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Monday.com Review: Is It Right For Your Organization?

Company: Monday.com

Background: Monday.com is a work management tool that helps teams manage and keep track of their tasks; it sports a colorful and appealing interface that gives you flexibility in organizing your work. Their workflows are customizable, which helps adapt to various approaches that different teams undertake in their projects.

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Review Summary & Ratings


Monday.com certainly appeals in its colorful and attractive interface that showcases a highly customizable visual table of rows and columns; similar to spreadsheets, your team members log and update their tasks in these them so that everyone knows what is happening. 

How Monday.com Works?

Monday.com typically uses drag and drop, and the rest automatically synchronizes with other related fields. It is easy to use with many templates (more than 200) that you can explore and customize for each type of business. I was especially intrigued with the different colored llamas that inform you of various status updates; such visuals make the job easier.

Pros: What I Liked About Monday.com

1. Simple Onboarding

Onboarding at Monday.com is easy.
Onboarding at Monday.com is easy.

Monday.com offers a 14-day free trial that you can explore. The onboarding experience is pretty straightforward, with clear instructions, and I liked that no credit card information is required. You input your email, name, and password to proceed.  

Then, answer a few questions about your business and needs, after which you will arrive at the dashboard. The layout is clean and very pleasing, with everything in its rightful place. There are built-in pop-up hints to guide you on your first try, which is helpful. The ‘Help’ button on the left side panel is where you can find more video tutorials and guides. So, rest easy, Monday.com has thought it through for you.

2. Ready-made Templates

Over 200 customizable templates for you to use.
Over 200 customizable templates for you to use.

I love the fact that there are so many ready-made templates that I can customize to suit my workflows. Monday.com has covered everything from marketing, project management, sales & CRM, software development, products management, HR, and more. These templates come in real handy, especially when in a rush.

Not only do they save you significant time, but they also make it easy for you to get the work rolling. Also, such templates are suited to even more complicated projects, so use them confidently. 

3. Easy to Use and Convenient

Monday.com main dashboard
Monday.com main dashboard

On Monday.com, there are workspaces and boards with their respective tasks and sub-tasks. Each worksheet represents a board and a project. The rows represent the various tasks, and the related fields that contain different data types (people, status, dates, and others) are in the respective columns. 

At first glance, the layout designs are colorful with big buttons that make for easy navigation. The inbox is at the top, followed by your recent projects and workspace. The left side panel contains icons that include Notifications, Favourites, Inbox, Apps, and more. 

Monday.com supports Android and iOS devices; this is especially useful when many work on the move. So, download Monday.com’s mobile apps and manage tasks easily on your mobile devices.

Newbies have it easy with the built-in hints to help kick start things, while the more tech-savvy people will find it fulfilling to tackle the more complicated digital workspace functions. 

4. Flexible Project Visualisation

Clear project visualization.

Once you have a project onboard Monday.com, the tool interprets your data into different views and formats. The team member chooses which view format suits them best – macro-level, daily tasks, zoom in and out, or others. You have different viewing options depending on your paid plan. 

The Standard plan allows you to have Timeline, Gantt, and Calendar views, whereas the higher plans give you the flexibility to enjoy more private boards and chart views.

5. Automations

Automate your tasks, notifications, status changes, and more. 
Automate your tasks, notifications, status changes, and more. 

Perhaps, one of the most crucial features businesses look for in any work management tool is automation. Companies want to automate repetitive tasks so that they are free to focus on other pressing matters. Monday.com shines in its user-friendly workflow automation

The automation is “pre-baked,” so all you need to do is activate them. The triggers and actions are pre-programmed, making them intuitive and easy to use. The automation options are also categorized clearly to make it easy to find what you need. Just enable the one you want and follow the steps to finish configuring it. 

Also, if you are more adventurous, you can design and build custom automation from scratch. A tutorial guides you through the process and is straightforward enough that just about anyone can do this. 

I find the automation impressive as it is not only easy but saves a significant amount of time while ensuring tasks are tracked to a tee without hiccups. However, automation is only available for the Standard plan and above.

6. Extensive Integrations

Integrations are aplenty with Monday.com
Integrations are aplenty with Monday.com

I find the number of third-party apps that Monday.com can work with simply impressive. The automation can connect with these integrated apps, making work more seamless. Integrating with other business tools in the market helps streamline your work management processes. 

With the correct integrations in place, syncing with other popular tools such as Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Facebook, Trello, Outlook, Asana, Stripe, and others means everything runs like clockwork, saving time and reducing much hassle. 

7. Customer Support

From within the dashboard, you have access to video tutorials, webinars, a community forum, online guides, and also email support.
From within the dashboard, you have access to video tutorials, webinars, a community forum, online guides, and also email support.

You can access Monday.com’s support team via a contact form on their website. I do not see a live chat option, though. However, their Knowledge Centre is comprehensive – a robust library of information that you will find helpful. There’s also a community forum that you can participate in. 

Trustpilot rated Monday.com as favorable, with a few complaining that their customer support was slow and unpleasant. That said, most praised the tool and the outstanding support received. 

Cons: What I Disliked About Monday.com

1. Limited Features on Entry-Level Plans

Although Monday.com explodes with many powerful and useful features, most of these essential ones are only available in the higher-tiered plans – integrations, automation, time-tracking, dependency, and more view options. Those who emphasize security must consider their Pro or Enterprise plans to enjoy more security options.

So, those who run on a tight budget will have to do without these features. Unless you are willing to go for their higher-tiered plans, you may find their entry-level paid plans insufficient. 

2. Slow Speed

When using Monday.com, I often experienced laggy speeds, which were frustrating; it took several seconds for the dashboard to load completely. This could be a deal-breaker if you are in a rush for time. There could be other influencing factors with loading speeds, but I cannot help but highlight this slow speed factor as it happened frequently and throughout several days. 

Monday.com Plans and Pricing 

Monday.com Plans and Pricing
Monday.com Plans and Pricing

Is There A Free Option For Monday.com?

Yes! The good news is that Monday.com's pricing starts from a great free forever plan that allows up to five seats, three boards, unlimited documents, access to their massive number of templates, and others. However, your storage is pretty dismal at 500MB. There’s not much we can complain about, since it is free. If you’re starting, the free plan sounds enticing enough.

Monday.com’s most popular plan is the Standard plan at $10/month. Most would gravitate towards this plan seeing that the difference is a minimal $2/month compared with the Basic plan. Also, with 20GB of storage space and more features (automation, integrations, more view options) in play, the difference of $2/month seems worth it. If you need time-tracking, the Standard plan won’t cut it. You have to look at the Pro plan at $16/month. 

If your company runs many complicated projects simultaneously, you may need to look at the Enterprise plan. This plan includes Single Sign On (SSO) for Okta, One login, Azure AD, Custom SAML, Health Insurance Portability, and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliance, IP restrictions, enterprise reporting and analytics, and more. However, you have to contact them directly for a quote. 

Monday.com encourages you to opt for the annual plan as there is an 18% discount when you do so. There is a 14-day free trial with no credit card needed, and you will be on their Pro plan during the trial. 

Verdict: Is Monday.com for Me?

Monday.com is versatile enough for teams across industries of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re just wetting your feet or a member of an organization with many complicated projects, Monday.com’s visually appealing and intuitive interface with powerful features and customization capabilities has you covered. 

Although their paid plans cover the uses of a broad range of users, bear in mind that the entry-level plans are somewhat shallow. Hence, you must know your current and future business needs to help you make a well-informed decision.

Click here to visit Monday.com online.

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