All VPS hosting plans include a free domain name, cPanel control, and root access. As usual with all EIG hosting brands, prices listed above are for first term only, renewal will come at higher rates  – $24.99/49.99/74.99/99.99 monthly for Standard/Enhanced/Premium/Ultimate.

Digging Deeper: JustHost Unlimited Hosting, Anytime Money Back Guarantee, and Server Limitation

On JustHost Unlimited Hosting

I suppose you understand the real meaning of unlimited hosting, do you? This is written clearly in JustHost’s TOS (User Agreement #7 Usage Polices and Definition), read underlined text.

#7) 1d. Unlimited Hosting Space; excessive MySQL files

Just Host does not set arbitrary limits on the amount of disk space a Subscriber can use for the Subscriber’s website, nor does Just Host charge additional fees based on an increased amount of storage used, provided the Subscriber’s use of storage complies with these Terms. Please note, however, that the Just Host service is designed to host websites. Just Host does NOT provide unlimited space for online storage, backups, or archiving of electronic files, documents, log files, etc., and any such prohibited use of the Services will result in the termination of Subscriber’s account, with or without notice.

Accounts with a large number of files (inode count in excess of 200,000) can have an adverse affect on server performance. Similarly, accounts with an excessive number of MySQL/PostgreSQL tables (i.e., in excess of 1000 database tables) or of database size (i.e., in excess of 3GB total MySQL/PostgreSQL usage or 2GB MySQL/PostgreSQL usage in a single database) negatively affect the performance of the server. Just Host may request that the number of files/inodes, database tables, or total database usage be reduced to ensure proper performance or may terminate the Subscriber’s account, with or without notice.

JustHost Server Limitation

To further on my point that all unlimited hosting is in fact limited, the following table is published in JustHost TOS.

Note that JustHost limit users’ server usage by limiting file count (inodes) and database tables. The number of allowed inodes for Starter and Plus Plan is actually slightly below industry standard (not too bad, but most hosts allow up to 100,000 inodes for a ~$5/mo host).

Starter Plus Pro
Free Domain 1 Year 1 Year For Life
Email Accounts 100 Unlimited Unlimited
File Count (inodes) 50,000 50,000 30,000
MySQL Database 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Database Tables 1,000 1,000 3,000

On the side note, it seems that Pro Plan is a pretty good deal – provided that you are signing up on the promo price of $9.95/mo (news at $22.99/mo). Quoting words from the same TOS page –

The Pro Package has 80% less accounts per server which allows the use of more resources per account (more CPU usage, disk usage, bandwidth). It offers more speed, more power, with less users. More CPU, memory and resources For $24.99 / month (Saves you over $225 per year over the cost of buying these features separately!)

How JustHost Anytime Money Back Guarantee works?

JustHost offers an Anytime Money Back Guarantee with all its hosting plans. The cancellation policy is very simple according to the officials – if you cancel your hosting account, JustHost will provide you with a refund for the remainder of the term. The refund will exclude any setup fees that were charged when you signed up and any domain registration fees that you paid. But you do get to keep your domain name.

After digging further into JustHost TOS, it seems that JustHost actually allow a full refund (including the domain fees!) if you cancel your new account within the first 3 days –

*If you cancel within 3 days and you purchased a .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org, and .us domain, you will receive a full refund. Also the domain registration will be released. Domain names can only be cancelled and refunded within 3 days. Domain registrations for UK domains such as .co.uk and .org.uk cannot be cancelled.

JustHost User Review by Dave Scott

Screen captured on MatthewWoodward.co.uk.
Screen captured on MatthewWoodward.co.uk.

Jerry’s note: I had a JustHost account back in 5 or 6 years ago but have cancelled it in 2012 to cut down operation costs.

JustHost caught my attention again recently as I saw Matthew Woodward recommends them in his blogging guide here (see print screen). Out of curiousity I reached out to several bloggers I knew for more details but failed to get any useful info.

Eventually, I found Dave Scott – a random guy I met through a popular blogger job board. I was searching for bloggers who can write me unbiased reviews on several hosting brands and Dave has an existing site hosted on JustHost (Brain Wave Harmony). To give you a better view of JustHost service, I asked Dave Scott to share his experience with us. The following review (on pros & cons and bottom line) is written by Dave. 

Little Background on Dave and JustHost

Just over 6 years ago I was looking for a company to host the website for our new business.  I looked at all the ‘big name’ companies, read all the “Top Tens” and reviews but still had a hard time deciding.

Dave’s Considering Factors

Being a new business, as well as new to building web sites, a few things were important to me;

  1. Cost, obviously – Some hosting sites were really cheap but were also really poorly put together, had poor uptime statistics and ‘nickeled and dimed’ you after the signup process.  Others looked great as far as services, uptime and options, but cost way too much for what was being provided.
  2. Availability – No point in having a great site if the servers are always down.
  3. Web site builder – I know web site builders generally are pretty poor for creating a good professional looking site, but I needed a quick start and a builder that would get me up and running quickly and easily.
  4. Space – I wasn’t sure exactly how much I would eventually need but at the beginning I was looking to use the server for some pretty heavy file storage, so I didn’t want to hit a wall for available space or data transfer limits.

After several days of searching I was down to 2 or 3 choices, all pretty much offering the same services at the same price.  The deciding factor for me was the complete package;

  • One of the better website builders available at that time
  • 99+% availability statistics
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited space and bandwidth

  • 1 free domain
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Unlimited sub domains
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited email storage

Why JustHost? The Goods

The costs are very reasonable for my continuing unlimited plan, no sudden rises in fees after the first year!  There have also only been 2 or 3 outages of more than a few minutes over the 6 years which is very impressive.

There are a selection of site-builders, none of them 5 star but all useable and easy to learn.  I quickly realized that a site built with these tools isn’t very good and started to use Dreamweaver, but they’re great to start with.

Yes there have been brief outages, yes there has been a billing snafu once, yes there has been a frustrating experience with a support person whose English and technical knowledge both left a great deal to be desired.  However, the outages have been brief, the billing issue sorted out very quickly and efficiently and the technical issue escalated in a very acceptable time frame to a technician with greater knowledge (of both servers AND English).

Probably the only issue I have is that I have to do manual backups.  This is something that should be included , simply for disaster recovery.  It is simple to run and download my own backups but I think it should be done by the hosting company.

Quick Glance: JustHost Pros vs Cons

To recap, here’s what Dave think of JustHost –

JustHost Pros

  • Lots of available add-ons through CPanel (including some very useable and user friendly website builders)
  • 99+% availability statistics
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited email storage
  • Generally excellent access time
  • Generally very good technical support and quick resolution of issues

JustHosts Cons

  • Have to do own backups (really the only significant one)
  • Occasional unannounced down time
  • Rare access time (server down) issues

Other web hosts similar to JustHost include: Web Host Face, iPage, and One.com Hosting.

JustHost Uptime Review

We started tracking Dave’s site since May 2015 and the following are some past results we recorded.

justhost - 201604
JustHost site uptime score for March 2016 = 100%.
JustHost September Uptime Record
JustHost September 2015 Uptime Record – 100%. The last outage was recorded in August 27th – tracked site was down for 2 minutes.

Bottom line: Should You Go with JustHost?

In Dave’s opinion, JustHost rates 5 stars; (in his words) not because they are perfect but because any negatives are too insignificant to rate them down for.

As he mentioned, he has never regretted his decision to use JustHost. Dave mentioned that his website has matured and become more complex, what’s good about JustHost is that it had no problem keeping up.

From my experience, JustHost is an okay-host with a very cheap price tag. The best part about JustHost is cheap – they are, in fact, one of the cheapest, so it’s highly recommended for those who are looking for a budget web host. However, I am unsure how JustHost would perform for large sites with lots of data or traffics (see limitation listed above).