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How Do You Create A PopUp Contact Form ?

Contact forms are awesome! They permit anyone who likes/dislikes or has an opinion about the content on your site to get in touch with you.

And far more importantly, they allow people interested doing business with you to get in touch. I speak from personal experience.

In this tutorial, I'll teach you a few tricks to get your contact form to pop up when you need it. But before that I'd like to establish why contact forms are a truly powerful tool in your site's business arsenal.

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Contact Forms Are Essential

I am a freelance writer, I started writing when I was a sophomore at college. The first gig I ever got, I had to apply to at least 50 jobs on Elance. It was hell. Soon after that, one of my friends, who was aware of my freelancing, offered me a job as a writer with a WordPress backup provider, BlogVault.

Every job I landed after that I've done so by contacting the websites via contact forms.

I do not have my own website where I can advertise my services and display my portfolio. I use LinkedIn to display my work portfolio. None of the websites I currently write for would ever have heard from me, if they hadn't had a contact form readily accessible.

As a result, I get some dough for my work and the client, aka “the website with a contact form” gets good content.

This is just an example. You never know what you'll miss out on, if you do not have a readily accessible contact form. There may be an investor who's interested in funding your site's mission.We wouldn't want them to search too much, would we?

Now there are few scenarios where you may want to prompt a visitor to use the contact form. We'll get to that, first we need a good contact form plugin.

Get A Good Contact Form Plugin – Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

1. Install and activate the plugin (link below).

2. In your WordPress admin panel, open Contact > Add New. Customize the message you want to convey to the visitor as per requirements.

Contact Form 7 new form

3. You'll obtain a shortcode that can be inserted to display the contact form. Copy it and set it aside for now.

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Popup Maker

In my opinion, the plugin of choice for creating popups is Popup Maker.

Popup Maker

1. Install & activate the plugin (link below).

2. Open Popup Maker > Add New.


3. Create the new popup and paste the shortcode you had previously copied from Contact Form 7.

COpiedShortCode& publishedpopup

As you can see, the popup maker's settings are quite extensive. You can choose the size, overlay features, animations, position of the popup and how the popup can be closed by a visitor. The plugin permits you to select where and when the popup will appear. This process is pretty intuitive.

One feature I like a lot about Popup Maker is the ability to utilize cookies. If you select the option under Auto Open Settings, then the following options open up.


You can add a cookie to prevent the popup from constantly appearing for a frequent visitor to your site. This is a must, you wouldn't want to annoy a loyal reader with incessant popups.

And finally, you get a popup contact form.


It doesn't look spectacular, but that shouldn't take anything away from the much needed purpose it serves. And with a bit of work on the CSS, you can make it look great.

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A Smart Combination

This combination of plugins ( Contact Form 7 + Popup Maker ) should serve you very well.

I'll give you two alternate choices for popup plugins, if you ever need them. Popups and PopUp by Supsystic are very good plugins to create popups.

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