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  • Updated: Jun 04, 2015

In connection with comparing different web hosting services, this article will attempt to identify the similarities and differences in Apollo and Hostmonster services.

Both are very well known names in the web hosting circles with a huge clientele, i.e. Apollo hosts +165,000 domains and Hostmonster’s account is credited with +350,000 domains hosted with it. Since web hosting is a very competitive industry, any host with +100,000 hosted sites can be considered as one of the industry leaders.

Basic Hosting Features

Before we go any further in comparing the two, let’s have a look on Apollo and Hostmonster hosting features and package pricing.

Apollo Hosting

Pricing Details
12 months plan (Prepaid) $7.96/mo
24 months plan (Prepaid) $6.97/mo
Disk Space 50GB
Monthly Bandwidth 500GB
Free Domain Name No


Pricing Details
12 months plan (Prepaid) $7.95/mo
24 months plan (Prepaid) $6.95/mo
Disk Space Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited
Free Domain Name Yes, forever!

In a quick glance, you’ll notice that the price of Apollo Hosting is almost the same with Hostmonster; however the disk storage and bandwidth offer is what differs the most.

Apollo Hosting offer 50GB disk storage along with 500GB bandwidth transfer; while Hostmonster’s offering unlimited disk storage space and bandwidth transfer.

HostMonster is better than Apollo Hosting, here’s why.

Both are big names in the industry, but why do most of the people prefer or recommend Hostmonster? Does Hostmonster spend more on marketing, or it’s cheaper than Apollo? Or is there any other reason for Hostmonster to stand different?

The reasons are actually different, yet simple, and here’re some of them:

  • Hostmonster provides with 24/7 support that is completely in house. The in house support means, your query is processed for the solution at an instance, with no delay.
  • Hostmonster allows users to cancel their account anytime with no cancellation fees. There’s no long term contact sort of thing at all.
  • It also provides free search engine submission for the hosted site.
  • It excels in providing most secured ecommerce hosting, i.e. password protected directories and instant backup.
  • And above all the server uptime makes it much desired.

Hostmonster is different, but that doesn’t mean Apollo isn’t. Apollo also comes with some distinguished features like, free and variety of paid website marketing and site move services. Apollo is an equally good choice for ecommerce sites, but if your site is looking for audio and video streaming with best multimedia functionalities, then there’s no comparison of Hostmonster.

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