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Choosing your hosting provider can become an easy task once you’ve sorted your requirements out. However, from the wide range of providers out there, making the right selection is a tricky choice. It’s not necessary for you to know all the features of the hosting services thoroughly but basic knowledge of a few can get you a long way in making the right decision. Therefore, if you choose a hosting service that provides you reliability, scalability, essential technicalities and a high level of support, you’re on way to making a good choice for yourself!

Following are some indicators which can help you determine if the service you’re going for is a great hosting provider or not,


A great hosting provider will offer a top of the notch reliable server uptime of 99% in its package along with fast internet connection for your server to run on.

A lack of confidence is shown by any provider who claims an uptime below 99% and hence such a setup should be avoided. It’s important for customers and providers to build a relationship of trust among them and for you to believe that what your provider promises you will be delivered to the fullest. Reliable web hosting services invent in high performance servers for their infrastructures and may also stay connected to multiple high speed back-ups for optimum results.

Also, word-of-mouth matters a lot. A great hosting provider works hard to maintain goodwill amongst its competitors in the market. A good word-of-mouth is only related with good service!

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Scalability – Room To Grow

It’s a norm that the potential of a web hosting server is usually underestimated at the time of setting up. It’s important for you to know how much your business can grow thus, it’s important to choose a hosting provider who provides you with enough scalability to cater your needs when you expand your business. This also implies that you choose that provider which also offers scalability in hardware facilities as well since you may develop the need of acquiring one or more web server or processing power.

For example, you may want to start off with the cheapest and most basic package available because you’re just a novice set out for an adventure. Gradually, as you meet success, you may want to add more features and programs to your website which require greater space for functionality. At that moment, you may not want to get stuck at a limited server capacity. Hence, choose your provider wisely.

Essential Technicalities

Essential technicalities are the provisions you require for the basic setup of your website and should be included in any hosting provider you choose. These are,

Disk Space :

Like mentioned earlier, you may want to opt for a web hosting service that provides you scalability with space making it convenient for you to grow. Most of the services providers provide unlimited space even with their cheapest packages.

Bandwidth :

The amount of bandwidth needed is typically determined by traffic to a site. You wouldn’t want your website to slow down or crash when the traffic becomes higher because we have all heard similar stories with emerging businesses. Always choose a provider which offers unlimited bandwidth.

Technical Limitations

Have a good look at the kind of a website you’re going to develop. Here are a few types of websites that you may be looking in to;

  • You’re hosting a blog.
  • You are developing an e-commerce website.
  • Your website is heavy on content
  • You are hosting a video streaming website

If you’re planning to develop any of the above mentioned websites then make sure to not go for any cheap hosting provider. The reason behind it is that a cheap hosting provider may not have enough RAM to support your website or you’ll be left spending most of your time trying to upstream and troubleshoot. Technically, your website should adhere to the following features to be a user-friendly website,

  • Loads efficiently
  • Does not crash
  • Downloads are time effective
  • Supports greater bandwidth for smooth functionality

Customer Support

Last but not the least and yes, the most important is the customer support that your provider gives you. Setting up websites face a lot of difficulties during the initial days and hence, one needs consistent support from their hosting providers to keep the process rolling. One that offers a 24/7 customer support is the most recommendable since you don’t want to end up with a crashed website over the holidays and no helping hands to get it back up! Once you’ve found a hosting provider catering to all the above requirements, you can negotiate on the terms and conditions feasible for you. The relationship you have with your hosting providers goes a long way, hence make sure it’s more of a convenience than a pain!

Happy hosting :)

To summarize, an ideal hosting provider is the one which provides lightening fast reliable hosting even during traffic spikes! In short,

  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Gives 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Free 24/7 customer support, on the go!
  • Easy setup.

Some recommendation – BlueHost, iPage, Altus Host, GreenGeeks, and Arvixe for budget hosting options; for those who don’t mind paying a little extra (but very good quality): InMotion Hosting, Pressidium, MDD hosting, and A2 Hosting.

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