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  • Updated: May 29, 2015

If you are shopping for a shared hosting, JustHost is a name you cannot afford to miss.

JustHost Web Hosting

JustHost are one of the very few web host offering anytime money-back guarantee, the one-and-only web host with free MySpace ad credits ($50), and their price are among the lowest in the industry ($4.95/mo for 24 months signup).

It’s also worth noting that JustHost is only in the business for merely two years but they are already topping dozens of best hosting charts including big host review sites like WebHostingGeeks, FindMyHosting, and HostLead. (More on JustHost reviews here.)

How did JustHost get started? What made JustHost’s success? What can we expect from JustHost in the future?

We are going to find out the answers directly from the source in this interview.

JustHost Interview – Q&A with Luke Kendall

Hello Luke, thanks for taking this interview with us. Before we start, allow me to congratulate JustHost for achieving such a huge success in such a short time. There were dozens of ‘Best Hosting Awards’ won and I am sure you guys have been working really, really, hard for that.

Thank you and it’s our pleasure to be here speaking with you, sites like WebHostingSecretRevealed are essential within the web hosting industry. They give consumers an unbiased review of the best web hosting providers on the internet today.

Alright, let’s kick start our interview with some introduction. Please tell us more about yourself and JustHost.

Well my name is Luke Kendall and I am product manager here at JustHost. This means it is my job to communicate with our customers and business partners in order to expand our services further and continue growing our brand. From Google ad credits to JustHost’s template monster partnership – we at JustHost are constantly working to give our customers more than any other web hosting provider can.

JustHost was originally set out as a business web hosting provider offering perhaps the most generous package in the industry. Demand for web hosting from individuals seeking web hosting as a hobby has soared recently so a year ago we optimized our services to cater for amateurs and experts alike.

The competition is fierce in hosting industry and (almost) the entire globe was facing economy downturn in past two years. But yet, business seems growing non-stop at JustHost, what is the secret of JustHost’s success?

Haha there’s no secrets here, literally everyone here puts in 110% and the results soon become apparent. We strive to provide the most competitive web hosting plan on the internet so we work hard to keep costs low without compromising on service. Did I mention we are the first and only web hosting providers to offer $50 free MySpace ad credits?

How JustHost’s ‘Anytime Money Back Guarantee’ works? How can a customer like me benefit from this policy?

When you sign up with a leading web hosting provider you will usually be offered some type of money back guarantee. This is great for individuals who don’t necessary know what to expect when they sign up, with a money back guarantee the customer’s purchase is risk free. For the majority of hosts this will be 30 days and some even 45 days but with JustHost you can claim a full or pro-rata refund when you cancel your account.

Wow, this makes me feel absolutely safe when spending money at JustHost. Wouldn’t such policy hurt the business? Are you guys seeing a lot of cancellation?

We certainly expected to see the refund rate increase which it did however in comparison with the increase in signups we actually come out better off. At the end of each year our renewal rate is through the roof since those who did not get what they needed from hosting left us months ago. The anytime money back guarantee should be adopted by more web hosting providers, it keeps them on their toes by allowing customers to leave whenever they choose.

JustPlan and JustPlan Premium are both shared hosting packages and I don’t see any other standard hosting packages offered from your website. What if existing JustHost customers need to upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting? Is custom hosting plan an option at JustHost?

Here at JustHost we primarily work with shared servers, in fact that is all we offer on the website. If a customer out grows their shared servers and wants something more we will organize a dedicated server. This is not something that we wish to focus on yet however we do wish to expand sometime in the near future.

Let’s talk about the servers and data centers. What can we know more about the technology behind JustHost hosting?

JustHost’s data center currently houses over 2,000 servers, virtually all shared hosting.

Each server runs on cPanel plus we install the latest version of the Fantastico suite on each. This means our customers have access to the most up to date version of scripts like WordPress, Joomla and Oscommerce etc. Each servers is monitored around the clock by our in-house monitoring servers and the data center is manned 24/7 too so that we can respond to server issues any time of the day or night.

Overselling seems like a norm nowadays and I see unlimited hosting offers everywhere. JustHost users for example, get unlimited bandwidth, disk storage, and addon domain at just $3.95/mo. should shoppers be concerned with overselling?

Yes shoppers should be concerned and should make their web hosting choice carefully!

Some “hosts” offer web hosting for less than $2 each month, anything less than $3 and you have yourself an over seller! We are strictly against over-selling besides we have too much to risk by overselling our servers, with our anytime money back guarantee we soon wouldn’t have any customers left!

I read tons of positive reviews about JustHost but I do see some customers are unhappy with the lack of phone support at JustHost. How would you response to such complaints?

JustHost is currently employing 10 new technicians who are being trained specifically to take calls over the phone. If a customer requires a call all they need to do is ask and we will gladly assist.

That’s all for my questions, thanks again for being with us today. Before we end, is there anything you would like to add?

I would just like to thank you for making time to set up an interview with JustHost – We enjoy speaking with web hosting review sites and we hope this interview will provide a good read on Web Hosting Secrets Revealed!

Wrapping up our Q&A session with JustHost

Sound Bites

  • JustHost offers “Anytime Money-Back Guarantee”, this means you can claim a full or pro-rata refund when you cancel your JustHost account.
  • JustHost data center currently houses over 2,000 servers, virtually all shared hosting.
  • JustHost is the first and only web hosting providers to offer $50 free MySpace ad credits
  • JustHost is currently employing 10 new technicians who will be trained specifically to take calls over the phone.

Well that sums up our session with JustHost. In case you wish to learn more, make sure you don’t miss my JustHost review.

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