March Roundup: Pressidium Interview and Ramping Up Your Site for Spring

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  • Updated: Apr 01, 2015

After a long and gruelling winter, where most small business owners got more done than they thought possible because they were snowed in, spring has finally arrived. Spring is often seen as a time of renewal and at WHSR, we are happy to offer tips to help you clean the cobwebs out of the corners of your websites and seek new horizons, such as a new hosting company.


One of the things we try to do each month here at WHSR is to review some of the best hosting companies out there and offer you an unbiased viewpoint of both the pros and cons of each company.

In March, we conducted both a Web Host Interview: Co-founder of Pressidium Hosting, Andrew Georges and an independent review of Pressidium. The bottom line? Pressidium is a viable option for WordPress hosting, but we still aren’t thrilled with the new method many of these WP specific servers offer where they charge by the number of site visitors.

Freshen Up Your Blog

Spring is a good time to freshen up your blog. Clean out old files, check your hyperlinks and add some fresh content. If you’re looking for some ideas to take you through the rest of 2015, check out our article on Fresh Idea Starters for Your Blog in 2015. First, we’ll talk about how you can brainstorm your own unique ideas and then we’ll look at some specific idea starts you can use for instant topics.

Then, spend a little time cleaning up old posts with Top Five Ways to Catch Typos and Errors in Your Own Writing. A site that offers well written content ranks better with search engines and with site visitors.

Finally, check out some of the hottest WordPress themes around to give your blog a fresh new look.

Improve Traffic and Conversions

Improving the number of people visiting your site and increasing conversion rates is something you should work on every month of the year. Jerry Low shares tips on increasing your sales in his article How to Improve Your Site Conversion Rate: Quick Tips + Case Studies. Learn about industry trends, trust signals and how some simple tweaks to your Call to Action (CTA) can have a huge impact.

Once you’ve worked on site conversion, head over to Luana Spinetti’s 10 Essential Rules For Effective Google+ Marketing In 2015 to learn how to market to your Google+ audience.

We’ve even found a way to save you a little money this spring. If you are looking for a new web hosting company, we’ve arranged for you to receive a discount at RDO Servers and ZNetLive.

Finish off your spring cleaning and sprucing up by checking out your site’s uptime with the WHSR Uptime Monitor. If your server isn’t up to par, we offer plenty of reviews to help you find a new one.

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