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Reviewed by: Jerry Low . .
  • Review Updated: Oct 21, 2020
Plan in review: Personal
Reviewed by: Jerry Low
Review Updated: October 21, 2020
To see how Host1Plus stacks up, I signed up for an account (using free credits given by Host1Plus management) in May 2017.My experience with the company has been nothing but pleasure. I like Host1Plus for its competitive prices, reliability, and choices of server locations. In my opinion, they are a good host for bloggers, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses.Read on to learn more about my experience.

Since 2008, London-based Host1Plus has provided premium hosting services around the globe.

The company, founded by Vincentas Grinius and Andrius Kazlauskas,  currently has five server locations in South Africa, Brazil, Germany, and the United States (Los Angeles and Chicago). The focus for the company is stability and server reliability across all its services while providing individuals and businesses with secure and quality hosting.

The services provided by Host1Plus include web hosting, cloud servers, and VPS hosting, with each having multiple package options. What Host1Plus is known for is its reliability, affordability, and excellent customer service.

Tested and Tracked since May 2017

To see how Host1Plus stacks up, I signed up for an account (using free credits given by Host1Plus management) in May 2017.

I immediately noticed that the shared hosting packages included add-on-domains, sub-domains, databases, and a free domain. A dedicated IP cost $2 more unless signing up for the Business Pro plan, which includes the dedicated IP.

There are six cloud server packages. The cost of each depends on the number of CPU cores and the amount of disk space, RAM, and bandwidth required.

VPS hosting also comes with six options, with the cost being determined by the number of CPU cores and the amount of RAM, disk space, and bandwidth needed.

I was fascinated by the options available. What I needed to test out Host1Plus was a Business Pro web hosting account for a single domain, which only cost me $171 for 12 months. I was even able to choose which server location I wanted.

A Closer Look on Host1Plus Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Plans

FeaturesPersonalBusinessBusiness Pro
Storage / Data TransferUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Addon Domains310Unlimited
Dedidcated IP$2/mo$2/moFree
Price from$5/mo$10/mo$15/mo


Choice of server locations: 1) Los Angeles, USA, 2) Sao Paulo, Brazil, and 3) Frankfurt, Germany.

VPS Hosting Plans

Storage / Data Transfer20 / 500 GB60 / 1000 GB80 / 2000 GB200 / 3000 GB500 / 7000 GB1000 / 12000 GB
SSD Caching + IPv4/6 Support
CPU Core / RAM0.5 / 256 MB1 / 768 MB2 / 2048 MB4 / 4096 MB6 / 8192 MB8 / 16384 MB
Price from$2.25/mo$5.50/mo$10.00/mo$20.00/mo$45.00/mo$85.00/mo


Choice of server locations: 1) Los Angeles, USA, 2) Sao Paulo, Brazil, 3) Frankfurt, Germany, 4) Chicago, USA, and 5) Johannesburg, South Africa.

* Note that Host1Plus VPS hosting are unmanaged plans. This means you are on your own in setting up server and installing necessary applications.

Cloud Hosting Plans

FeaturesLIN 1LIN 2LIN 3LIN 4LIN 5LIN 6
Storage / Data Transfer20 GB / 2 TB40 GB / 4 TB100 GB / 7 TB200 GB / 14 TB500 GB / 19 TB1000 GB / 24 TB
OS ChoiceLinux / WindowsLinux / WindowsLinux / WindowsLinux / WindowsLinux / WindowsLinux / Windows
CPU Core / RAM1 / 512 MB2 / 2048 MB4 / 4096 MB4 / 8192 MB6 / 16384 MB8 / 32768 MB
Price from$8.00/mo$16.00/mo$30.00/mo$50.00/mo$90.00/mo$156.00/mo


Choice of server locations: 1) Chicago, USA, 2) Frankfurt, Germany, and 3) Johannesburg, South Africa.

* All cloud servers include DNS management, rDNS control, rescue mode, live stats, auto backups, advanced security features, permanent IP assignment, and other advanced networking features that give you a complete package.

What makes Host1Plus cloud servers different?

Host1Plus’s Cloud hosting servers stand out in the competition mainly due to these features: Host1Plus is providing a Custom ISO feature that allows to install your own customized OS to the VM.

Also, Host1Plus offers an in-house built API, unlimited number of IPv4 & IPv6 and a dedicated account manager for each client to assist and advice.

— Host1Plus Sales Manager, Juras Sadauskas

Host1Plus User Dashboard

This is the main dashboard at Host1Plus. Users can pay bills, manage DNS, ask for technical support, obtain API keys, and manage all the services they have purchased here.
A closer look in “Services” section. This is where you can login to cPanel, access webmail, and obtain your server information. Also, new SSL certificates, cPanel licenses, and other tools can be purchased in this section.
Inside cPanel of Host1Plus shared account – the same view you see in any cPanel front page.

Host1Plus Uptime Review

Here's the recent uptime record of my test site hosted at Host1Plus.

Host1Plus uptime record for the last three weeks. Test site was down for an hour due to a scheduled maintenance.

My Experience at Host1Plus: What I Like So Far?

1- Reliability

Host1Plus hosting service is extremely stable.

While the company promises 99.5% uptime in written terms, I’ve had 100% uptime (excluding the 1+ hour scheduled maintenance). The site has not gone down for the last 7 days at time of writing.

2- Price

When comparing Host1Plus with other hosts, it’s apparent that the market is becoming highly competitive.

My annual cost (should I need to pay for it) for the shared hosting account is $57.

Entry level VPS Plan, with 0.5 CPU core and 256 MB RAM,  is starting as low as $2.25/mo.

Cloud hosting starts as low as just $8/mo.

Host1Plus's prices are extremely competitive.

When compared to GoDaddy, which charges approximately $96 per year for its basic WordPress hosting plan, Host1Plus hosting is an excellent deal.

You'll be presented with several options when you sign up for Host1Plus hosting. The 12 months plan comes in a 5% discount when compared to the cost of the 6-month cycle. If you are signing up for 24 months, the discount would have increased to 10% and your cost for a shared hosting would go as low as $108 for two years. Host1Plus will allow you to sign up for a term as long as 36 months, when the discount increases to 15%.

3- In-House API

Host1Plus's in-house developed API for cloud servers has been in place since July 2016. The API allows users to schedule and manage backup and monitor CPU and bandwidth usage.

According to Juras Sadauskas, the current API version is being developed continuously aiming to improve Host1Plus users' experience and stay ahead of the competition.

The company preparing to introduce an API for VPS, launch revamped Cloud Servers API, and introduce a new WHMCS Billing system’s module that allows users to have a full control with the service and will simplify the reselling process.

The aim of these 3 new API features is to improve the client’s experience by simplifying the structure, improving the overall functionality and making the services more handy to resell. Host1Plus is hosting the clients’ success so it is really important to stay in line with the clients’ needs and the newest technologies.

— Host1Plus Sales Manager, Juras Sadauskas

4- Choices in Server Locations

Host1Plus' shared hosting users, paying as low as $5/mo, get to choose server location between Brazil, Germany, or USA.

The distance between web server and the user affects your website loading time. The closer your server is to your majority visitors, the faster your site loads from a user's perceptive.

Note – If you are aiming for web hosts below $5/mo, you can look out for cheaper hosting options in my other article. 

Server location feature is usually available in higher range hosting services only. It's very generous of Host1Plus to include this feature in their shared hosting plans.

Important to Know

1- Host1Plus Longer Billing Cycle Discount

When choosing a package, customers can obtain a discount for longer billing cycles.

For instance, get up to 20% off VPS hosting and cloud servers for billing cycles ranging from 3 to 24 months. The longer the billing cycle, the higher the discount. Web hosting customers can receive a discount of up to 15% for billing cycles ranging from 6 to 24 months.

Opting for shorter billing cycles will cost you more, but Host1Plus is very transparent about the discounts, so you can make the right decision for you.

2- Unlimited Resources Policy

As with all other unlimited hosting services, Host1Plus's unlimited hosting is “limited” by the tiny prints in company's term of service.

3. Unlimited Resources Policy

3.1.Shared hosting services are designed for small to medium size personal, business, organization websites. Shared hosting resources may be used for active email, web files and content of the User’s website(s) only.

3.3.The Provider does not limit disk space resources but applies a limited amount of inode resources depending on the shared hosting plan.

Unfortunately, I can't find specific numbers on CPU or RAM or inode limitations.

Conclusion: Host1Plus = Highly Recommended

A quick search for reviews on the company shows that it’s striving to compete with the big guys, which is obvious through its average rating of 4.5 stars in customer reviews.

In short, Host1Plus is an all-rounder host that suits the needs of bloggers as well as small-to-medium sized businesses.

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