Can I use a Unix host if I’m using Windows/Mac on my laptop?

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  • Updated: Jun 04, 2015

Definitely yes!

The operating system in your laptop or desktop is not relevant to the server operating system at all. You can be using Unix or Window OS on your server, while running another different OS at your local computer.

Then how do I use my web hosting server?

The basics are pretty simple. Webmaster normally create the web page on their local PC (like using Front Page and Dreamweaver) and then upload the files to the server via FTP, which is platform independent (yes, this means regardless on your PC or server’s OS).

In case you are not familiar with FTP, you can even use the web-based file manager to upload your file on a web browser (like Internet Explorer and FireFox)! Web host like Hostmonster, BlueHost, Hostgator, Lunarpages… they all offer such a ‘file manager’ feature where all your file uploads can be done easily.

Am I questioning too much?

It’s normal that you will question a lot when you are learning to host your website online. It’s always like ready, aim, aim, aim, and you’ll never shoot when you think (aim) too much. Recalling back when I first started in hosting website, the keypoint is not to read reviews nor online tutorial; the keypoint is to get a hosting and START hosting your website.

Sure you’ll get all the obstacles and problems coming to you along the way but that’s how you get smart. It’s seriously no point to read another 247th Q&A blogpost or tutorial but never start doing something.

Take your shot, you’ll learn fast along the way. For budget hosting, Dot5 Hosting is having a great promotion where you just need to pay $3.95/mo to have unlimited hosting storage/bandwidth; while in case you are looking for a really reliable and reputable, BlueHost and FatCow are recommended.

Article by Jerry Low

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