Lunarpages latest promo = Sign of overselling?

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  • Updated: Jan 05, 2014

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m a little over-excited to tell you this news: Lunarpages has gone “unlimited” finally. Check out the screen that I just captured from Lunarpages homepage. Note the word ‘Unlimited space and bandwidth!’


Yeah, it’s official now! Beside Bluehost and Hostmonster, we are now seeing another reputable hosting company offering unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, and addon domain names in their basic hosting package.

For a limited time (well, the promo package reads ‘Fall Special”), you’ll get unlimited bandwidth/disk storage capacity/addon domain names with just less than $5 at Lunarpages. To learn more, visit Lunarpages official website.

What’s different in this Lunarpages promotion?

Basically the promotion is like an upgraded version of previous offer. Apache 2 and Shell Access are now available in Lunarpages basic hosting. Beside offering unlimited bandwidth/disk storage capacity/addon domains, you’ll also get a $775 worth addon bonus which consists tons of handy web applications and marketing credits. The best thing to know is that all these features come in a price of $4.95/mo with zero setup cost!

Unlimited disk storage + Bandwidth in less than $5?

Yes, I knew the cheap pricing is kinda hard to believed. But yeah, this is for real and it’s from Lunarpages – one of the top web hosting in the world. The $4.95/mo pricing is quite a bargain as both Bluehost and Hostmonster are charging about 20% more with the same hosting features. I am reading a lot of good feedbacks on the promo already and I believe this will put Lunarpages on top of the competition very soon.

What’s in the $775 worth bonus programs?

Well, the free bonus programs consists of various web applications and marketing credits, including full registered versions of Parallels Workstation 2.2 for Windows & Linux, WinSettings. Lunarpages customers also get Photo TurboBackup by FileStream, Logo Creator Entertainment and Sports Editions, 60 days free at RatePoint, 15 DNS level Gafana spam, virus protection, plusemail management accounts, DeepTrawl website error checker, plus 3 months of VisitorVille web stats, and 3 months of SiteScout’s Infection Alert Service! On the web marketing credit side, you’ll get $100 LinkWorth free advertising credits and $20 in Bidvertiser clicks.

Lunarpages latest promotion

Unlimited bandwidth offer = sign of server overselling?

Well, we all knew what does unlimited bandwidth means in reality, don’t we? :)

However, while unlimited bandwidth offer is impossible in the real world (as networking hardware and server memory are always limited!), the bandwidth limitations we are talking about here are almost incomprehensible and would never be reached by a single website. In practical, a hosting company could actually (very much) offer virtually unlimited bandwidth to its client. Most websites only consume a very small amount of bandwidth and disk space. With past Lunarpages’s good business reputation, I strongly believe that Lunarpages is well-prepared for all the consequences of offering unlimited bandwidth/disk storage. I am confident that their servers and networking hardware are well prepared for any sudden spike.

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