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The thought of selling your online business or website may have come across your mind at some point in time. Perhaps this might be due to changing priorities but there are many reasons one may consider doing so.

If you’ve spent a good deal of time building up traffic to your site you may be surprised at what it’s worth. 

You might be sitting on a goldmine.

Use this quick valuation tool – brought to you exclusively by Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR) and Flippa, and find out how much your site is worth now.

Just answer a few simple questions and presto – you might be a millionaire!

How Much Your Website is Worth?

Start chat and get a free valuation of your website now!

Frequent Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for this valuation service?

Absolutely not! The service is provided by Flippa and it's completely free. You can make use of this tool as many times as you wish.

How does this valuation work?

Flippa is one of the largest market places to buy/sell web properties. In other words – they have tons of data. The valuation numbers were estimated based on your inputs compared to 1,000's of similar sites that were sold on Flippa as well as your business model, category, site age and many other factors.

Okay I am interested to sell my blog / website / business…

Unlike real life where lawyers need to get involved, cyberspace is more convenient. Thanks to third-party brokerage services and websites like Flippa, you can easily list and sell your web properties. 

Can I actually sell my website / business online?

Yes – selling a website or a business isn't as complicated as you may think. In fact, building and then flipping (re-selling) a website can be an extremely lucrative business. We did a study in the past and curated a list of websites that were valued and sold for over $100,000.

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