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  • Jan 28, 2014

How To Pick The Right Web Host To Suit Your Needs

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There are an estimated 200 million web sites on the internet, not including single blogs, blogposts, or unrecognized sites. Of those 200 million, you have thousands of web hosting sites to choose from. So you ask, “How do I choose the right one?” Well that’s what I’m going to go over. Your main goal is to choose the right host to suit your particular needs. I will not recommend any single host, but give you a top 5 to choose from depending on your needs.

Determine the best host

Choosing the right host is simple, but one of the most important parts to choosing a really good web host is first deciding what kind of website you have, and then doing some research on how different web hosts will provide the needs. When you visit a web hosting web site, they are going to throw a lot of numbers at you; this is important, but alone should not influence your decision.

7 Things That You Should Check Into Before Choosing Your Host

  1. Uptime – What is the average uptime for the host, usually 99.5
  2. Disk space – How much on-site space do you need
  3. Bandwidth – Are you going to host videos, files, or transfer a lot of items?
  4. Features – Are there any particular features your site requires
  5. Service – Does the host have the services you need?
  6. Support – Help is going to be needed someday, will they be there?
  7. Performance – Will the host handle your predicted user base?

Now figure a few things out. What type of website do you have or want? Do you have an e-commerce site, an informational site, or just a personal page? This is very important when determining the type of web hosting would be best for you.

There are free plans out that are nice, but you can expect to have ads on your site from the web host. If this doesn’t bother you, then the free plans will work for you. If you don’t want any ads from third party websites, then you will need to pay for your service. These plans range in price, but are very affordable. Prices generally vary depending on the features, bandwidth, and disk space offered by the web host.

For those people looking to put an e-commerce site, or other larger sites onto the Internet, you would want a dedicated hosting plan. This type of plan is much more expensive than a shared hosting plan, but you get a lot more bang for the buck, so to say. A dedicated hosting plan means that you will be the only one using a certain server, this means better performance for your website, compared to shared hosting, sharing the server with multiple users.

When choosing this type of hosting plan, make sure it includes support for various types of scripts which will enhance the look and feel of your website. A dedicated hosting plan just allows you to have more control than a shared hosting plan, because you are actually leasing the entire server from the hosting company.

An informed buyer is a smart buyer. All you have to do is put it to action. That’s all there is to it. Welcome to the world of web hosting and good luck.

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