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Winter is still hanging on and much of our readership has felt the cold temperatures. The polar vortex has caused record lows across much of the United States map and some areas have seen record snowfall. Still, even with the extreme weather, February has been a productive month around WHSR. Jerry Low, WHSR’s founder, started the month with a Chinese New Year Celebration while I spent a long weekend in Nashville, Tennessee celebrating my 24th wedding anniversary with my husband and some close friends. Amidst all the celebrating, WHSR published some truly helpful guides for our readers.

Web Hosting Guide

If you’re looking for information on just what type of hosting you need for your website, you’ll want to check out Jerry Low’s infographic Shared vs. VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud Hosting. Then, once you decide on a hosting platform, find out the 7 Silliest Web Hosting Features and why you probably don’t need them, including “unlimited hosting space”. We’ve talked before about how having unlimited website space is not truly possible as all servers have some sort of limitation. Once your server is chosen, check out Jerry Low’s review of Elegant Themes and see what the pros and cons are of using one of their themes to design your site.

Social Media & Web Marketing

February was also a month where we took another look at how you can grow your site through blogging and social media. We featured a guest post about the top 10 Pinterest boards you must follow if you’re serious about using social media to promote your business, including SocialMedia.nl Infographics and Facebook Marketing Tips. Speaking of guest posts, our regular contributor Luana Spinetti wrote a piece on why guest posts are a clever idea that will make you look at guest posts in a completely different light.

When you’re ready to write up a few blog posts of your own, our article on How to Pick the Right Tools and Trends for Your Blog will help you figure out your goals for your blog, what fits the overall tone of your site and what your readers are looking for. You’ll also want to check out my article Top 10 Most Visited Websites and How You Can Benefit from Them for a look at how to integrate these popular sites into your overall media marketing campaign.

Promote Infographic on WHSR today!

Finally, we are now open to helping companies get the word out through their infographics. For only $25, you can get your infographic posted on WHSR, which will help get out facts and information to our readership and promote your business at the same time.

February may be a short month, with only 28 days in it, but you can see that it has been a full month for WHSR. As we wrap up February, we’re looking forward to March, St. Patrick’s Day, the arrival of spring and many more useful and informative articles from our contributors.

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