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Press Release Guide (1/3): Best Websites to Submit Your Startup PR

Best Websites to Submit Your Startup Press Release
Want get featured on these news outlets? Read on.

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You’ve just launched your new startup and are excited – or at least you should be. However, what good is launching a new business if nobody knows about it? There are tons of new companies every month; how will you get the attention your business needs? 

If you don’t take a strategic approach to Public Relations (PR) and marketing, it won’t be long before you see your business go down the drain. Press releases are one of the most effective ways to publicize your new startup.

What is a Press Releases

A press release is a short yet compelling document that features a newsworthy story. Once crafted, you send it to media outlets, PR distribution agencies, or simply post it on your website for public viewing.

See Press Release Examples here.

Writing Press Releases

Writing press releases is a valuable skill set that can help propel your startup into the spotlight of the relevant industry influencers and journalists. Your press release is more than just a mere announcement; it’s your way of inviting them to learn more about the message you want to share. 

However, issuing a press release doesn't necessarily mean that the media will automatically run with it. You need to ensure that your press release is interesting enough to pique interest.

Submitting Press Releases

A press release submission refers to writing about something and submitting it for consideration. The traditional way of handling this is by sending it to news outlets. Today, there are other options, such as press release submission sites.

These platforms serve as distribution points for press releases, with many journalists using them as a resource for newsworthy stories to cover. Using them helps increase the distribution potential for your press releases.

How to Submit Press Releases

In general, there are two ways to get your press releases out there:

Method #1: Agency Method

The PR agency that will undertake all the effort of writing, editing, and submission, all in one place. 

Method #2: DIY PR Submission Sites

For DIY PR Submission Sites, you can write your own press release and submit via the DIY PR submission sites. have to write and edit the copy yourself. Once the press is ready, the steps involved are easy. Most allow you to copy and paste your content into an online text editor then upload any multimedia you want to include. You can also add hyperlinks – but most sites will label them “nofollow” links.

Method #1: Press Release Agency

PR Agencies often include top news publications in their list, such as Google / Yahoo! News. Some, like WebRevenue, even include personal outreach – with their staff pitching your press release to individual sites. While the breadth of such services seldom matches a mass distribution site, it can be tremendously more effective.

Here are some examples of two different marketing/press release distribution sites with different working models:



SiteTrail is a popularly used platform where you can get more visibility for your business. Their packages include writing and distribution efforts with unique editorial twists that can help boost your reach across media outlets.



Another platform to explore would be WebRevenue; a Malaysia-based company streamlined to construct effective digital marketing plans to help increase your reach in cyberspace. Rather than a “spray and pray” methodology, WebRevenue targets distribution points more strategically, resulting in a better value. 

Method #2: DIY Press Release Submission Websites

Paid DIY PR Submission Websites

Here are some popularly-used paid online press release submission sites.

CompanyDomestic PRInternational PRKey Features
Newswire$199$949Comprehensive media database; build a custom audience for your message; analytics tools to track campaign success. Networks include Google News, Business Journals Network, Reuters and AP outreach and a range of multimedia per release.

For Domestic
  • PR Newswire Digital - $199
  • Newswire Digital Plus - $449
  • Newswire Digital State - $499
  • Newswire Digital National - $799
For International PR
  • Newswire Global - $1649
  • Newswire Canada - $649
  • Newswire Asia - $649
  • Newswire UK - $649
  • Newswire Latin America - $949
24-7 Press Release$49$49Multimedia can be embedded for higher tier packages; real time news content. Free news widget RSS feed included.

Domestic PR
  • Visibility Boost - $49/Release
  • PR Network PLUS - $89/Release
  • Integrated Media PRO - $139/Release
  • Mass Media Visibility - $389/Release
International PR
  • Visibility Boost - $49/Release
  • PR Network PLUS - $89/Release
  • Integrated Media PRO - $139/Release
  • Mass Media Visibility - $389/Release
PR Newswire$1,000$1,000/ReleaseAccess to around 4,000 websites, 3,000 media outlets, 550 news content systems.

For both International & Domestic PR
  • Around $1,000/Release (to confirm, best to contact them directly)
Business Wire$800$800Distribution options cover around 193 industries and trades; global reach available with support more than 20 languages.

For both International & Domestic PR
  • Around $800/Release and upwards
eReleases$299$299Touts itself as a traditional press release distribution company. Releases are up to 400 words Sent to over 4700 syndicated submission sites.

For both International & Domestic PR
  • Buzz Builder™ - $299
  • Newsmaker™ - $399 P
  • R Pro™ - $599"
Market Wired$460$460Outreach can target global news media, trade media or speciality media. Tailored towards investor relations available.

For both International & Domestic PR
  • Around $460/Release (to confirm, best to contact them directly)
EIN Presswire$49.95$49.95With SEO and RSS feeds An impressive mix of publications (both online and offline) and broadcast media.
  • Basic - $49.95/Release
  • Pro - $249 (5 Releases)
  • Pro+ - $399 (10 Releases)
  • Corporate - $999 (50 Releases)

Free DIY Press Release Submission Websites

Although the utility of free press release distribution sites is questionable, you may like to try some out as a testing ground.

There are notable differences between paid and free press release sites that you should know before making any decision.

Nothing comes for free in this world, and if they do, there are sure to be some restrictions and shortcomings. Many free or cheaper press release distribution sites opt for a very bland methodology of distributing and hoping for coverage. This method often fails to reach a sizeable audience, resulting in effort loss. 

1. Online PR News

Online PR News

Online PR News is probably the most established out of all the free press release submissions sites. You’ll be glad to know that its free online press releases go live for 90 days with SEO support. But if you want to get more, they offer lots of upgrades to different levels of exposure and distribution.

2. PR Free

PR Free

With over ten years of experience, PR Free is indeed another great freemium press release distribution service. They aim primarily to help small and medium-sized businesses optimize their online marketing strategies. Their free service allows you to use hyperlinks, search engine indexing, and social share buttons.

3. PR Fire

PR fire

PR Fire is a pretty straightforward and solid press release submission site. Anyone can create an account and upload the content. You get to choose from three categories, with the basic being free. You can add links and featured images, but your release may not be published if it does not pass their editorial checks. 

Once approved, your release will be published on ‘prfire.co.uk’ only. As you can see, the free service is limited, as it only publishes your release on its platform, which Google then indexes. You can opt for the higher-tiered packages, which come at a price.

4. PR.com


PR.com is a cross between a public relations and advertising company. Aside from offering press release distribution services, PR.com provides other services as well. Although the free service comes with RSS feeds, the distribution coverage is limited to pr.com and some third-party news sites. If you’re willing to pay, you’ll get more with a broader outreach and more robust services. 

5. PR Log

PR Log

PR Log is a free press release distribution service that is highly rated by many. The free service is pretty solid overall. They allow you to include links, media, select targeted locations, industry, and tag listings. They even provide SEO optimization features for your release and have spam protection on your email address.

The free service distributes your release to search engines. You can also get discounted distribution to news sites and journalists, social media integration, and customizable real-time daily or weekly alerts.


Press releases are plenty helpful and can help heaps in generating the publicity and coverage you need. However, writing the press release is just half the battle as the second part is equally crucial; you need to ensure your release reaches far enough and to the right audience.

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