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Why Their Users Was Key to MotoCMS Success

MotoCMS, well-known as the quick website builder, has been around in the website builder game for quite some time. Their journey towards their current success was one paved with a clear goal for being a platform that provides a website building experience that users can enjoy.

Now at its tenth year, we take a look at the unique company and how they managed to be one of the best website builders for those who want a simple playground to build a blog, eCommerce store, or a website.

Screenshot of MotoCMS homepage.

From Flash To Function

It was back in 2008 when founder and current CEO Demetrio Fortman decided to launch a website builder that offers convenience, functionality, and an easy-to-use to the masses. Back then, the company was called FlashMoto as the technology behind their flash-powered.

While FlashMoto and its system were enough to make the company a profitable venture, it wasn’t long before Fortman and company needed to rehaul the system to meet with current demands.

Time passed and new technologies replaced the old ones. Going with the times, FlashMoto was rebuilt to adjust to the market and, as a result, we got MotoCMS – the second generation of our website builder based on HTML.

This change into an entirely new system was the kickstart that the company needed to take them into the next level of being a website builder.

After the rehaul and rebranding from FlashMoto to MotoCMS, they continued to refine the system and ended up with the current MotoCMS 3 that was released in 2015. The current iteration of MotoCMS now boasts a more responsive website builder that’s packed with a huge collection of lighting-fast templates for users.

MotoCMS drag-and-drop system with the Skyline template

A Fully Packed Builder

With the overhaul of their entire system, MotoCMS was determined to set themselves apart from other numerous CMS platform. One of their key goals was to be the “fast solution for fast website creation”.

As such, they needed to make sure that their content management systems have a well-optimized loading speed for website templates. Based on the data analysis test that was conducted on Pingdom, MotoCMS stands as the fastest CMS with a blazing fast load time of 1.8sec.

Of course, it’s not enough for them to have the fastest website creation platform on the market. They wanted to be a fully packed website builder that offers all the features and functions that users come to expect in a standard website builder.

This included adding features such as built-in SEO, social media integration, the ability to create an online store, easy integration with analytic tools, the ability to embed third-party code, and more.

But what really made them stand out from the rest of the competition is their library of templates and themes.

Templates For Any Occasion

While the company’s website building UI and features were key for them gaining recognition in the website builder industry, it was their templates that really put them in the map. As of today, MotoCMS has built up a library of templates that are over 60 different categories and with over 2500 themes for its users.

MotoCMS extensive library of templates and themes.

“Being among the top vendors of website templates, MotoCMS offers users with any level of knowledge and experience 2500+ professionally designed and highly flexible themes collected in 60+ unique business categories.”

The flexibility of their templates and themes allowed MotoCMS to cater to a wide range of people who wants to create a website that might be a niche market. Some of their unique website templates categories include: WeddingBusinessPhotographyMusic, and Game.

MotoCMS website templates in “Games” category.
MotoCMS website templates in “Wedding” cateogry.

Offering a wide range of unique templates and themes for its users and couple it with their intuitive website builder UI, it allowed MotoCMS to reach to a broader audience and consequently, bigger success.

Building Up Brand Recognition

As the company continues to build up the MotoCMS platform, making it more powerful and reliable, they also realized the need to further strengthen their brand identity.

As there were many other competitors and imitators on the internet, it was important for the folks at MotoCMS to solidify their brand image and give its users the guarantee that they can rely on a reputable brand name that is MotoCMS.

As part of that initiative, MotoCMS went and acquired a trademark for their company to further legitimize their brand image and recognition.

MotoCMS finally achieved trademark status for its company in 2018.

“The competition in the market is getting tougher. The number of scammers trying to steal your personal data or sell products of the poor quality continues to expand… So, it was of the predominance importance to receive a service mark that identifies and distinguishes us from others.”

While having a trademark might seem trivial to most people, for MotoCMS, it was a big win as it helps paints the company as a trustworthy brand that will deliver its promises to give users the highest quality of digital goods and services.

Keeping it Enjoyable at The Core

Our very first goal about MotoCMS… was to develop an easy builder that makes it real for anyone to have a personal webpage.

Demetrio Fortman, CEO & founder of MotoCMS

From its small beginnings as a Flash-powered website builder to its current iteration that takes full advantage of an HTML website builder, it’s clear that the company has grown in leaps and bounds.

Throughout the different iterations of MotoCMS, the team never lost sight of what was important to the company and what their platform aims to be.

“Despite the changes in the technology, MotoCMS mission remained the same – to provide both novices and pros with the enjoyable experience of website creation. We keep on improving our products and services for you, day in, day out in accordance with the highest standards the modern world requires.”

From the simple and intuitive UI, the abundance of features, and a long list of templates and themes, it doesn’t look like MotoCMS will be slowing down anytime soon and will continue to evolve and improve their content management system for years to come.

And throughout it all, they will always put the user experience at the forefront, making sure that every time you build a website with them, it will always be an enjoyable experience.

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Article by Azreen Azmi

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