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A Look at Pixpa: The Place Where Creatives Come to Play

The advent of website builders meant that creatives such as bloggers, photographers, and designers now have a bigger canvas and platform to showcase their work, even if they have no technical expertise whatsoever.

Pixpa is a well-known website builder within the creative community as they have built their service to be the best solution for creatives who want to build a website that can harness their creativity.

We managed to talk with the folks at Pixpa to get an idea of how Pixpa came to be and what makes them the best platform for creatives to play and create a website.

Homepage of Pixpa.com

The Early Years of Pixpa

While most website builders were founded by web designers or developers, Pixpa’s origin story was slightly different from the norm. The New Delhi based company was founded by Gurpreet Singh, who started as a designer for a creative agency.

“Pixpa was founded in 2013 by Gurpreet Singh, a design entrepreneur who was running a full-service creative agency for 15 years up till then.” Notes Rohan Arora, the Digital Marketer at Pixpa.

Coming from a design background, Singh realized that there was a vacuum in the website builder industry for a platform that specifically caters to professional creatives. It was this revelation that gave him the idea to kickstart Pixpa.

Gurpreet’s experience in design and technology along with the insights he gained from being a part of the larger creative community lead him to found Pixpa – an all-in-one platform for creative pros to showcase, share and sell online with style and simplicity.

By focusing on professional creatives, Pixpa managed to carve a niche market for themselves and despite being a small team, they’ve already managed to gain considerable success in the competitive website builder industry.

“Since launch, Pixpa has grown into a product that empowers thousands of creative pros around the world to showcase, share and sell their work online easily. While we can’t go into details, we are bootstrapped and profitable.”

Pixpa plans and pricing as of September 2018 (source).

Overcoming The Challenges

Being a new player in the website builder industry, there were a number of challenges that Pixpa had to overcome in order to establish themselves as a key player.


Marketing and reaching out to potential customers is always an ongoing pursuit.

We are pushing our referral and affiliate program and are working hard on SEO and content marketing channels to increase our inbound traffic. Apart from that, we continue to invest small amounts in strategic, paid exposure opportunities.

These strategies definitely paid off in the long run as they managed to amass a sizeable user base and getting recognition from industry peers with nominations from sites such as the Awwwards.

All these successes meant a slew of new challenges that Pixpa had to overcome. One of the main hurdles that they are currently facing is to keep up with the demands of its users and to adapt their platform based on feedback from customers.

“As we scale up, our biggest challenge will be to sustain our culture and making sure that our support remains as personal and directly connected with our customers and the feedback channels remain as strong.”

Pre-built Themes at Pixpa

Click image to enlarge, full theme gallery here.

Theme name: Bloom.
Theme name: Nomad.
Theme name: Horizon.
Theme name: Ground.

Bringing In The Right Features

By focusing on professional creatives, Pixpa was able to establish themselves as a major presence in a niche market that was lacking a comprehensive platform. However, what really put Pixpa on the map is through the features that they provide.

Pixpa was determined to be an all-in-one website solution for anyone in the creative industry, which is why they included as many features necessary so that users can easily create the website they need.

We offer a wide range of features that are targeted at creative pros. Some of those features include:

  • Mobile-friendly responsive websites
  • Beautiful, customizable templates
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Built-in blogging tools
  • Client Galleries to share, proof, sell and deliver images
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • No coding needed
  • Best-in-class hosting
  • Connecting your domain name
  • SSL security on all websites
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • 24×7 support (email, phone, live chat)

All these features help make Pixpa a great platform for any creatives who wants a truly comprehensive web solution.

For Pixpa, it was important that they provide as many features as possible for its users as it is part of their company mission.

“Our mission is to empower creatives with the tools to create and manage a beautiful, professional online presence that’s easy to manage and cost-effective,” Rohan tells us. “With Pixpa, creatives can easily build and manage their website, blog, eCommerce store, and client galleries – all in one place.”

Inside Pixpa (Quick Demo)

Pixpa Dashboard.
Customizing your website design at Pixpa.

What The Future Holds For Pixpa

As easy it can be for them to rest on their laurels and continue to coast on the success they’ve experienced, the team at Pixpa are continually looking towards the future and figuring out ways for them to further improve their services to remain ahead of the competition.

Pixpa competitive advantages lies in our integrated approach to bring out all the features that our target audiences need seamlessly integrated into one platform. Pixpa’s design templates, full-featured toolset coupled with our attractive costing and fast, friendly support gives us the competitive advantage needed to stay ahead.

Aside from improving their services, a major area that Pixpa is currently exploring is to provide a system that can help creatives be more efficient on the business side of things. Rohan tells us that Pixpa is “currently focusing on the business workflow tools that creatives need such as enhancing our eCommerce capabilities and client galleries platform.”

It definitely speaks volume on how dedicated the team at Pixpa is, as they continue to look for ways to further improve and enhance the user experience for their customers.

By Creatives, For Creatives

It’s quite rare for Pixpa to talk with other outlets and share insight about the company. For that, we are truly honoured to have been given the opportunity to chat with them throughout this interview.

And, it’s definitely clear to us that Pixpa is a platform that’s built from the ground up by creatives, for creatives. It’s truly a creative platform for bloggers, photographers, designers, and basically anyone who works in the creative industry, to build and create a website in a simple and easy manner.

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