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Established May 2008 - Reliable hosting reviews plus practical web development guides.

Like us? Meet our awesome bloggers who built all the great content on WHSR.

Jerry Low / WHSR Founder

Jerry Low is the founder of Web Hosting Secret Revealed, a site specially designed for readers who are looking for reliable hosting reviews and practical tips in blogging and web marketing.

Having completed a degree in Manufacturing Engineering, Jerry developed a passion for web development and search engine optimization. He has been building Internet assets and making money online for 10 years.

He enjoys travel, basket ball, and plays a little Star Craft 2 during free time.

@WebHostingJerry . +Jerry Low

Lori Soard / The PhD

Lori Soard has been working as a freelance writer and editor since 1996. She has a bachelor’s in English Education and a PhD in Journalism. Her articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines, online and she’s had several books published.

Since 1997, she has worked as a web designer and promoter for authors and small businesses. She even worked for a short time ranking websites for a popular search engine and studying in-depth SEO tactics for a number of clients via Promo Divas. She enjoys hearing from her readers.

@LoriSoard .  +Lori Soard

Gina Badalaty / Work From Home Mom

Gina Badalaty is the owner of Mom-Blog.com, a blog devoted to encouraging and assisting moms of children with special needs and restricted diets.

Gina has been blogging about parenting, raising children with disabilities, and allergy-free living for nearly 10 years.

She’s blogged for SheSpeaks.com, American Greetings Interactive, and CVS Caremark, and works as a copywriter and brand ambassador. She loves engaging on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, and cooking gluten-free.

@GinaBad . +Gina Badalaty

Kevin Muldoon / Pro-Blogger

Kevin Muldoon is a professional blogger with a love of travel. He has been working online since 2000 and is very lucky to be able to make a living from working online.

Kevin run a wide variety of websites online however he also makes money through blogging for others. He writes regularly about topics such as WordPress, Blogging, Productivity, Internet Marketing and Social Media on his personal blog.

He is also the author of the best-selling book “The Art of Freelance Blogging”.

@KevinMuldoon . +Kevin Muldoon

Candace Morehouse / Hosting Reviewer

Candace Morehouse is a ghost writer and internet marketer.

Her first book was written when she was seven years old but unfortunately, it was not a best seller! Since then she has ghost written six nonfiction books for a variety of business professionals as well as six fiction books under her own name. Her specialty is taking your ideas – whether it’s for website content, marketing materials, research papers or a book – and turning them into well-written pieces.

You can find more about Candace Morehouse at CandaceMorehouse.com.


Luana Spinetti / Co-Blogger

Luana Spinetti is a freelance writer and artist based in Italy, and a passionate Computer Science student.

She has a high-school diploma in Psychology and Education and attended a 3-year course in Comic Book Art. As multi-faceted a person as she is, she recently developed a big interest in SEO/SEM and Web Marketing, with a particular inclination to Social Media, and she’s working on three novels in her mother-tongue (Italian), which she hopes to get published on 2014.

Her portfolio and projects-hub is located at luanaspinetti.com


Rochester Oliveira / WordPress Geek

I’m a web designer and entrepreneur from Itajubá (MG), Brasil.

I love writing about obscure topics and doing some cool stuff. I’ve been working in this field since 2005. I have strong Front End (HTML, CSS, JS) and WordPress experience but I’ve been working with PHP, Java, and even design.

I do some FREE stuff during free time, check it out: http://www.roch.com.br/.


Ivan Dimitrijevic / Co-Blogger

Ivan Dimitrijevic is very experienced when Social Media Marketing and Blogging are concerned. His main occupation is SEO consulting and he is a Senior Consultant at Dejan SEO Australia. He has posted various articles that are connected to a wide range of topics that include Search Engine Optimization, Google Plus, Social Media, Internet Marketing, and Copywriting and Blogging Tips. You can find more about Ivan at his personal website.

+Ivan Dimitrijević

How WHSR got Started?

Established in May 2008, WHSR is a blog/site specially designed for those who are looking for reliable hosting reviews and practical web development guides.

WHSR is first started (and run) by a single person – me, the founder, Jerry Low. I used to be a victim of several different bad hosting companies (eg. Network Eleven – the worst, Gate.com, Apollo Hosting… etc) and  I knew exactly how much hassles and money it takes to get unstuck. A bad host is more than just crappy servers or lousy after-sales services, it will steal your money and even rob your business before you know it –  I have been thru all that and I don’t want you to be the next victim.

This explains why WHSR got established in the first place.

About Our Hosting Reviews

WHSR Web Host Rating System

At WHSR, web hosting providers are reviewed from the inside. This means our reviews are written based on our true experience.

We spent tremendous volume of time and money on new hosting signups and testing. As a reader, you will get lots of internal information to assist your judgement, details such as:

  • Server uptime (is the web host reliable?)
  • Signup process (was is smooth and easy?)
  • Website setup (was the CMS installation easy?)
  • Control panel features (is it good?)
  • After sales support (are the support staffs friendly and knowledgable?), and so on.

How WHSR Hosting Rating System Works?

Web hosting providers are also rated based on a simple five-star-rating system in our reviews – with 5 stars being the best and 0 star the worst. It’s kind of a review summary for busy readers who want some quick opinion opinion.

Each star in the rating system represents one of the five points we examine during our review process:

  • Hosting Features
  • Cost of the Service (price)
  • Server Reliability
  • Customer Support
  • Overall Reputations

Hosting company gets a star (Star Rating ) if it meets our expectations* in one of the listed points; the company gets an empty star (Empty Star) if otherwise. A web host with a 5-star rating means that it has meet all five of our requirements during our testing and review period. Likewise, a web host with a 4-star rating has only fulfill four of our five requirements.

* Expectation varies from person to person; and from time to time. (back then, it is okay to pay $10/month for a 5GB/50GB storage/bandwidth hosting account; now, that is totally unacceptable). In our rating system, hosting companies are judged and rated based on industry norms. Let’s take budget hosting (below $5/mo) for instance – If the average wait time for a live chat response is 10 minutes and for a problem to be solved is 2 days, we will give a star to  whoever at that price range if they meet the criteria.

On the other hand, if the usual wait time for a premium hosting priced at $20/mo is 2 minutes, the web host will not get a star even if it respond to our request in 5 minutes.