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  • Updated: Jun 29, 2013
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After sleepless nights and busy days, you have finally created your own website. You spend so much time and energy deciding on your domain name, researching for your niche and keywords, and even shell out some money to ensure that the design matches your content. And now, you are ready to go online, except you do not know which web hosting company you will choose.

Here are 15 things you have to consider when choosing a website hosting company:

1. Consider the Price

This is the first on the list, not only because it is very important but we do not want you paying more than what you are getting. But then again, you do not have to grab the cheapest one that comes along. The keyword here is compare. List at least 5 affordable web hosting services and compare their features and prices. Choose the one that offers you value for your money.

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2. Find that perfect match

Like a pair of jeans, not all size and style will fit you, choosing a web hosting requires you to find the one that matches your needs. Some company may be offering services that you do not need or others may be providing you with solutions that are absolutely not needed or applicable on your website.

3. Know the limits

Think if the web hosting company can accommodate all your needs. If you are launching a fully loaded e-commerce website with heavy content and animated graphics, then you should not get a web hosting company that will not be able provide the disk space, bandwidth, and other processing power that your website needs to operate fully.

4. Ensure Tech Support

The website hosting company should offer you free technical support of trained and friendly staff available 24/7.

5. Check the added features

Find out what other add-ons the company is giving you and if these features are necessary for your website.

6. Ask the kind of hardware

You would want to have your website be hosted on premium virtual machines. You do not to risk your website with company that uses hardware of questionable quality.

7. Check out what others are saying

You should research for customer reviews and feedbacks on web hosting companies. And do not limit your searches to the company’s website or affiliate sites. Go to discussion forums and other independent blogs (like this one, WHSR ;)) – you might find something juicy there.

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8. Know email features

This is important in managing communications with your customers, tracking down transactions, as well as in preventing spam problem.

9. Demand security

You do not want your website to be hacked, vandalized, and looted by unscrupulous people. Ask what security features and options can the company give you and compare it with other company’s security features. We do not want you losing control over your data. We want them safe and secured.

10. Evaluate reliability

Find out the company’s web hosting reputation online. Go for the one that has a good track record and has created a niche in the industry. Be wary of new webhosting company as they might just disappear on you without warning.

11. Test performance

As performance is directly related to the kind of hardware use by the company, you have to double check the claims of the website hosting company on the hardware they use. Avoid a company that uses outdated machines or a slow internet connection for its information center. Choose the one that can perform and deliver the best result in fastest possible time.

12. Check user interface

The control panel should allow you to do basic website management by yourself even without calling customer service. The user interface should allow you to set up FTP accounts and install WordPress easily. It should be easily navigated and use. If you have difficulty understanding the control panel, then you will also have a hard time managing your website.

13. Look for room to grow

While your website hosting needs may seem simple and little for now, you should consider future growth. Thus, it is important to choose a website hosting company that provides you an opportunity to expand the operations and applications of your website.

14. Know the script

Make sure that the web hosting company uses language that supports the script required to operate your website.

15. Identify your options

Make sure you are given options for additional services such as upgrades for bigger bandwidth and disk space as the need arises. This is important as your business grows you will be requiring more services.

With so many web hosting companies available, it is understandable that you are having a problem choosing one. You might have ask friends and families what they recommend or you could have spend some time on forums to find out the best features and flaws of some web hosting company. Remember to choose the web hosting company that suits your budget and your website’s needs.

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