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Eleven2 Hosting

Heard about Eleven2? The company was formed in year 2004 and is now holding more than 60,000 websites. Unlike most other shared hosting providers, Eleven2 DO NOT oversell. Therefore their pricing might be a little higher than the rest but sever performance is guaranteed.

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Interviewing Eleven2 founder and CEO Rodney Giles

Eleven2 have been in the business for quite some time (formed in year 2004); how did you guys first started?

We started out the need for great hosting service and support. I was a web designer at the time and all the hosting providers I used just flat out sucked. I tried them all, so I bought my own server and started out and realized I had to start turning a profit quickly as my server bill was more than I was making each month in hosting. That was in February of 2004, but the end of the year I think we had close to a 1,000 accounts and were growing very rapidly.

Many of my readers are unfamiliar with Eleven2. What kind of hosting services does Eleven2 offer?

We offer Shared*, Reseller and Managed Dedicated plans and have partnered up with a great server company called 180servers to offer self-managed dedicated solutions.

*Note: At this time of writing, Eleven2 offer 4 different shared hosting plans. Highlights:

Basis Features launchParty Small Medium Large
Storage 60 GB 30 GB 40 GB 50 GB
Bandwidth 6,000 GB 300 GB 500 GB 700 GB
Addon Domains 100 3 100 Unlimited
PHP & MySQL Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ruby on Rail Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pricing $6.00/mo $6.97/mo $10.47/mo $20.97/mo

Shared hosting is a competitive business. What makes Eleven2 better than others? Why should customers pick up your shared hosting plans over others?

We provide the best support and value added features. Our support is very fast and very friendly and you can reach us 24×7. We also provide a awesome Sitebuilder software, Fantastico, RvSkin, webmail and other features. We also pride ourselves in delivering the most stable e-mail platform as well as the best spam protection in the industry. You won’t find a host with better support or more features than Eleven2.

Eleven2 seems like a good choice for those who wish to start up a photo blog. What can you tell us about Photoblog Hosting at Eleven2?

We have partnered with Pixelpost, the leading PHP open-source Photoblog on the internet. Through our great partnership, we have tweaked our hosting platform specifically for there software and offer free installs as well as free upgrades and extended technical support as each of our staff members know a great about Pixelpost.

Let’s talk about the machines behind Eleven2 websites – please enlighten us more on your data center.

We operate in Colo4Dallas out of Dallas, TX, Sungard in Houston, TX as well as AtlantaNAP in Atlanta, GA. We own all of our own hardware and are always running the latest and fastest configurations to give our customers the best performance hosting.

Overselling seems like norms in hosting industry nowadays, should Eleven2 customers be concerned by the issue?

We have a very strict limit on the amount of accounts on each server, which ensures they are never oversold or running slow, this is something all of our customers love compared to some of the big and oversold hosting companies.

There were new developments and re-invention in Eleven2 support system; how is the automated support system doing now? Can you let us know further regarding your customer support department?

It is working very nicely, since we have moved all of our billing and support into one integrated system, our overall customer service level has improved drastically and we are able to server more customers at the same great service level and response time. We are looking at ways to always improve our support and will always do so.

There were lots of hype in cloud hosting recently, will it be part of Eleven2 service in foreseeable futures?

Not at this time, I think one of our biggest competitors, built a temple that has basically increased our growth because of the constant failures they have seen. I think a cloud that is engineered correctly is possible for us and we might see that in the future, but for right now, our customers like uptime, and we are here to give them that. Trying to be cool just for the heck of it and failing is not something we are going to do.

*Ref: More about cloud hosting.

I’m surprise to see Carmen Electra on Rodney’s blog. Is Eleven2 hosting Carmen’s website?*

Lets just say that Carmen really likes Eleven2.
(*Curious reader, check out this interesting video clip.)

Well that’s all for our Q & A with Rodney, I hope you find this interview helpful. In case you are looking for a web host that do not oversell, you can’t afford to miss Eleven2 Hosting. Unfortunately, I have never hosted any websites with them thus couldn’t provide any detail reviews. In case you wish to learn more, why not visit them online: www.Eleven2.com

About Rodney Giles

Having co-founded eleven2 in 2004 with his close friend, Rodney has managed to work his way up from a small reseller account to several hundred servers in just 24 months. Starting out as a web designer himself, Rodney realized the need for niche based web hosting services and after going through 10 or more well known providers himself and not being satisfied, he then decided to start his own company. Eleven2 is proud of its tremendous growth from the leadership and guidance Rodney has given over the past 2 years which has grown the company to a worldwide provider with over 60,000 websites with customers in over 120 countries. In his spare time, Rodney enjoys yachting and golfing.

Quoted from ISPCON Fall 2008

Sidenote: This interview is made possible with the help of Brett Jordan – a kind person I met at Eleven2. Million thanks Brett!

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