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HostPapa has been online for quite some time and they are one of the earliest hosting companies that goes green. At this time of writing, the hosting company operates business from both United States and Canada. If you wish to learn more about Hostpapa, make you make time for this interview.

Hostpapa Hosting

Q&A with David Packard of Hostpapa

Hello David, thanks for making this interview possible. Let’s talk about your history. How did you get into HostPapa?

I’ve been with HostPapa since the beginning. And from the beginning I was impressed with the service and the support, but mostly the people. HostPapa personnel go the extra mile for their clients and this personal touch has helped HostPapa grow, while maintaining high quality.

What can we know about the company – HostPapa?

Combined, HostPapa’s top executives have over 70 years of experience in web hosting services. From this experience they have built HostPapa into an established and award-winning web hosting leader, known for high-value, low-cost hosting.

We provide a fully-featured hosting package, backed by world-class customer service and powered by 100% green renewable energy.

Although HostPapa has experienced considerable growth, one thing has never changed: we treat each HostPapa customer as part of the family. And with HostPapa you truly feel like you are getting the family discount.

There are a lot of similar hosting services out there. What do you think distinguishes HostPapa from the competition?

That’s an easy one! Our world-class customer service puts us ahead of the others. We provide professional support through phone, chat and email service. We also offer a wide range of video tutorials and online help documents. Our features include a choice of shopping carts, a website builder, unlimited add-on domains and, of course, MySQL databases and everyone’s favorite cPanel control panel.

To make it easy for HostPapa clients to find solutions, we have built an extensive knowledgebase of FAQs, with hundreds of answers. We update and add to this knowledgebase regularly.

We want our clients to succeed in their online endeavors. We provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee, $150 FREE marketing credits and all the tools needed to develop an exciting, accessible and quality website.

Let’s talk about the servers and data centers. What can we know more about the technology behind Hostpapa hosting?

The heart of HostPapa is the web hosting infrastructure, powered by Intel server products and a fully featured Cisco-powered network. Our data centers have all the security features you could want or imagine: climate and temperature control, raised floors, fault protection, security, fire-suppression systems, water detection systems, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), standby and redundant power generation and diesel backup generators. HostPapa still believes in adding a human touch, and ensures 24×7 manned security.

HostPapa is one of the earliest hosting companies to start with green hosting. What can we know more about the company’s green policy?

Actually, HostPapa was, and still is, a pioneer in green web hosting. For years we have purchased green energy certificates to offset power used not only in our data centers, but in our offices as well. So far we have removed roughly 100,000 kg (over 200,000 lbs) of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases from the environment. That’s the equivalent of taking 20 cars off the highway each year! There are a number of accredited green energy providers and if you contact us we would be happy to point you to a few.

Based on your experience in the hosting industry, what are the key factors when shopping for a web host? Can you offer some shopping guidelines for those who are planning to start a website?

I recommend consumers review the reliability and customer support of each hosting service they are considering. Cost should always be a factor, but reliability and support will help you gain a competitive advantage online. At HostPapa we have the perfect mix of price value, reliability and customer support.

Well that’s all for my questions. Is there anything you would like to add?

We’d like to invite your visitors to take a look at our site ( If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service representatives.

Thanks again for your precious time. Good luck and I wish you and HostPapa all the best.

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