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Best Dropshipping Products to Sell

One common mistake drop-shipping entrepreneurs make while choosing products to sell is selecting a niche based on personal interest. It’s a decent strategy if you’re working on a pet project. However, if you want to build a successful business, you need to put in the work and research the best niches. 

This article explores the best products you should dropship and sell on your online store.  

  1. Athleisure Wears
  2. Electronic Gadgets & Accessories
  3. Baby Products
  4. Fitness & Sport Equipment
  5. Home & Kitchen Appliances
  6. Gifts
  7. Beauty Products

1. Athleisure Wears

best drop shipping products clothing and accessories

Everyone wears clothes, so it makes sense that this category is highly competitive in the dropshipping industry. We use clothing items regardless of the time of the year. So you can sell winter, fall, spring, or summer collections.

According to research from Think with Google, 56% of shoppers would buy new clothes to refresh their wardrobes. So, selling apparel that matches each season improves your business prospects.

But what if you could sell multi-season clothes?

Step into athleisure wears.

These apparel group lends itself to all-seasons. So you don't have to make frequent changes to your online store listing. Buyers can use them as indoor and outdoor clothes, at home, in the office, at the gym, and for other use cases.

The athleisure trend has been growing for ten years; and the demand for this category has remained stable for the last several years.

Athleisure wears - Google Trends
Searches for “athleisure”, according to Google Trends, has been growing steadily for the past 10 years in the United States and globally (source).
Athleisure wears - seasonality in Google Trends - constant growth in demand
Based on Google Trends data, you'll notice that demand spikes have happened across different seasons of the year, so the seasonality for this apparel class is low—you can sell it year-round (source)

These Google Trends data corroborates the athleisure market research. The space is at $330.97 billion in 2022 and is growing at 8.9% CAR until 2030. According to Grand View Research, shirt athleisure sold the most volume in 2021, accounting for 30% of all sales, followed by yoga wears, and leggings.

Popular Product Listing in “Athleisure Wears”

T-shirts, yoga wear, leggings, backpacks, tank tops, cargo shorts, flannel shirts, slides, knitted dresses, jeans, etc.


  • You can start your dropshipping brand with little capital
  • Large dropshipping market share
  • Clothes are lightweight and easier to ship
  • Flexible locations and low overhead costs


  • This category is highly competitive
  • The clothing-return rates are high
  • Difficulty tracking inventory from multiple suppliers
  • Complicated shipping expenses

2. Electronic Gadgets & Accessories

best dropshipping products gadgets and accessories

Thanks to technological advancements, there’s always a new gadget or accessory on the market. Chargers spoil, screens need added protection, and users always need to replace a lost earbud. 

This category offers an abundance of products for your dropshipping business. Men and women of all age groups use these gadgets, meaning you can boost sales with these hot items. 

Popular Product Listing in “Electronic Gadgets and Accessories”

Phone cases, webcams, card readers, mobile chargers, ring lights, screen protectors, earbuds, and headsets


  • The demand is high
  • You have plenty of suppliers to choose from
  • There’s room for growth


  • The competition is stiff for generic items
  • Easily damaged during shipping
  • It requires a sizable capital

3. Baby Products

best dropshipping products Baby Products and Accessories

Experts project the global baby care market to reach around $88.72 billion by 2026

There is a steady demand for baby products and accessories. Parents want the best for their children, from baby shower gifts to new toys and accessories for toddlers. 

You could explore the customized product sections to increase your chances of success in this niche. Parents love nothing more than dressing their kids in cute and unique clothing. 

Popular Product Listing in “Baby Products”

Blankets, bibs, baby bottles and sterilizers, onesies, kids toys, diapers, baby wipes, car seats, baby monitor, and more.


  • They are easy to ship and fall under the $10—$200 price point
  • The products in this category are numerous, making it easy to avoid competition
  • Babies and children are a huge market
  • There are tons of suppliers in the industry


  • The competition is high for products like diapers and generic clothing
  • There are numerous child-safety standards and laws to follow
  • Any small product mistake could ruin your credibility 

4. Fitness & Sport Equipment

best dropshipping products Fitness and Sport Products

The fitness and sports market is booming. The US alone spends around $6.4 billion on sports equipment and accessories. In another report published on Statista, four in every five Americans own one or more home exercise equipment. 

Items like exercise mats and gym bags are in high demand since people use them a lot. 

If you’re interested in this category, you should familiarize yourself with suppliers like Alanic, LALA Sportwear, Aqquatix, Aliexpress, and more.

Popular Product Listing in “Fitness & Sport Equipment”

Gym bags, yoga mats, sportswear, resistance bands, supplements, workout gear, and more. 


  • It has high B2B opportunities.
  • Workout clothes and smaller gears are easier to sell
  • The fitness niche is broad and features all types of sporting goods


  • Some fitness tools are bulky and difficult to ship
  • Safety regulations surrounding some fitness products
  • You’ll face stiffer competition with major sporting goods

5. Home & Kitchen Appliances

best dropshipping products Home and Kitchen Appliances

Home appliances cover everything from smart security systems to toilet seats and blenders. So, it makes sense that this category is quite popular with the dropshipping audience. People always find new gadgets and tools to make their houses more comfortable.

The plan here is to target multifunctional products that also look good. 

Popular Product Listing in “Home & Kitchen Appliances”

Smart lights and plugs, rice cooker, soap dispensers, wireless security cameras, air purifiers, bedside lamps, coffee pods, etc. 


  • The products are always in high demand.
  • Most items are low-cost, so you can markup prices as you see fit.
  • Product choices are numerous. 


  • Inflated market
  • Crowded space
  • Appliances could get damaged during shipping
  • High overhead costs

6. Gifts

best dropshipping products Gift Items

Giftwares are highly lucrative and profitable, from personalized items to scented candles and wall art. With weddings, birthdays, and seasonal holidays to target, there’s no slow moment in this category. 

You can monetize year-round gifts for different occasions across the globe. 

Popular Product Listing in “Gifts”

Personalized mugs, picture frames, bathrobes, wristwatches, fancy cushions, and more.


  • Personalized gifts allow you to compete in a competitive market 
  • You can sell different variants of the same item
  • It’s profitable 
  • You don’t have to pay for unsold stock/inventory 


  • Some customized items could take longer to ship
  • Fragile items could get damaged

7. Beauty Products

best dropshipping products Beauty Products

Last year the beauty industry was valued at $482 billion. And it’s projected to increase by 7.7% before 2030. 

Skincare and hair products are the biggest contenders in the industry, with everyone practicing self-care and paying big bucks for quality brands.  

Popular Product Listing in “Beauty Products”

Hair extensions, makeup applicators, hot-air hair brushes, facial steamers, scalp massagers, nail kits, sleep masks, etc. 


  • Unlimited product selections
  • Highly profitable 
  • Products are small and inexpensive to ship 
  • You can upsell or cross-sell similar products to customers


  • You need substantial capital and a powerful marketing strategy
  • Cosmetic products pose a risk if not tested properly
  • Oversaturated market

How to Choose the Best Dropshipping Products

Find the Best Niche

Use search tools to explore each niche market's potential. You're closer to success if you choose a high-growth niche that's within your financial capacity to grow. 

You can learn more about your target audience with tools like Facebook Audience Insights. Measure each product's demand levels to determine its performance potential. 

Check Trending Products

Determine the search frequency of popular products with keyword tools or Google Trends. You can also explore platforms like Kickstarter and Wish to find current trends. 

Narrow down product ideas and move to the next phase—scoping out the competition. 

Research the Competition

Another method of selecting the best dropshipping products is to explore competing brands and their products. You can find lucrative niches and decide what products to sell or avoid based on your competitors’ performance. 

A simple Google search will reveal dropshippers already selling the products you’re considering. So you can start your research there.

Search  eCommerce Sites for Bestsellers

You can check out the trending sections of brands such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba to understand why some particular products are popular. 

Explore the stores’ trending and bestselling products and even the least-selling items. 

Join Online Dropship Communities

You can join seller forums and platforms to discover items in high demand. These online communities are also great places to learn from seasoned dropshippers. 

Check out these Facebook and Reddit groups:

Final Thoughts

Expand your Dropshipping Business with these Bestsellers

Now that you’ve explored the best products and niches, it’s up to you to decide what works best for your brand. Use search engines and social media to test these products to find profitable items. Size up the competition. Explore all your options. 

You can go a step further and explore these recommended dropshipping suppliers for inspiration on where to source your products.  

FAQs on Dropshipping

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where businesses don’t keep stock of the products they sell. Instead, the seller purchases the inventory from a third party to fulfill orders. 

How profitable is it?

Most average dropshippers earn around 20% to 40% profit per sale. The margins increase as the business becomes more successful.

Is dropshipping still profitable in 2022?

Yes, it is still profitable. The industry saw a 53% increase from 2020, making the business worth $197 billion in 2022.

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