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Reviewed by: Jerry Low . .
  • Review Updated: Oct 21, 2020
B3 Hosting
Plan in review: B3 Starter
Reviewed by: Jerry Low
Review Updated: October 21, 2020
B3 has changed its business focus and no longer provide stand-alone hosting services. The company's current focus - B3 Platform - is a site builder that lets you create and maintain websites easily.

Important update

B3 no longer offers stand-alone hosting services at this time of writing. Users who are looking for an affordable hosting service are recommended to check out A2 Hosting, InMotion Hosting, Hostgator, and Web Host Face.



This is non-tested hosting review. I am not a B3 Website customer, this review is written solely based on research from the outside – including testing the company's chat support and interviewing some of the staffs via email. The web hosting solutions landscape continues to evolve with new offerings, service levels and, of course, providers. One of the newest players to join the game is B3 Website, a Cyprus-based provider that just domain registered on January 1, 2014.

About B3 Website Hosting

B3 Website (https://b3website.com/) is part of Beyond 3000 Ltd., a company founded by Harry Antoniades in September, 2006.

Beyond 3000 moved its headquarters to Cyprus in 2008 and has continued solid growth over the past several years that has led to launching a unique content management system, “B3 CMS,” not to mention the web hosting company, B3 website.

B3 provides web hosting services throughout Cyprus, the United States, and the United Kingdom and and as claimed by our interviewee, is one of the fastest-growing companies in Cyprus. Beyond its claims of exemplary customer service and support, the company stakes pride and commitment to carefully maintaining quality servers that are not oversold or overloaded – a unique offering in this arena.

Since B3’s roots include web developer origins, the company works to conquer the challenges that its sister organizations experienced, such as slow load times due to overloaded servers. The company recognizes that not everyone is a tech guru and that lots of potential clients have a limited working knowledge of web hosting. Rather than exploit that, B3’s website makes securing the right hosting solution easy through directness and clear plans and features. For example, the provider supports clients using WordPress through WordPress hosting services – very easy-to-understand for any knowledge level.

Kyriacos, B3 Website is very new, what makes the web host better than the rest?

Kyriacos Constantinou
Kyriacos Constantinou

A long time ago, before we even decided to provide our services to the world we just wanted to create small websites for ourselves and different clients therefore we were purchasing hosting from various, “best” hosting companies.

No Over-crowded Servers

In the beginning, everything was great. However, in the long run we were facing different problems we could neither solve on our own nor with support. One of the major issues was that, the websites sometimes were too slow. We found many reasons for this issue, although the main one was that the servers we were hosted on were heavily loaded with websites.

We have changed in a lot of hosting companies to find the one that would suite our needs. Sometimes, we had purchases hosting in a different country which did not have live chat and provided only telephone line which was too expensive to call for issues regarding hosting.

Therefore we decided to purchase dedicated server so that we could be satisfied with the speed and build the server from scratch. Once we were ready, a lot of clients in Cyprus moved their websites on our server due to the fact that it was much faster and we were there to support them instantly.

Speed and Support

We noticed that a lot of clients were satisfied with the webhosting speed and support. Since we had bad experiences in the past as web developers, we took into huge consideration the overloading of the server. We care about both the quality and quantity of customers that is why we balance everything to have stabled servers.

When we decided to take B3 online globally we wanted to make a website which was simple and fast. Our team checked a lot of the major competitors’ websites and we have noticed that there were some major giants in the market. However, the market is huge and we can provide the same or even better services as we grow. Our goal is to provide stable fast webhosting plans with friendly support. In addition to this, we will always consider how many websites are on each server and keep the servers stable in the long run.

Since we are directly involved with people with limited amount of knowledge on web hosting as we were in the beginning we are doing our best to provide a website which is simple and direct. In addition, we are providing fast instant setup and support to people that use WordPress hosting to create their blog or website.

Our team is always seeking of ways to make things simpler and stay close to the evolution of technology providing new services to have everyone satisfied with what they purchas

B3 Website Hosting Plans

Given its newness, B3 offers only shared hosting services at this time, but does have plans to launch cloud-based hosting services in the near future. The scalable service comes in four different options, with pricing ranging from €2.99 to €19.99 per month.

The B3 starter plan starts at €2.99 per month. It includes on domain, 50 email accounts, 5 GB monthly storage space, and one FTP account.

The next plan up, B3 Pro, takes pricing to €5.99 per month with unlimited domains, monthly storage, FTP accounts, email accounts. The highest service level, B3 Premium and B3 Premium Pro, include unlimited everything plus free dedicated IP for pricing at just €9.99 and €19.99 per month.

All pricing is contingent on a three-year commitment and includes United Kingdom-based Linux servers that support various languages and features, including Apache, PHP, MySQL, and more. All plans rely on B3’s fully redundant network with enterprise-grade servers with multiple Quad Core CPUs.

Though B3 does not run its own data center, the company has partnered with “RedStation” data centers, located in United Kingdom. The B servers have a Dual Core 2.93Ghz (I3-530) processor, 16GB DDR3 ECC Memory and Unmetered 100Mbps Port / 100Mbps, guaranteed.


Domain Registration and SSL Certification

In addition to the hosting, B3 offers SSL and international (and select country-based) domain registration services.

SSL Certificate

There are three packages available for SSL service – Single Domain, Multi-Domain, and Wild Card – priced at €29.99, €79.99, and €99.99 annually (see image for reference).

b3 SSL

Domain Registration

The pricing varies depending on whether it is a new, transfer, or renewing domain, as well as by domain extension. For example, .com domains start at $10.50 per year, while .net domains start at $9 per year. United Kingdom domains are available, of note, as are .ru, .au, .nz, and other select country-based extensions


My Verdict on B3 Website

To be completely honest, it’s difficult to rate B3 website in one direction or another, given its newness – there aren’t yet ample reviews online and the site does not yet specify terms of service or a privacy policy. I personally do not hold a B3 website account, but am interested to see how this organization progresses over the next year.

B3 CMS Platform

That said, this hosting provider’s pricing is incredibly reasonable and includes tons of features that we do not typically see included with other US-based hosting companies. For example, B3 users have access to Installatron, a special one-click installation tool. Additionally, the hosting is BoxTrapper enabled. The parent company, B3 Beyond 3000 Ltd, works on a variety of web projects, including having developed the new B3 CMS Platform and bulk SMS services. This breadth does provide opportunities for the company’s growth, as well as a solid foundation.

Content Managment System B3Platform - selling at €239.99 for life time license.
Content Managment System B3Platform – selling at €239.99 for life time license.

Green Hosting

Notably, B3 website holds green credentials – RedStation, the company’s data center provider, has some of the best available green credentials for its centers and servers, based on efficiency.

Additional Offer in Future

The company certainly has its heels in the ground with a solid path forward. Over the next year, it plans to provide direct purchase SSL certificates. Additionally, it plans to offer domain and hosting purchase directly from its website in a way that will allow clients to instantly install “own-cloud”; this feature will enable clients to use phone apps to backup data and to access it from their computer or their phone.

B3 has numerous other goals for the coming year, including hopes to launch iPhone and Android apps, providing telephone support (it currently offers 24/7 live chat through its website), and to, in the long run, finish the CMS to offer web developers a marketplace with access to B3’s API and templates. The company also has plans to invest in client-facing materials, including a newsletter, informational videos, and step-by-step instructional documents.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, I like this hosting provider, but it is very new and difficult to judge the quality of the actual service due to the availability of information. With solid goals and in-process improvements, B3 has a great path forward and trajectory – hopefully in the near future, I can provide you with a more concrete recommendation.

In the meantime, if anyone has information about B3 they can share – particularly in the way of direct experience, please share!

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