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Flat Icon Pack – Blogging Theme, September 2014

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[icon desktop] Icon Set Details

This month we are featuring another 35 flat icons for bloggers and website owners (sorry, I just can't get enough of minimalist design!) on blog-related theme.

Brands covered include Facebook, Android, RSS logo, Google+, Twitter, etc; items covered include modem, keyboard, lock, price tag, and bunch of other computer gadgets. Sized at 512x512px in .png and .ai (vector) format, these icons would be extremely handy for those who are working on blog theme or infographic design.

As usual, the icon set is totally free for both commercial and non-commercial use – provided that you credit WHSR as the original creator of the set and link back to this page (yes, you can nofollow the link as per Google's rule).

[icon file-text-alt] Package Details

  • File Format: .png, .ai
  • License: Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported
  • Download Size: 3.93 MB
  • Icon Size: 512 x 512 px
  • Number of Icons: 35
  • Release Date: September 25, 2014
  • Released by: Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR)

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Download Flat Icon Pack – Blogging Theme (.png, .ai; 512x512px) here.

[capsule url=”/downloads/icons/flat-icons-sept2014.zip” text=”Download Jan 2014 (.zip)”]


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